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Rhythm Issue 300

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hello and welcome back to rhythm…

We all have our own groove, but what exactly is it, why is it so important and how can we improve it? From my experience, it’s a wonderful pulse with great syncopation that feels good and makes people want to move. As drummers, we are the engine room of the band. We control the tempo – the heartbeat – and ultimately determine how a track feels. Finding the groove and pocket can be one of the hardest things, but when we do, it’s almost like an out-of-body experience, and everyone in the band – and the audience – knows it. It’s a physical feeling. I’ve always been drawn to drummers that groove, and – thanks to my Dad’s great vinyl collection – I grew up listening to the likes of…

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becoming the player you dream of

We all have drummers we admire and look up to. For me, in my mid to late teens, I found myself gravitating towards groove players such as James Gadson, Steve Jordan, Earl Palmer and Steve Gadd and dreaming about one day being able to embody just a small percentage of their wonderful grooves! In my head, it seemed simple – play along to their records and by default, I should take on at least some of their characteristics. However, in reality I didn’t see much change in how I played or, more importantly, how I felt when I played. The chasm between how I sounded and how I wanted to sound felt as big as the Grand Canyon! The turning point for me came in a lesson with an incredible drummer called…

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rudiment of the month

Double Paradiddle A double paradiddle is the longer six-note variant of the single paradiddle. Sometimes referred to as a paraparadiddle, it’s the single-stroke element of the paradiddle, which has been doubled to give us R L R L R R, L R L R L L. Occasionally, the double paradiddle is confused with its other relative, the paradiddlediddle (R L R R L L) – but as well as being a different sticking, the stand-out difference is that the double paradiddle will switch from hand to hand as it repeats, whereas the paradiddle-diddle will remain in the hand it starts in, whether that’s left or right. The basic figure is most commonly played either by accenting the first note of each group of six (Ex 1) or the first and third notes (Ex…

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essential kit

DRUMS: GRETSCH BROADKASTER KIT 22"x14" kick drum 12"x7" side snare 8"x7", 10"x7", 12"x8" rack toms 14"x14" and 16"x16" floor toms 14"x6½" Gretsch USA Black Copper snare 14"x 6½" Ludwig Black Beauty snare 14"x7" Morgan Davies Black Mamba snare (hybrid of birch/walnut/smoked eucalyptus) CYMBALS: ZILDJIAN 15" K Light hi-hats 19" K Custom Special Dry FX crash 19" Kerope crash 20" Oriental Crash of Doom 21" K Custom Special Dry FX crash 22" K Medium ride 40" Gong PLUS: DW 9000 kick pedal, Pro-Mark 5B Fire Grain sticks, Remo and Evans drumheads, Porter & Davies drum throne, Roland bar triggers…

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essential kit

DRUMS: A MIX OF GRETSCH, LUDWIG & YAMAHA 22"x14" bass drum 12"x8" rack tom, 16"x16" floor tom and 14"x5½" Ludwig Black Beauty snare “My first kit was a red Gretsch Blackhawk, and with Niall I’m using a Broadkaster. The shells are quite thin and give you that really nice low-end sound from the kick and the toms, which is great for the bigger rooms we are playing. I don’t actually have a drum endorsement, and I like the freedom and flexibility that that gives me.” CYMBALS: ZILDJIAN 14" Avedis hi-hats, 18" and 19" K Dark crashes, 22" K Light ride “Such an iconic brand of cymbals and such a recognisable logo. I saved up and bought my first professional set when I was 18, and it was a special day when Zildjian’s Tina Clarke signed…

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karl on jeff...

“Jeff Porcaro is the first drummer I ever heard, and to this day he is still my favourite drummer on record and quite possibly the best ‘song’ drummer ever in my opinion... His passion, creativity and personality on the instrument shine through, and his choice of what to play on a track was always so tasteful. Jeff’s feel, backbeat, groove and pocket were impeccable and, when I listen to him play, I’m always aware of how perfectly that snare drum is landing. Jeff is still a constant source of inspiration for me – he really could embrace any style and was the ultimate session guy…”…