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We’re absolutely stating the obvious here, but there’s always something special about Doctor Who’s return. The length of time between the series may vary but somehow it always feels like we’ve been waiting forever, each return feels overdue. It’s like catching up with an old friend, so we’re thrilled that Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor and the gang are finally heading back to our screens for their sophomore run. The actor didn’t waste any time making her mark on the character and with that tricky first year under their belts, this new series should be better than ever, and we went on set to find out as much as we could. And what better than a trip to the TARDIS to launch into 2020? While you’ll find us discussing our favourites from…

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get excited about

The second instalment of Hulu’s riff on Stephen King’s most cursed small town is nearing the end of its run in the US and while its airdate on STARZPLAY has yet to be announced, from what we’ve heard it’ll be worth the wait. There’ll be organised crime business courtesy of Tim Robbins’ Pop Merrill, but what we’re really excited about is Lizzy Caplan’s take on a younger Annie Wilkes. Kathy Bates herself has given the performance her seal of approval, Tweeting: “She IS Annie Wilkes. Terrifying and human. Sometimes she makes me feel all oogie!”…

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meet the team

Q. Which movie or TV series coming our way in 2020 are you most looking forward to? JONATHAN HATFULL EDITOR A. Candyman The original is a modern horror masterpiece and I can’t wait to see what the new creative team does with it. ABIGAIL CHANDLER DEPUTY EDITOR A. Free Guy Reynolds, Comer, Waititi and Steve from Stranger Things all in a comedy action sci-fi film together? YES PLEASE. POPPY-JAY PALMER NEWS EDITOR A. Mulan Once a Disney trash gremlin, always a Disney trash gremlin. MARCUS FAINT ART EDITOR A. The Mandalorian Pedro Pascal and Jon Favreau teaming up to bring us an original Star Wars story? Take my money Disney! RACHAEL HARPER SUB EDITOR A. Star Trek 2020 is going to be an... engaging... year for Star Trek with Picard as well as Season Three of the excellent Discovery!…

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it’s not over yet

WHILE MUCH OF the internet has been going crazy for baby Yoda, which featured in episode one of The Mandalorian, Stars Wars fans outside of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico have been looking bitterly on as they wait for Disney+ to reach Europe. The streaming service isn’t due to arrive in the continent until March 2020, but in the meantime we chat to some of the show’s big names, including creator Jon Favreau, writer and director Dave Filoni and actor Pedro Pascal, who stars as the Mandalorian himself, about how it all started. All the way back in 2007, Filoni was working on animated series The Clone Wars with George Lucas at the Skywalker Ranch when he heard that Jon Favreau, who at the time was directing a…

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cage. stanley. lovecraft.

It’s been far too long since we were last treated to a Richard Stanley film, more than 20 years in fact, but the director of Hardware and Dust Devil is finally back and can you think of better way to return to genre cinema than with a faithfully deranged HP Lovecraft movie starring none other than Nicolas Cage? “Oh, it’s a great pleasure getting the beast out there,” Stanley tells us. “I’ll have to see what side effects it has on the audiences, because the Color’s been feeding off me for a couple of years and now it’s out of the bag and gets to make itself strong on the viewers.” We have been at peak excitement since it was announced that Spectrevision (the production company who also teamed up with Cage…

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Glasgow is in for a treat this January, as Matchbox Cineclub is putting on its third annual Cage-a-rama at the Centre For Contemporary Arts. From 3-5 January, viewers can settle in for a diverse marathon of the great man’s work, with a couple of UK premieres nestled in among some beloved classics. So while you can watch movies like Coppola’s wistful Peggy Sue Got Married, Scorsese’sberserk Bringing Out The Dead, and the truly odd Zandalee (seriously, that one has to be seen to be believed), you can also get a first look at the upcoming Grand Isle (a twisty thriller that sees Cage pitted against fellow noted scenery chewer Kelsey Grammer) and Primal (in which Cage plays a big game hunter trapped on a boat with deadly creatures set free by…