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Written by fans for fans SciFiNow is the first new science fiction, horror, cult TV and fantasy magazine in the last 12 years – a high quality title that celebrates the explosion of new scifi TV shows, films and culture, past present and future. From Doctor Who to Buck Rogers. Star Wars to American Horror Story,D81 Buffy to Battlestar Galactica. SciFi Now loves them all, and there’s no better magazine if you want in-depth interviews, lavish features, trustworthy reviews and detailed scifi TV listings. The future is Now.

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get excited about the mandalorian

While we still wait in a state of deep frustration for the UK release date for The Mandalorian, and the whole of Disney+ for that matter, we can at least keep half-reading potentially spoilery bits of information. Anyone who wants to go in cold had best start muting keywords on Twitter as the bounty hunter hits the US this month, so fingers crossed that whatever’s holding him back from arriving here is resolved really soon. It seems like a very long time ago that we first saw that picture of the Star Wars: Episode VII read-through. The cast assembled with JJ Abrams, everyone from Hamill, Fisher and Ford, to the fresh-faced newbies. We wondered who would be playing who, as Carrie Fisher chatted with Daisy Ridley while John Boyega and Oscar…

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meet the team

Q. Which Star Wars character or story do you want to have its own movie/show? JONATHAN HATFULL EDITOR A. Bor Gullet It doesn’t have to only be about Bor Gullet but I have questions about his allegiances, agenda, how Bor ended up with Saw... ABIGAIL CHANDLER DEPUTY EDITOR A. Chirrut Îmwe More Force-worshipping warrior monks please! POPPY-JAY PALMER NEWS EDITOR A. Poe Dameron Just Poe, BB-8 and a TIE fighter exploring the galaxy and charming the locals for maybe six seasons. MARCUS FAINT ART EDITOR A. The Jedi Academy Think Grange Hill, with lightsabers… Now try and tell me that doesn’t sound like a recipe for success! RACHAEL HARPER SUB EDITOR A. DJ A heist movie with crafty DJ and wily Maz Kanata taking on a big job and getting into a lot of fun and trouble on the way.…

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flying high

DC’S BIRDS OF Prey are getting their big screen debut alongside Margot Robbie’s break-out character in Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn). Here’s why you should be eagerly anticipating this film… HARLEY QUINN IS BACK, PUDDIN’ – AND SHE’S A FREE AGENT NOW Suicide Squad was not exactly a universally loved movie. However, it did spawn one hit that everyone could agree on: Margot Robbie’s unhinged performance as Harley Quinn. But as great as Robbie was, she wasn’t given much to do beyond grin maniacally in short-shorts. Now, with Robbie also serving as a producer on Birds Of Prey, she’s promising a lot more autonomy for Harley in this film, especially now that she’s cut off from her unhealthily dependent relationship with Jared Leto’s Joker. IT’S THE LIVE-ACTION FILM…

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what a time to be alive

We’re huge fans of John McPhail’s horror comedy high school Christmas zombie musical Anna And The Apocalypse, so we were delighted to learn that a new extras-loaded Bluray release is on the way. “When you say: ‘Oh, it’s a zombie musical set at Christmas’ some people go: ‘Oh right, is it?’ It’s when people see it and they go: ‘Wow, that isn’t what I expected it to be,’” says McPhail. After showing it at festivals in the US and the UK, the film was trimmed for various releases but the new Blu-ray will feature that longer festival cut with a missing song back in play. “When I was told we’re going to cut it down for the Americans it broke my heart a bit,” remembers McPhail. “The original cut, I think there…

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breaking news

STATION ELEVEN Emily St John Mandel’s highly acclaimed post-apocalyptic novel is coming to HBO Max, with Black Mirror’s MackenzieDavis and Yesterday’s Himesh Patel facing a super flu-ravaged world. Patrick Somerville, who gave us Maniac, is show running and the brilliantHiroMurai(Atlanta, Barry) is directing. FOUNDATION After years in development hell, Isaac Asimov’sSFnovel Foundation has been snapped up by Apple TV. Lee Pace stars as the emperor of the galaxy while Jared Harris will play the maths genius who thinks the empire is about to come crumbling down. David Goyer and Josh Friedman will be shepherding the ten episode series. RED DWARF Finally! Frankly we’ve been very patient waiting for news about what’s next for the boys from the Dwarf, and now we finally know what that is: a two hour feature length special. Obviously we’ve not…

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still watching

As Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen approaches its halfway point, it’s beginning to reveal some of its cards. We now know that Jeremy Irons’ ‘Lord of the Manor’ is actually Adrian Veidt, the former Ozymandias and the chief villain of the original comic, and that his servants, Miss Crookshanks and Mr Phillips, played by Sleepy Hollow actor Tom Mison, are a legion of clones. Mison tells us that he approached the role “as if they’re toddlers trying to please the master, and trying to learn as quickly as they can, before they get squashed or burnt or stabbed”. It’s fair to say that poor Phillips meets a number of violent ends at the hands of Veidt, and that, according to Mison: “Jeremy seems to enjoy it more and more!” A fan of the…