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Rogue October 2017

Rogue is an award-winning magazine that covers entertainment, culture, and current affairs for an affluent and important audience in the Philippines. Rogue is synonymous with beautiful women, powerful photography, and intelligent storytelling. Thought-provoking, relevant, and glamorous, Rogue has become a lifestyle filter whose pages reflect the unique pulse of Filipinos, in the Philippines and abroad. Combining cutting-edge style with profiles on the country’s influencers — from art and design to business and politics — Rogue is a purveyor of impeccable taste, elegant covers, and world-class journalism.

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1 min.
no excess baggage

TUMI RECENTLY LAUNCHED its first-ever aluminum luggage collection, 19 Degree, a masterful combination of form following function. Drawing inspiration from a combination of the fluidity of nature and the exacting lines of architecture, the line has a striking, cutting-edge design and strategically sculpted angles set against its body. The brand sees this as a representation of its wide scope, its silhouette blurring the lines between fashion, art, and design. “With every mile traveled, city ventured, stamp on your passport, your journey will reach a new degree—it’s only fitting that you carry a bag that reflects your movement,” says Tumi creative director Victor Sanz. “This represents the art of intelligent design. We approached its conceptualization with the question, ‘How can we make our design less elementary and more elevated than what is…

3 min.
heart of darkness

HOW’S THIS FOR A SCARY STORY? Almost a year ago, I flew to the States to witness history. It was a trip planned months beforehand, the date being set and immovable. My trip to New York was mainly for one date and one reason only: November 8, 2016, the United States Presidential Elections. It was supposed to be a night of hope. As a political junkie, I flew close to 20 hours to witness the election of the first woman US president in Hillary Clinton. Her victory was inevitable, they said, as millions around the world awaited the dawn of something new. Perhaps something better. Instead, I witnessed one of the darkest nights of my life. I didn’t think it would happen or maybe I just refused to believe it would. What…

2 min.
come together

THE LEXUS DESIGN AWARD (LDA) recognizes designers and creators who foster ideas for a progressive future—a vision that the automotive company has for its own line of luxury vehicles. Launched in 2013, the LDA has supported the careers of global talents, providing generous funding and prestigious mentorship to an elite group of winners. Through the years, the LDA has explored both simple and complex themes, all driven by the car brand’s core values: imagination, craftsmanship, and design. Past themes such as “Motion” and “Senses” can be immediately associated with cars and driving—undoubtedly, an immersive sensory experience. “Curiosity” and “Anticipation” highlight Lexus’s commitment to relentless innovation by answering the needs of its customers. 2017’s theme, “Yet,” demands some brainwork to figure out. A conjunction that denotes a harmonious contrast, the three-letter word links…

2 min.
the guest list

MIHK VERGARA is a filmmaker. You may know him as the writer and director of Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo, which won the QCinema International Film Festival’s Audience Choice and Gender Sensitivity Awards in 2015. SHAIRA LUNA is a self-taught fashion and advertising photographer based in Manila. Try flipping through the closest local magazine: there is a 70 percent chance you’ll see her name there. SERIOUS STUDIO is an independent branding and design agency made up of a team of creatives and strategists who are 100% organic, free-range human beings. In this issue, they illustrate horror stories by Yvette Tan, Mihk Vergara, and Eliza Victoria. LITO B. ZULUETA is a professor for journalism and literature at the University of Santo Tomas, a highly-esteemed member of the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino, and the…

4 min.
come one come, all!

MAN, THOSE WERE the days: when porn was an eroticized version of Pygmalion, not a home video of a bored married couple trying out handcuffs. When porn was cheerleaders gallantly fucking their way to help a friend achieve her dreams instead of the tragedy that is “revenge porn.” When porn was a woman with a clitoris in her throat instead of a bunch of alien tentacles. Enter X-Rated: Adult Movie Posters of the 60s and 70s, a freshly curated and expanded edition of the best in pornographic cinema art. The book, released by Reel Art Press (reelartpress.com), is an update of the cult classic by Tony Nourmand and Graham Marsh published a decade ago. For creatives, historians, and readers alike, it’s a fun, raunchy flashback, with over 350 posters, pressbooks, and…

3 min.
extended shelf life

A PUBLIC LIBRARY doesn’t have much going for it these days—social space is shrinking in favor of the commercially owned, and information is a couple of taps away on an AMOLED display. But the folks at the Quezon City Public Library (QCPL) don’t seem to be the type to heed trends. For one, they’re a very personable bunch. Say the word “librarian,” and—if pop culture is to be believed, at least—you think, “awkward scholar.” But the people running this particular government library have charm in spades. No less than four staff members showed us around for the interview and shoot. Even city librarian Emelita Villanueva took a break from her day to speak with us, insisting we have coffee at the building’s bright and airy café. All around us were people…