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RUE MORGUE #1: 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need to See

Launched in 1997 by Rodrigo Gudiño, RUE MORGUE is the world’s leading horror in culture and entertainment brand, spearheaded by its multiple award-winning magazine, RUE MORGUE and RUE MORGUE DIGITAL; RUE MORGUE TV specialty horror channel; RUE MORGUE LIBRARY book series; RUE MORGUE PRESENTS FRIGHTMARE IN THE FALLS horror expo and RUE MORGUE PRESENTS CINEMACABRE MOVIE NIGHTS monthly film series.

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HORROR FANS TEND TO VENERATE THEIR FILMS. That’s why, the average genre lover’s top film list tends to resemble all the others put out by the mainstream. Guaranteed you’ll find The Exorcist, Psycho, The Shining and maybe The Texas Chainsaw Massacre vying for the scariest film of all time. You’ll also probably find the likes of Alien, Night of the Living Dead, Halloween and Jaws on there too, followed by Rosemary’s Baby, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Dawn of the Dead, Frankenstein, The Thing… you know the drill. They’re all essential viewing, but the problem is that we don’t need to be told to watch those movies. We’ve already seen them. That’s where Rue Morgue Magazine’s 200 Horror Films You Need to See comes in. This is a look at genre titles…

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5150 elm’s way

2009/CANADA/110 MIN STARRING MARC-ANDRÉ GRONDIN, NORMAND D’AMOUR AND SONIA VACHON DIRECTED BY ÉRIC TESSIER French horror films from France are celebrated by genre fans worldwide. French horror films from Quebec, however, are virtually unknown outside of the province. Case in point: 5150 Elm’s Way (a.k.a. 5150 Rue des Ormes), an adaptation of a novel by Patrick Senécal, who’s often called “The Stephen King of Quebec.” Directed by Éric Tessier (who previously adapted Senécal’s Evil Words), it stars Quebec A-lister Marc-André Grondin as Yannick, a film student who falls off his bike while out shooting and seeks help at a very average-looking suburban home. After accidentally stumbling across a bleeding man in one of the upstairs rooms, he’s taken captive by the family patriarch, Jacques, a pious vigilante who kills junkies, pedophiles and anyone else…

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1980/USA/91 MIN STARRING ROBERT FORSTER, ROBIN RIKER AND MICHAEL V. GAZZO DIRECTED BY LEWIS TEAGUE If you insist on watching only one “nature-runs-amok” film tonight make sure it’s Alligator. Few horror movies are as subversive and suspenseful as this spirited reworking of Jaws from screenwriter John Sayles and director Lewis Teague. Opening with an adorable pet alligator being flushed down the toilet, Alligator is the story of David Madison (Robert Forster), a balding detective investigating a case involving two dismembered bodies discovered in the sewers. After a fellow officer is eaten by the creature (which has now grown to monstrous size due to the hormone-experiment waste materials dumped illegally into the sewers), Madison attempts to convince the authorities that a gigantic reptile stalks beneath the city. When a missing reporter’s camera is recovered from…

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the arcane sorcerer

1996/ITALY/96 MIN STARRING CARLO CECCHI, STEFANO DIONISI AND ARNALDO NINCHI DIRECTED BY PUPI AVATI Common is the cinematic period piece. Less common is the film that feels as if it was lensed years before it actually was, with cinematography, pacing and storytelling all seemingly from another era. Such is The Arcane Sorcerer (a.k.a. L'arcano incantatore, in its original Italian). The measured mood piece is drenched in forlorn atmosphere, brimming with complex ideas about the nature of good and evil, and couched in visuals that show an amazing amount of attention to historical detail – from the melancholic shots of the desolate countryside to towering libraries full of mysterious old tomes, housed within dilapidated stonework holy buildings. Perhaps its ageless visual style is due to the fact that its writer/director, Pupi Avati, got his start…

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behind the mask: the rise of leslie vernon

2006/USA/92 MIN STARRING NATHAN BAESEL, ANGELA GOETHALS AND ZELDA RUBENSTEIN DIRECTED BY SCOTT GLOSSERMAN In the genre, few horses are deader or get flogged harder than the slasher movie. Like zombie flicks, they’re cheap to make, always find an audience, and first-time directors can easily follow their formula. But once in a while along comes a guy like Scott Glosserman, who finds an entirely new way to capture a killer on film. The Bethesda, Maryland native studied film in university (where he wrote a thesis on The Shining in a Conventions of the Horror Film class), before going to work at a talent agency where a friend helped him discover the ideal concept for a first feature. It was a script called Behind the Mask by a fledgling screenwriter named David J. Stieve. “David had…

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10 gore films you need to see

BAD TASTE 1987/NEW ZEALAND/91 MIN Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson is best known for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but his career as a filmmaker has humble origins. His first film, shot on weekends over four years with friends as cast and crew, is Monty Python-esque splatstick about a quartet of government agents thwarting an invasion by aliens who plan to turn Earth into a fast food restaurant. Behold a steady stream of inventive special effects gags include decapitations, vomit drinking, and an exploding sheep. A BAY OF BLOOD 1971/ITALY/84 MIN A husband murders his elderly wife for control of her valuable waterfront property, but is promptly murdered himself, setting off a cleverly convoluted string of murders amongst a disparate group of stakeholders. Bava’s blackly comic body-count classic was a major inspiration for the…