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SciFiNow 80s Sci-Fi Almanac SciFiNow 80s Sci-Fi Almanac 3rd Edition

The eighties was a seminal decade and where it really shone was on the silver screen. Iconic characters and groundbreaking franchises were born, and while some films have stood the test of time, others require rose-tinted glasses to see their original beauty. In this book we take you on a journey through the movies that defined a generation. From Back to the Future and The Shining to Return Of The Jedi and The Terminator, enjoy the films that made this one of the greatest decades of cinema. Featuring: 15 greatest big screen bad-asses of the 1980s - The biggest of the 80s SciFi bad-asses. Ghostbusters - Your complete guide to the classic comedy. Who you gonna call? Back to the Future - Jump in the Delorean with Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Evil Dead - Take a terrifying trip to the woods.

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the 15 greatest big screen bad-asses of the 1980s

“I’LL BE BACK” KNOW YOUR ANTIHERO BIG MOUTH THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE WISECRACK MECHANICAL MAN COMPUTERS WILL BE BIG, WHY NOT BE ONE? UBER-COOL RADIATING COOL FROM EVERY PORE ASS-KICKER BLOODSHED FOLLOWS IN THEIR WAKE STONY SILENCE A LOOK SAYS MORE THAN WORDS 1 OFFICER ALEX J MURPHY From : RoboCop (1987) Played by: Peter Weller Attitude: Elements of Murphy’s personality continues to shine through even after he’s been rewired and put into OCP’s future of law enforcement. He’s got no time for lawbreakers, but he’ll punish them with just a hint of style. He’s a nostalgic soul, too, but don’t count on him showing you any mercy. Fashion sense: A sleek, shiny metal shell keeps what’s left of his body intact. As the reaction to the remake’s new suit showed, everyone’s clearly a big fan of the original robot…

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eighty-eight miles per hour

“THE WAY I SEE IT, IF YOU’RE GOING TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE INTO A CAR, WHY NOT DO IT WITH SOME STYLE?” DR EMMETT BROWN It’s Memorial Day, 1985 and Spaceman From Pluto has just been released by Universal Studios. Starring Eric Stoltz as reluctant time traveller Marty McFly and John Lithgow as Professor Emmett Brown, it tells the story of how Marty travels back in time and meets his parents, only to discover that Professor Brown’s huge and immovable time machine has run out of nuclear fuel, leaving him stranded in the past. Teaming up with the 1955 Professor, the duo sneak onto a nuclear test site – complete with the Professor’s pet chimpanzee, Einstein in tow – with plans to use the incoming blast to power-up the Professor’s…

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“something’s got to be done about your kids”

When a movie becomes a global mega-hit it’s inevitable that the cash cow will be milked, so here are Back To The Future’s spin-offs… Back To The Future: The Animated Series First aired by CBS in 1991, The Animated Series mainly focused on the continuing adventures of Doc Brown and his immediate family. Marty occasionally appeared in the show and both the DeLorean and Doc’s train from Part III were used as time machines. Each series was 13 episodes long and ran for two series. Although Christopher Lloyd featured in the live-action parts, his cartoon form was voiced by Dan ‘Homer Simpson’ Castellaneta. Back To The Future: The Comic The Back To The Future comic was published by Harvey Comics and, unlike the animated series, it featured Marty in every adventure. First published in 1991, the…

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“shark still looks fake”

Holographic advertisements While not quite up to the standard of the image used for Jaws 19, holographic advertising does exist. Vizoo, an advertising and film company, has created technology that allows a projected image to merge with real surroundings. It has been used in Scandinavia to promote LOTR: Return Of The King. Hoverboard Robert Zemeckis once jokingly stated that the hoverboard did exist – they were just held back from production by nervous parents. We’re deep into 2015 so unless Mattel are biding their time, we’re unlikely to see any huge advancement on the standard skateboard. The most exciting thing to happen at the moment is Heelys. Self-fitting clothes If clothes do exist that magically resize themselves in order to fit you, then we haven’t discovered them yet. We think we’ll probably just have to…

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class of 1955

Michael J Fox Marty McFly Since discovering he has Parkinson’s, Michael J Fox doesn’t work as often as he used to. His most notable performances of recent times include returning to voice Stuart Little in Stuart Little 3 as well as playing a brilliant surgeon with OCD in Scrubs. Christopher Lloyd Doctor Emmett Brown Despite having great success as Uncle Fester in the Addams Family movies, Christopher Lloyd’s most notable performance has been in the bookstore comedy Stacked with Pamela Anderson. Crispin Glover George McFly After failing to reprise his role of George McFly due to asking for too much money, Glover has had a fairly lowkey career. He didn’t really burst back into the public’s consciousness, until he portrayed the scary Thin Man in the Charlie’s Angels movies. Lea Thompson Lorraine McFly After playing Marty’s mother in all three Back…

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“it’s just that you’re so... big”

“One of the important decisions we made in the movie was using young actors to play themselves old,” recalls Bob Gale about Ken Chase’s super special effects. “At the time, there were executives that thought we should just find actors that looked like them to play them older, but we went through quite a lot of makeup tests to prove it could be done like this. Ken had done all the prosthetic makeup on Roots, and he constantly told us that it would be far easier for him to make these 18yearolds look like they were 75, instead of 45, as he could have put full makeup on all over their faces.” “The process itself was pretty timeconsuming,” recalls Michael J Fox, who ended up playing four different roles (including his…