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RUE MORGUE Issue 202 Sep/Oct Halloween 2021

Launched in 1997 by Rodrigo Gudiño, RUE MORGUE is the world’s leading horror in culture and entertainment brand, spearheaded by its multiple award-winning magazine, RUE MORGUE and RUE MORGUE DIGITAL; RUE MORGUE TV specialty horror channel; RUE MORGUE LIBRARY book series; RUE MORGUE PRESENTS FRIGHTMARE IN THE FALLS horror expo and RUE MORGUE PRESENTS CINEMACABRE MOVIE NIGHTS monthly film series.

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note from underground

It’s that time of year again! I live four blocks from the nearest Bath and Body Works and I can smell the pumpkin spice candles from here – which is handy, because it’s hard to smell them in the store through my face mask. Rue Morgue’s annual fall double issue represents several things – our anniversary, for one; another tickmark on my coffin lid; another thatch of grey hair on my head; another year of winning the battle against That Which Can’t Be Helped (a.k.a. the various hurdles of existence as a niche print periodical, ranging from the economic to the epidemiological). But let’s look on the bright side: I’ve got my Halloween costume picked out! I’m the girl from Logan’s Run, squinting against the sunlight as I emerge from…

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post mortem

THE NEW @ruemorguemag [RM#201] came in and I am happy as hell! It features a film I never even heard of but sounds awesome! Been a while since I saw something like that. Props to the Rue team for keeping it fresh! @JEKYL6669, VIA INSTAGRAM JUST TREATED myself to an early birthday present. Hard to believe it’s my first subscription (after a decade-plus of buying individual issues), but here we are! Looking forward to months of terrifying delights! @LAZRON, VIA TWITTER JUST BIT THE BULLET and subscribed to @RueMorgue. At least now there will be the odd surprise among all the bills and junk mail. @TIMMCGREGOR1, VIA TWITTER FIRST OFF, I want to congratulate you guys on 200 issues. Great job! Now I think it’s time to get down to more serious matters. For the past…

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coroner’s report

WEIRD STATS & MORBID FACTS ISSUE #202 Most of 1963’s The Haunting was shot through lenses that add a curvature to the walls, making the house seem even more strange. In a series of unfortunate events, a bride in Uttar Pradesh, India, suffered a fatal heart attack during her Hindu wedding ceremony, prompting the families to agree that the bride’s younger sister would wed the groom later that day. The songs “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Ride the Lightning” by Metallica, and “The Piper” by ABBA were all inspired by the Stephen King novel The Stand. “The Pugilistic Stance” refers to a common condition of severely burned bodies, characterized by flexion of elbows, knees, hip, and neck, and clenching of hand into a fist – a “defensive” position fancifully likened…

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the texarkana moonlight murders

Charles Pierce’s The Town That Dreaded Sundown is an odd artifact of ‘70s horror. Released in 1976, it suffers from a bit of an identity crisis; framed as a mockumentary, it has proto-slasher elements from just before Halloween fully established the formula and takes some ill-advised tangents into comic relief. But despite its inconsistent tone, it does succeed at conveying the terror that gripped a small Southern town during the Texarkana Moonlight Murders. From late February through early May of 1946, a series of attacks rocked Texarkana, a tiny town in Texas at the Arkansas border. Dubbed “The Phantom Killer,” a man in a white cloth mask with the eyes cut out attacked three couples parked in various lovers’ lanes as well as a married couple in their own home. The…

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whatever happened to…

Many an awkward 1980s teen horror nerd who had a hard time talking to girls felt acutely seen upon being introduced to the hapless Shelly, played by Larry Zerner, in Friday the 13th Part III. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that he embodied the lovelorn outcast gorehound in us all. Zerner brought legitimate pathos to what could have been just another disposable Friday victim (incredibly, his death occurs mostly offscreen), but he emerged as one of the series’ most pivotal characters, thanks to a certain hockey mask Shelly brings along on the trip to Higgins Haven. While he continues to pop up in occasional acting roles (even reprising his iconic role in the 2017 video game), Zerner now makes a living as an entertainment lawyer and keeps…

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needful things

1 MADBALLS FOAM HORRORBALL $9.99 USD What do you get when you mix classic Madballs toys with some classic fright flick icons? The horror merch collab we’ve been waiting for since the ’80s, that’s what! Measuring four inches and featuring iconic characters from Aliens, Predator, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, they’re as collectible as they are fun. Kidrobot.com 2 JACK O’ LANTERN SUNGLASSES $14 USD They may not reveal your neighbours to be members of a conformist alien race, but shades are more about fashion than function anyway. These rimless sunglasses with cutout jack o’ lantern lenses are UV-coated to protect your cool, day or night! Witchinghourbaby.com 3 SERIAL KILLER APRON $39 USD BBQ season ain’t over yet, particularly for those who like their meat still twitching. For these culinary creeps, Fearwerx presents…