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Rhythm is the globe's most respected and best-loved drum magazine. Every five weeks (10 issues a year) we bring you the latest news and interviews with the drum world's biggest players, review the hottest new gear and present first-class drum tuition with the best teachers.... No wonder we've been at the forefront of the global drumming community for more than a quarter of a century. Subscribe today to receive in-depth interviews & kit tours with famous players, basic and advanced lessons, rated gear reviews and lots of percussive brilliance!

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hello! i hope that this finds you all well…

To kick off this issue, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome back to our cover stars, Simon Phillips and Kaz Rodriguez. In this, the first of a very special new series of Face-To-Face interviews, we invited Kaz to quiz Simon – one of his biggest drumming heroes – when Simon visited the UK for his band Protocol’s 30th anniversary shows at the end of 2019. The results are a fascinating insight into how Simon found his path – not only a world-class player, but as a leading producer, engineer and composer – his fascination with sound and recording, and how his words of wisdom at a drum clinic inspired a certain young drummer to follow his dreams... Now, everyone loves a surprise, don’t they? Especially when they come in…

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contributing to this issue...

David West “I still remember my first assignment for Rhythm some 16 years ago, heading out to interview Andy Strachan from The Living End armed with a handheld tape recorder and a notepad. Too many interviews to count later, I’ve met my heroes, like Steve Gadd and Zigaboo Modeliste, and even faced the withering gaze of Ginger Baker and lived to tell the tale. I’m thrilled that Rhythm is back in action!” Best piece of drumming advice “In an interview Thomas Lang told me, ‘Never play when you practise, never practise when you play.’ I realised I’d been playing, not practising, for years. Simply expressed, but revelatory.” Rich Chamberlain Raised on his dad’s AC/ DC records, Rich has been channelling his inner Phil Rudd since he was a nipper, with varying degrees of success. And…

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neil peart rip

Just days into 2020 the drum world lost one of its brightest stars when Neil Peart passed away, following a battle with brain cancer. Peart, who had been quietly fighting the disease for three-and-a-half years, was 67 years old. Born on 12 September 1952 in Ontario, Canada, Peart picked up the sticks at the age of 13 and five years later travelled to the UK in search of a career behind the kit. Within 18 months he had moved back to Canada, his dream of a life as a professional drummer seemingly dented – until the summer of 1974 when he joined up with Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee, replacing John Rutsey in Rush. To say the rest is history would admittedly be a cliché, but the prog trio were to…

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JB THUMBS UP FOR YAMAHA Fresh from wrapping their UK tour, IDLES drummer Jon Beavis has lavished praise on his Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak kit. He beamed: “I have been playing these new Yamaha drums whilst touring America and have since used them in the studio. I am incredibly pleased with the results. They sound and project like nothing else and feel so rewarding to play. Amongst the energy of our live shows, I have the confidence that they will deliver.” DOLMAYAN SOAD HINT John Dolmayan has once again ignited hopes of new material from System of a Down. Reacting to news that John Frusciante has rejoined Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dolmayan posted an image of the logos of the two bands, along with those of Tool and Rage Against The Machine,…

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chris woollison – poly-math

Inspired by a love of The Mars Volta, Yes and King Crimson, Poly-Math was born from Brighton’s math rock scene in 2013, evolving to play instrumental progressive rock. “Math rock can often be more like jazz, but we bonded over the heavier side,” says drummer Chris Woollison. Poly-Math’s latest release, the epic ‘Sensors In Everything’, is full of odd time signatures and creative grooves. How does the songwriting work? “Tim [Walters], the guitarist, will often come with an idea which could be almost purely melodic, and then the rest of us will bring an element to that, we might bring the rhythm to it. Tim’s a drummer as well, so he might come up with something polyrhythmic. Generally, we don’t jam.” How do you create the drum parts? “I’ll generally follow the guitar. I…

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welcome back pete cater

Jazz star aims to unlock creative practice Your new book is subtitled Stickings, Dexterity & Orchestration. What’s the concept there? “It’s very much a departure from traditional pattern-based learning and doing repetitive things in unchanging subdivisions, the way rudiments tend to be studied, which is all perfectly fine but I thought it was time to present a different way at it. It’s built upon the premise that all sticking patterns are made up of just 12 very small components and everything that we play is composites of those. This is the whole concept of dexterity that I’ve come up with where you take different types of stickings and play them over changing rhythm patterns. It makes your hands work in a completely different way. The other key element is orchestration, how we…