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RUE MORGUE #7: Monstro Bizarro

Launched in 1997 by Rodrigo Gudiño, RUE MORGUE is the world’s leading horror in culture and entertainment brand, spearheaded by its multiple award-winning magazine, RUE MORGUE and RUE MORGUE DIGITAL; RUE MORGUE TV specialty horror channel; RUE MORGUE LIBRARY book series; RUE MORGUE PRESENTS FRIGHTMARE IN THE FALLS horror expo and RUE MORGUE PRESENTS CINEMACABRE MOVIE NIGHTS monthly film series.

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I’VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH BIGFOOT SINCE I WAS A LITTLE KID. “LOVE” IS A STRONG WORD, I KNOW, BUT I don’t know how else to describe my crush on the hairy guy. I grew up in the 1970s. Star Wars and Bigfoot were my main jams. As is the case with a lot of people my age, Star Wars changed my life. It sparked my interest in filmmaking. How do they make these things? How can I make my own? Bigfoot fascinated me in a different way because it was rooted in reality. How could this thing possibly exist? Monsters aren’t real. And if Bigfoot doesn’t exist, then what is all this evidence being found all over the place? But most importantly – for the genre of filmmaking I eventually…

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I’VE ALWAYS LOVED MONSTERS. AS FAR BACK AS I CAN REMEMBER, I SOUGHT THEM OUT IN ALL FORMS. I have vague memories of watching the daytime drama Dark Shadows on television back in the 1970s. I couldn’t understand the plot, but there were vampires and werewolves, and that was good enough for me. As I grew older, my summer revolved around “Monster Week,” the most awesome week of broadcast television, which aired the likes of Hammer horrors, rampaging beasts, giant insects and slithery terrors that excited me beyond all childhood measure. Then there were the silver screen classics haunting my late-night Saturdays. They both chilled and soothed me to sleep on my parents’ couch. Then there were the books, old issues of Famous Monsters magazine, and the toys, the glorious…

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bigfoot horrors

MANY OF OUR MOST BELOVED MOVIE MONSTERS HAVE ROOTS IN MYTHOLOGY AND HISTORY. THE WEREWOLF finds its heritage traceable to the earliest European folklore, where the moonstruck man-beast was used to explain everything from medical conditions to serial killings. Likewise, his more cultured counterpart, the vampire, shares a gruesome lineage with real-life butcher Vlad the Impaler, who was one of the inspirations for the classic character of Dracula. The zombie has a toehold in the real world as well, born of voodoo beliefs and now routinely imagined as the potential outcome of a modern-day viral plague. But today, when lycanthropy, vampirism and voodoo magic are largely considered myths, the legacy of these creatures is primarily left to the imaginations of moviemakers and writers. So are we to assume, in our more…

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bigfoot vs. the people

IT’S THE ZAPRUDER FILM OF THE CRYPTOZOO WORLD: A GRAINY, AMATEUR MOVIE CLIP THAT’S BEEN CONSTANTLY analyzed and debated since it was first recorded in the 1960s. For some it is the holy grail of Sasquatch science and for others, simply a man in a suit. It is, of course, the famous Patterson-Gimlin film that allegedly captured a seven-foot-tall man-like ape as it strolled across a dry creek bed in Northern California back in 1967. More than four decades have passed since it first gripped the public’s fear and fascination, and with ongoing claims that suggest it may be a hoax, the controversy continues. I recently spoke to Bob Gimlin and Philip Morris, two men who find themselves at opposite ends of the suit-debate spectrum. Gimlin was the partner of the…

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from the files of lyle blackburn

The following is an alleged true account. DATE: SEPTEMBER 1979 LOCATION: CADDO PARISH, LOUISIANA TERRAIN: RURAL COUNTRYSIDE In 2015, I interviewed an eyewitness regarding a strange incident that occurred in September of 1979. The man, who was a teenager at the time, said he was travelling northbound on Highway 169 between Greenwood and Longwood, Louisiana, after spending the evening at a local race track. At approximately 1:30 a.m., he noticed another vehicle travelling southbound toward him. The vehicle was travelling rather fast, so he slowed down to about 25 mph (approx. 40 kph) in order to allow it to pass. (At the time, Highway 169 was rough and narrow, so it was hard for two cars to pass at high speeds.) After the car passed he noticed a figure standing in the drainage ditch on…

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bringing back the beast: eduardo sanchez on exists

WHEN BIGFOOT FIRST BEGAN TO APPEAR IN HORROR FILMS IN THE EARLY 1970S, THE CREATURE’S persona was that of a monster. Films such as The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) and Creature From Black Lake (1976) portrayed the legendary beasts as mysterious and dangerous, while at the same time grounding themselves in enough reality to make the thought of man-like apes living on the fringes of our society a sobering one. But as the golden era of Bigfoot waned into the 1980s and beyond, the once-menacing protagonist was often reduced to a cuddly pop-culture icon whose face was more likely to be imprinted on a board game box than upon moviegoers’ nightmares. In the last decade there’s been a growing number of Bigfoot-themed movies that have attempted to reinstate the character…