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Rhythm is the globe's most respected and best-loved drum magazine. Every five weeks (10 issues a year) we bring you the latest news and interviews with the drum world's biggest players, review the hottest new gear and present first-class drum tuition with the best teachers.... No wonder we've been at the forefront of the global drumming community for more than a quarter of a century. Subscribe today to receive in-depth interviews & kit tours with famous players, basic and advanced lessons, rated gear reviews and lots of percussive brilliance!

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2 min.
hello and welcome back to rhythm…

Hi, Taylor here… Hope that you are all keeping safe and well out there. As I take over this issue of Rhythm and invite a bunch of my favourite drummers – including Matt Cameron, Phil Gould, Ty Segall, Rufus Taylor, Stewart Copeland, Stephen Perkins, Danny Goffey, Dean Butterworth and Roger Taylor – to join me, it’s funny to look back and think that I originally wanted to play guitar… I persevered with the strings for a while, but it just wasn’t happening, and it was my next-door neighbour in Laguna Beach, California – Kent Kleater, a musician himself – that suggested I try drums. He showed me how to do a simple rock beat – ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘four’ on the kick, hi-hats and snare – and as I sat there bashing…

3 min.
hlag turns 10!

2021 marks 10 years since the first Hit Like A Girl competition. Back at its 2011 inception, it was unclear whether a drum talent trawl for female players would get the recognition and respect from the global community that it deserved… The fact that we’re here celebrating its 10th anniversary speaks for itself. Alumni from a decade of HLAG include a plethora of inspired beatmakers from across the globe, such as Anika Nilles, De’Arcus Curry, Elise Trouw, Venzella Joy, Helen De La Rosa and Nandi Bushell, to name just a few. Emily Moon (Starbenders, pictured), an entrant in those early years of the competition, now finds herself on this year’s judging panel: “I thought the competition was such a cool way to hype female drummers up, so I ended up submitting a…

2 min.
talkin’ tama

Video calling and live streaming have become essential skills in the past year, but while this has taken the form of Zoom chats with family and friends for most of us, those kind bods over at Tama used the technology for something far grander. Tama Talks launched on Instagram in the thick of the first lockdown last spring and has delivered a treasure trove of live videos – ranging from chats with A-list artists from the company’s packed roster to product demos and Q&As with the Product Manager for Tama distributor Headstock, Ian Aguado-Bush (shown). Ian explains that there was a serious reason for launching the series: “The idea came up straight away because everyone was at home, nothing was going on and the music industry had come to a horrible, grinding…

1 min.
taylor hawkins & stewart copeland

“I remember the first time I heard The Police,” says Taylor. “I was 10 years old and had just started playing drums. My older brother, Jason – the cool one out of us – gave me Zenyatta Mondatta and said, ‘This guy is the best drummer. You need to do this’. I was only a kid, but the drums leapt out because Stewart had such an individual style and sound… Those bright cymbals, shallow toms and that high-pitched cracking snare were all part of Stewart’s unique voice, as were the ‘colours’ he added to his playing and the fact that you learned to expect the unexpected – he would constantly surprise you! It was a special day when I got chance to jam with him when I first took over…

4 min.
danny goffey supergrass, solo

What have you been doing over lockdown? “I’ve been really busy. I think generally it’s like a triumph for the introverts, the lockdown, because if you’re creative in any way, it’s a great opportunity just to come up with some ideas and work on projects in your mind. “I’ve managed to write and record an album of my own stuff, which is being mastered in Abbey Road this week, and write a book that goes with it – about a has-been popstar that lives in a small village in Somerset and has to deal with his wife and kids being mean to him. It’s like a day in my life in a weird way. My son is drawing all the illustrations for each chapter. It’s a bit like Adrian Mole or Bridget…

2 min.
standing out!

In a world full of loud social media where everyone is vying for your (or someone else’s) attention, standing out from the crowd seems an impossible task. For years, I would look at what other drummers were doing, being in awe and trying to imitate their playing, style or chops – leaving me feeling unworthy, unfulfilled and fading into the background of my own life. My whole mindset shifted after a series of events in 2011, and I realised that life is short, and I can’t be bothered to fit into other people’s moulds anymore! I proceeded to chop off most of my hair (something I’d wanted to do as a kid), remembered what it was about drumming and music that sparked my passion in the first place and dedicated myself to…