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Rhythm is the globe's most respected and best-loved drum magazine. Every five weeks (10 issues a year) we bring you the latest news and interviews with the drum world's biggest players, review the hottest new gear and present first-class drum tuition with the best teachers.... No wonder we've been at the forefront of the global drumming community for more than a quarter of a century. Subscribe today to receive in-depth interviews & kit tours with famous players, basic and advanced lessons, rated gear reviews and lots of percussive brilliance!

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hello, and welcome back to rhythm!

In the very first editorial leader I ever wrote for Rhythm – a few years ago now I have to confess! - I talked about how lucky I felt to find myself working on a magazine that sat at the very heart of the drum community, and what a very special place I thought that community was. It was always incredibly rewarding to be part of a magazine that was there to inspire, inform, educate and celebrate all things drum and percussion, and to pay tribute to the incredible players that have shaped our rhythmic history over the years. Every part of those sentiments still ring true today and, when Rhythm’s 35-year tenure came to an abrupt end in February, it was very touching to see just how much the…

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taylor’s coattail riders return!

For most of us mere mortals, the thought of a two-year world tour sounds pant-wettingly exciting and ridiculously exhausting in equal parts. Imagine trying to squeeze in recording a new album during the slithers of downtime amid such a globe-trotting jaunt. Well, we suspected Taylor Hawkins was super human and he’s gone and proven it by writing, recording and co-producing Get The Money, the third full-length outing from The Coattail Riders, during downtime from the Foo Fighters’ Concrete and Gold mega tour. “There was never really a conscious decision to start making Get The Money,” Taylor admits. “[Co-producer and Coattail Rider] Lou (John Lousteau) and I would just hit it here and there when I had time off from the Foo Fighters, and I am super proud of the way it’s turned…

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PALACE DRUM CAMP The brains behind the popular Palace Drum Clinic events have assembled an all-star line-up for a Palace Drum Camp due to take place next year. Pete Cater, Rob Brian, Ian Palmer, Garry Allcock and Matt Green are all signed up as tutors for the three-day educational extravaganza. The camp is set to take place 21-23 February 2020 at Tudor Grange Academy in Redditch. For more information take a look at www.palacedrumclinic.com GORMAN MEMOIRS Few rock bands of the last 30 years have been shrouded in quite as much mystique as The Black Crowes. Well, here’s drummer Steve Gorman to shed some light as he shares stories and secrets from his decades with the Southern rock heroes in his new book Hard To Handle: The Life and Death of the Black…

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hello wembley!

The relaunched magazine you hold in your hands is only the beginning. Rhythm is planning a huge live event for drummers in 2020 and you’re all invited.. Rhythm’s Grand Slam will debut on the weekend of 7th – 8th November 2020 at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium. It promises to be a exciting celebration of drumming featuring some of the world’s greatest drummers and percussionists. As well as unforgettable live performances and the chance to meet your heroes, you’ll be able to develop your skills with masterclasses and tutorials from seasoned pros. There will also be ample opportunity to see the hottest kit demoed and on sale at special show prices. “Building on Rhythm’s rich history of drum events has always been a key part of relaunching and bringing the Rhythm brand back to…

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paris jeffree

When and how did drums first come into your life? “I first sat behind a drum kit when I was eight. I played trumpet at that time but a few years later I realised I wasn’t very good at trumpet and picked up painting sticks and started jamming with them. That started me nagging my parents to get me lessons. The fascination was there from early on.” When did you realise that drumming could be more than a hobby for you? “It was a progression. I studied music in Sydney for three years and when I left there I got a residency in a nightclub playing drums, backing up DJs. I did that for about five years while I was still living with my parents. I used to put on headphones and just…

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welcome back glen sobel

Was the new Hollywood Vampires album recorded late at night? “There were definitely a few demo recording sessions at crazy hours. Tommy Henriksen was the producer, it was January of last year, he said, ‘We’re going to start working on some ideas, come over Wednesday night.’ I said, ‘I’ve got a gig.’ He said, ‘Doesn’t matter, come after the gig.’ I said, ‘It’s in Anaheim. If I come after the gig, I won’t get there until 1.30 in the morning.’ He said, ‘Perfect! They’re just getting going at that time,’ talking about Johnny [Depp] and Joe [Perry]. Sure enough, I got down there at 1.30am, listened to an idea they had, started tracking some drums and was there until six in the morning.” What sound were you after for the Vampires? “We were…