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Retro Gamer No. 190

Retro Gamer is the only magazine in the UK that’s fully dedicated to the halcyon days of classic gaming. If you’ve ever fondly blasted away at the Bydo Empire in R-Type, swung Bowser by the tail in Super Mario 64, or navigated all 20 levels of Matthew Smith’s Manic Miner, then this is the magazine for you. Created by a dedicated team of experts, Retro Gamer’s mission is to deliver constantly engaging and passionately written articles that cover a wide range of subjects. We offer our readership in-depth looks at classic games and franchises, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the software houses from yesteryear, and one-on-one exclusive interviews with industry veterans such as Archer Maclean and Hideo Kojima. Stylish, entertaining and beautifully presented, Retro Gamer is the ultimate guide to videogaming’s rich and diverse history.

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the retrobates

DARRAN JONES Outlast. It’s absolutely terrifying. At one point I had to stop playing because I genuinely thought I’d have a heart attack. Expertise: Juggling a gorgeous wife, two beautiful girls and an award-winning magazine Currently playing: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Favourite game of all time: Strider DREW SLEEP I’m usually good with fear, but Alien: Isolation is harrowing. That aside, it’s a near-perfect game that any sci-fi fan should play. Expertise: Training a Bugbear to assassinate the RG team Currently playing: Marvel’s Spider-Man Favourite game of all time: Final Fantasy VIII NICK THORPE Eternal Darkness still takes that title, as it managed to combine supernatural horror with mundane but very real fears, like losing your save data. Expertise: Owning five Master Systems (I sold two) Currently playing: Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom Favourite game of all time: Sonic The Hedgehog SAM RIBBITS I can’t…

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It’s little wonder that Capcom’s Resident Evil series is one of the most popular horror franchises of all time. It’s a franchise that’s never afraid to take risks and it has a cast of memorable characters that you’re desperate to see survive until each game’s conclusion. Capcom’s 1998 sequel not only built on the DNA that Shinji Mikami created in 1996, but also expands it massively, moving the drama from the confines of an macabre mansion and setting it in a nearby city – nicely ramping the action of the series in the process. While Resident Evil 2’s creative team have scattered to the four winds, we’ve been fortunate enough to speak to Yoshiaki Hirabayashi who is not only tasked with producing Capcom’s incoming Resident Evil 2 remake but intimately…

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it’s time to get funky

Kickstarter backers have often had to endure long waits for their projects to appear and the release of ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove is no different. Originally due in 2015, it now has an official release date and will appear at the beginning of March. Greg Johnson explains why it’s going to be worth the wait. Back In The Grove was scheduled for 2015. What unseen problems have you had to overcome? When you are an indie developer there is really no development problem that can’t be solved with more time and sometimes more talented people. The real issue is always the same: there is never enough time to do what you need to do – which to be very blunt, really translates into ‘never enough money’. Funding is always…

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update me do

SHENMUE III Originally planned for: August 2017 Now planned for: August 2019 It was inevitable that a game as ambitious as Shenmue III was going to slip, so we’re not really surprised that it’s now scheduled to appear some two years after its original planned date. It’s going to have a far bigger issue living up to the expectation set by fans. BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT Originally planned for: March 2017 Now planned for: TBC 2019 It’s still unclear when exactly in 2019 Koji Igarashi’s game will be released. The delay has meant that the Vita version has been cancelled in favour for the Switch, but we have had the impressive Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon in the meantime. Here’s hoping we get more concrete news soon. THE 90’S ARCADE RACER Originally planned for: November 2013 Now planned for:…

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sigil of destruction

Doom cocreator John Romero is returning to the classic with an expansion. Sigil will release midway through February this year, so we grabbed its creator for a chat ahead of its launch. How did the concept of Sigil come about? After making E1M8b and E1M4b in 2016, I got a lot of requests to make more levels. I thought about the fact that Doom’s 25th anniversary is coming up so that would be a great time to do an entire episode of levels, not just one or two new ones. So, I decided to create episode five and named it Sigil – a symbol of magical power, which is basically what pentagrams are supposed to be, and it’s part of the story of how you got to episode five. What has it been…

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sonic’s lost siblings

SegaSonic Bros , a previously unreleased arcade puzzle game, has recently leaked online and been made playable using a special version of MAME. The 1992 game was apparently designed by Bubble Bobble creator Fukio Mitsuji according to a credits string found in the ROM files, and made it as far as location testing before being scrapped. Interestingly, an early version of Sonic The Hedgehog 3’s special stage music appears late in the game, predating its official release by a couple of years. As the game ran on the Mega Drive-based System C2 board, a fan has already made considerable progress on getting it running on home hardware.…