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Written by fans for fans SciFiNow is the first new science fiction, horror, cult TV and fantasy magazine in the last 12 years – a high quality title that celebrates the explosion of new scifi TV shows, films and culture, past present and future. From Doctor Who to Buck Rogers. Star Wars to American Horror Story,D81 Buffy to Battlestar Galactica. SciFi Now loves them all, and there’s no better magazine if you want in-depth interviews, lavish features, trustworthy reviews and detailed scifi TV listings. The future is Now.

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As genre fans, it feels like we remember the big moments from our childhood a little more powerfully than everyone else when it comes to the pop culture stuff. Whether it’s Star Wars, Gremlins, Jurassic Park, The X-Files, Toy Story or the new generation growing up with the MCU, there will be films and TV shows that you witness at the exact right age to make them stay with you forever. It’s not just a memory, it’s a feeling. For many of us, Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal is one of those films that provokes a visceral sense of nostalgia and, frankly, terror. It was a window into another world entirely, a realm in which there was good and evil but the latter was so absolutely terrifying and seemingly all-powerful that…

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get excited about gemini man

The concept for Gemini Man has been hanging around Hollywood for a while and it’s easy to see why: the world’s greatest hitman being hunted by a cloned version of his younger self is a great idea, but if you can’t sell an audience on the idea that it’s the same person, you don’t have a movie. Ang Lee might seem like a surprising choice to finally bring the dream to fruition but he loves his tech (remember Life Of Pi?) and he can make one hell of an action spectacle. Here’s hoping this is the blockbuster Will Smith needs.…

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dishonour on your cow

AFTER A FALSE start almost a decade ago, Disney got cracking on a live-action remake of its 1998 animated film Mulan in 2015 and we finally got a first glimpse of the product of its efforts when the studio posted the film’s trailer. It logged more than 175 million views in its first 24 hours, including 52 million from China alone. But we’re not surprised though, it’s pretty heroic. THE TRAILER The first trailer for the film was everything we could have asked for: it included all the best scenes from the animated film, from the tea ceremony with the Matchmaker and the army training montage, to the deadly mountain pass avalanche and Mulan running across the rooftops of the royal palace in her bid to save China. The remake looks more…

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frightfest returns

Oh yes, horror fans, it’s that time of year again. The August bank holiday is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to head to London’s Leicester Square for Arrow Films FrightFest and five bloody days of the best new horror films from around the world. Regulars know that it’s always a treat to see what the team has in store for us and they have pulled out all the stops for their 20th year. There are (deep breath, everyone) 78 films from 14 countries with 20 world premieres, 20 international premieres and 28 UK premieres. Where to start? Well, let’s look at the returning favourites. The Soska Sisters are finally back at the fest after wowing with American Mary back in 2013, and we can’t wait for their remake of David…

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casting call

The Little Mermaid EXPECTED RELEASE TBA ROLES ARIEL: Female, 18-25 years old, any ethnicity. Looking for someone with the singing chops to live up to the Disney princess. The mermaid tail is not required. URSULA: Female, 40-60 years old, any ethnicity. The villainous sea witch originally inspired by legendary drag queen Divine. We are not casting a drag queen though. SCUTTLE: Any gender, any age, any ethnicity. We just want someone funny to play a human seagull. Is that too much to ask for? FLOUNDER: Male, 10-15 years old, any ethnicity. Looking for someone adorable who could make a fish his own. CONTACT liveactioncasting@disney.com REPLIES Halle Bailey, Melissa McCarthy, Awkwafina, Jacob Tremblay Bill & Ted Face The Music EXPECTED RELEASE Summer 2020 ROLES JOANNA: Female, 30-40 years old, Caucasian. Bill’s wife. ELIZABETH: As above. Ted’s wife. CONTACT cast@excellenttoeachother.com REPLIES Jayma Mays, Erinn Hayes The Craft EXPECTED RELEASE TBA ROLE HANNAH: Female, 16-25 years old, Caucasian. Equivalent…

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wedding from hell

“Shaun Of The Dead was always a touchstone,” explains co-writer and executive producer of Camp Wedding, CaraConsilvio. The horror comedy, directed and co-written by her close friend Greg Emetaz, is loosely based on Consilvio’s own wedding where she gathered her friends and family at an abandoned summer camp she rented on Airbnb. Emetaz, who was Man of Honour at Consilvio’s nuptials, elaborates on Edgar Wright’s influence: “The thing I liked about Shaun Of The Dead was that it was hilarious but also grounded. It felt like these were real people and they had this weird interpersonal stuff that was vying with the actual danger in the movie. In this case, the big idea was that these are people who are not really communicating and are forced to or they’re going to…