SFX May 2021

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first contact

THIS WILL NOT STAND Robert MacDonald, email I was reading through this month’s edition of SFX, which arrived today. I always look forward to the Red Alert section. What I couldn’t help but notice is that there seems to be a distinct lack of original material being made, either for the cinema or the TV. The MCU aside, the words remake/reboot have cropped up a lot over the past few years. It would seem that studio execs are scared of anything new… The Stand, anyone? The original was bad and even a bigger budget and stellar cast couldn’t save this new version from being ho-hum… SFX All we need now is a reboot of the ReBoot reboot and the universe will implode. That is how physics works, isn’t it? RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Tjas Debeljak,…

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rants & raves

RAVES Them is incredible television, but oh my is it uncomfortable viewing. But then, that’s the whole point… Laughed so, so much at the appearance of a certain interactive toy in The Mitchells vs. The Machines. RANTS It’s been great to have The Walking Dead back, though the episodes don’t feel quite as essential as we may have been led to believe. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier isn’t as exciting as WandaVision. More witches please! IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES Loving Gazelle Twin’s cover of The Wicker Man’s “Fire Leap” (bit.ly/gazellefire). Looking forward to Ben Wheatley’s In The Earth, especially after spotting Richard Wells’s always excellent art in the trailer (bit.ly/intheearth). Eagerly anticipating Kevin Jon Davies’s forthcoming book on the Douglas Adams Archive, 42 (bit.ly/fortytwobook). JONATHAN COATES ART EDITOR RAVES I’ve been thoroughly entertained by The Irregulars on Netflix this month. The…

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captain’s log

Doctor Who has always been in my life. In fact, I think it might actually be my first memory. It’s always been a big part of my life, an important part. But it truly changed my life when it returned in 2005. Humour me if you’ve already heard this: I was at university, studying journalism, when the revived show began its rise to glory. As a fan – where it had never been “cool” to like such things – I hadn’t really given much thought to it becoming popular, I was just glad to see it back. When suddenly everyone loved it, and newspapers and magazines couldn’t get enough of it, I finally had an opportunity to turn my nerdiness, coupled with my uni classes, to good use. Being able to…

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team changes

MARVEL’S 2021 SUMMER crossover imagines a world where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes never existed (at least not in the form we know them) – where Tony Stark never built Iron Man armour, Wakanda is dismissed as a myth, and Thor despises hammers. Written and drawn by the regular Avengers team of Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, Heroes Reborn grows out of recent developments in the House of Ideas’ leading team book. “Heroes Reborn is a storyline that was going to be simply an arc in Jason’s Avengers, but which proved to have greater scope and legs than that, so we blew it out into a larger line-wide event,” says Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. Isn’t the fact that well-known characters like Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther are conspicuous by their absence…

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the devil inside

“I WANTED TO RETURN TO THE horror genre,” says director Neil Marshall, who made his name – and ignited his career – with the visceral chills of Dog Soldiers (2002) and The Descent (2005). Marshall’s latest, The Reckoning, isn’t just a return to his filmmaking roots. As he shares, it’s also a reaction against his last movie, 2019’s misfiring Hellboy reboot. “I was kind of handcuffed on that film,” he tells Red Alert. “It was really miserable, because I didn’t get any creative input in the project. And so for this one I deliberately sacrificed having a budget for having complete control over the film. It was tough, but it was a way more satisfying experience. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved out of very little.” A tale of persecution set against the…

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news warp

Michelle Gomez joining Doom Patrol season three as new regular Madame Rouge. Steven Spielberg teaming with Stranger Things supremos the Duffer Bros on King/Straub adaptation The Talisman. John Hamm voicing Iron Man in Hulu animation Marvel’s MODOK. Naomie Harris joining The Man Who Fell To Earth remake. Disney+ developing Hawkeye spinoff, showcasing Alaqua Cox as Echo. Resident Alien and Superman & Lois renewed for second seasons. Hulu adapting Margaret Atwood’s apocalyptic Maddaddam trilogy. Mckenna Grace starring in lunar mining colony tale Crater for Disney+. HBO developing no less than three new Game Of Thrones prequels alongside House Of The Dragon. Lena Headey starring in Beacon 23, a series set at the end of the known universe. Keanu Reeves to star in live-action Netflix movie – and anime series – based on his own comic book Brzrkr.…