SFX March 2021

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first contact

TO BOLDLY HO HO Rob Graham, email Star Trek: Lower Decks is good fun. Alhough it’s probably the weakest Star Trek series it’s still very silly and funny and I’d love to see the characters show up in a live action series at some point. I can see those that take Star Trek way too seriously absolutely hating the series though I’m enjoying the references to past shows. The series is proving that Star Trek can poke fun at itself even if some of the fans can’t. SFX: Trek’s always had a rich streak of humour, right back to the ’60s – who can forget Shatner going full mobster in “A Piece Of The Action”? ISHIRO HONDA: A CLARIFICATION Owen Carpenter, email Your review of two Ishiro Honda Blu-rays [SFX 334] said that the…

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rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES Looking forward to six new episodes of The Walking Dead, even if it’s getting a bit close to home now. Have really been enjoying WandaVision but… RANTS can we just enjoy something? We don’t need to pick everything apart for clues/eggs/spoilers/hidden meanings, or complain that it’s “slow”. Chill out. IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES It’s A Sin was a masterpiece, and the Daleks popping up (in tribute to actor Dursley McLinden) was the cherry on top. Who fans with an interest in Delia Derbyshire, look out for the excellent documentary Sisters With Transistors. Researching Mr Benn led me to discover The Divine Comedy’s rather lovely track “Festive Road”: bit.ly/divinebenn. JONATHAN COATES ART EDITOR RAVES Thought the first season of For All Mankind was fantastic, so can’t wait for season two, especially as it’ll be moving into my favourite decade.…

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captain’s log

When we were growing up, my two younger brothers and I were very lucky to have a lot of action figures between us. The ’80s being the golden age of toys – I don’t think anything’s come close since – not only did that mean Star Wars, He-Man, ThunderCats and so on but one that really captured my imagination, really got me into Marvel and became something of a lifelong obsession. I’m talking about Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars. Why am I talking about that? Because I had the Falcon figure and, after the Symbiote Spider-Man and Hobgoblin toys, he was the coolest. Not only did he have retractable wings, but he had his own little falcon, Redwing. It didn’t matter to me (then) that he wasn’t actually in the original Secret…

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loving the alien

SCI-FACT! Starting in April, Marvel is also collecting Dark Horse’s Alien comics as Alien: The Original Years Omnibus. AFTER OVER THREE decades at Dark Horse, Alien is invading Marvel Comics next month. Written by Philip Kennedy Johnson and illustrated by Salvador Larocca, the new monthly title represents an all-new starting point for readers old and new. “For the many fans of the Dark Horse books, I don’t think our series expressly contradicts anything in those, but it also doesn’t build upon them, as it relies exclusively on the films – and in particular the first two films,” Johnson tells Red Alert. “Anyone who has seen either Alien or Aliens will have plenty of familiar elements to latch onto in our series, but even if we get some readers who have never seen an…

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romana’s road

SCI-FACT! Next up for Beyond The Doctor (in August): Bessie Come Home. Stephanie Cole voices the life story of the Doctor’s roadster! →DOCTOR WHO WRITERS OF DAYS gone by making a belated return has become a bit of a thing lately. Rona Munro followed up 1989 episode “Survival” with 2017’s “The Eaters Of Light”. ’80s script editor Eric Saward recently penned a spin-off comic. But Stephen Gallagher has surely set a new record: The Kairos Ring is his first wholly original contribution to the Whoniverse since 1983’s “Terminus”. An audiobook narrated by Steven Pacey (Blake’s 7’s Del Tarrant), it kicks off Beyond The Doctor, a new BBC Audio series recounting the further adventures of some of the Doctor’s companions. We’ll find out what Ian, Barbara, Ben and Polly did next in 2022. This…

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the sound of silence

NOVELIST THOMAS HARRIS created one of the most memorably chilling characters ever with Hannibal Lecter. He looms large in popular fiction, with four separate books centring on the cannibal psychiatrist, and was of course translated brilliantly to the screen, most notably by Anthony Hopkins and recently on television by Mads Mikkelsen. But right beside him is the equally mesmerising Clarice Starling, the young FBI agent who brings down Lecter in The Silence Of The Lambs. Though an older Starling returned in Harris’s 1999 novel Hannibal (and its 2001 movie adaptation), she hasn’t been treated to the ongoing narrative focus Lecter has had. But new drama Clarice aims to fix that. Adapted for television by executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet and showrunner Elizabeth Klaviter, Clarice is a direct sequel to The Silence…