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first contact

A TALE OF TWO BROTHERS Keith Tudor, email Watching the last episode of Supernatural was emotional. I’d been hooked on the show since it first started on ITV2 back in January 2006. Fifteen years on and the finale delivered a very bittersweet conclusion. To me it felt fitting, and it was great to have a proper conclusion rather than a cliffhanger like some shows have had. It’s been an incredible run with some brilliant comedy, strong characters, excellent drama, great music and fun meta moments along the way. Supernatural will be missed. SFX: Fifteen years? It seems like only yesterday it was the new demon-hunting kid on the block… How long till the inevitable reboot, though? OH MANDY Rob Graham, email The Mandalorian is turning into one of the all time great sci-fi shows.…

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rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES The Mandalorian is the best Star Wars we’ve had since Rogue One. I cannot understand any “fans” claiming it’s not good enough. Star Trek: Discovery has been a joy to watch unfold week by week – being freed from canon has been fantastic! RANTS Hopefully The Walking Dead: World Beyond season two will ramp things up a level – it felt like a lot of walking (and not that much dead) to get to a cliffhanger. IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES Like photos of Daleks? Then give @DalekTweets a follow. Toby Hadoke’s new Doctor Who podcasts are well worth your time too: bit.ly/tobypod. RANTS Slightly peeved to discover that my old (industrial band) Coil tattoo is now basically a Mithraic one. Thanks, Raised By Wolves’ production designer. RIP Saddened to hear of the death of Daria Nicolodi, star…

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captain’s log

No, it wasn’t all some post-apocalyptic nightmare, that really was the year we had. Terrible times for all of us that we can begin to hope will shortly be behind us, I’m sure you’ll agree. Obviously one of the knock-on effects of everything that happened – or didn’t happen – in 2020 has meant that magazine sales have been affected. In the grand scheme of things, I realise this has its place – as all things do – so I’m very, very glad that SFX is still here and that you’re still here with us. Thanks for the support, it truly is appreciated. I hope, like us, you’re all looking forward to a far more positive year ahead. And loads more bloody great big films and shows, of course! What better…

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the next generation

SCI-FACT! After three movies and 30 episodes of the TV series, Rodriguez is now working on an animated version of From Dusk Till Dawn. FAMILY IS AT THE HEART OF filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s most recent works – The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl was based on a story by his then seven-year-old son Racer. But in the years following, his own children (five, count’em!) have become even more integral to the plot. And the design. And the soundtrack. But before we get to the kids behind the scenes, there’s the small matter of the ones leading his latest film, We Can Be Heroes, which he wrote, directed and produced. “People are calling it a sequel, but they’ll see that it’s kind of a new tale,” Rodriguez tells Red Alert. Sharkboy and Lavagirl…

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memories are made of this

THOUGH ARCHIVE IS GAVIN Rothery’s first film as a director, his involvement in the world of movies goes back to the early ’00s, when he and then-housemate Duncan Jones together cooked up the idea of what was to become Moon. However, it was Jones who ended up directing that indie classic, while Rothery went on to become one of the videogame industry’s big-name concept artists. Now, finally, Rothery is ready to unveil his debut feature, a thoughtful SF drama that tells the story of George Almore, an obsessive scientist (played by Theo James) who has spent nearly three years attempting to build a “true human-equivalent android”, which he plans to use as a shell for the computer-archived memories and personality of his dead wife. While Archive shares some conceptual DNA with Alex…

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aerial assault

Ready, Freddy! ’80s horror icon Robert Englund joining season four of Stranger Things. Joss Whedon exiting showrunner role on HBO’s The Nevers, though it’s still due to air in summer 2021. Legendary Entertainment rebooting submersible ’60s classic Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea. Millie Bobby Brown up for battling dragons in Netflix fantasy Damsel. Amazon renewing The Expanse for a sixth and final season. Arrowverse set to expand with The CW’s Wonder Girl, bringing DC’s Latina hero to the screen. Mark Ruffalo joining Ryan Reynolds and Zoe Saldana in Netflix time travel tale The Adam Project. The CW’s Black Lightning axed after season four – but villain-centric spin-off Painkiller on the way. Chernobyl showrunner Craig Mazin adapting postapocalyptic video game The Last Of Us. Disney+ rebooting ’90s ’toon Darkwing Duck, exec produced by Seth Rogen. Are we not men?…