SFX June 2021

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first contact

SUPER SOLDIER Rob Graham, email The Falcon And The Winter Soldier was definitely up among the best superhero shows for me – very different to WandaVision, more grounded, with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan turning into a great double act and Wyatt Russell threatening to steal the series as the dodgy new Captain America you want to hate. The super soldier mystery plot was intriguing too, and there were some nice X-Men hints for comic book fans with Madripoor Island. Isaiah Bradley’s story was tragic. A terrific finale setting up the future Captain America personally made me cheer. It’s looking very good for upcoming Marvel shows on Disney+. SFX Just happy they rebuilt Redwing. That drone has star quality. KONG GONE WRONG David Edward Johnston, email Being a fan of the original King Kong…

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rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES → Army Of The Dead was great. Although oddly it really made me want to go back to Vegas, regardless of zombies. → Season two of Creepshow was such good fun. I can’t wait to see them go even further with season three later this year. RANTS → I didn’t really get on with Shadow And Bone, it just didn’t grab me at all. Have I finally reached fantasy overkill? IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES → Thrilled that David Cronenberg is finally making another sci-fi film (Crimes Of The Future). Been waiting two decades for a reason to interview him… → Very much enjoyed Censor, Prano Bailey-Bond’s forthcoming horror set during the “video nasties” panic. More on that next issue… → Still reeling from the discovery that dance music DJ Judge Jules is the son of…

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captain’s log

Time Fracture is – at least, as I write this – due to open in London this month. An immersive Doctor Who theatrical experience, it had, like almost the entirety of the live entertainment industry, been put on seemingly indefinite hold. That crack in time just kept slipping a groove, making it one of the many things that jumped from one issue of SFX to the next. Behind the scenes, the creative team beavered away building the impressive and expansive worlds of the Doctor Who universe, waiting for the day that audiences would be able to step into the UNIT Black Site and help save reality as we know it. Little did we know! Well, I’m certainly ready to experience another reality and I wish I could tell you more of…

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rebel rebel

What can you tell us about Star Wars: Andor? We are shooting. We are in London. I am away from home working on that project and really excited. I’m enjoying every second, and we prepared really hard for this moment, because we are approaching this with the rigour that you approach a film in terms of the scale of what we are shooting; it’s just that it’s many, many hours now, and not a two-hour film. But that’s the beauty, for an actor: to have all that time to work in different layers and enrich the character. It’s a dream come true to be back to this universe and to be back with this character that I love so much. And we are just at the beginning now, so we have…

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back on song

THE DEVILISH LUCIFER, HIS TWIN BROTHER MICHAEL, their angelic brother Amenadiel and the demon Maze take family squabbling to a whole new level. The four were last seen locked in immortal combat, trading heated words and blows. Cue their almighty father, God, descending from the heavens to intervene, and you have the ultimate dysfunctional family reunion. That’s where Netflix’s Lucifer picks up when the series returns for season 5B this month. The show was supposed to wrap this season until the streaming giant renewed it for a sixth, and final, year. “So much about Lucifer is how much he actually tortures himself, how much he gets in his own way,” showrunner Joe Henderson tells SFX. “This was one final opportunity to explore that dynamic for Lucifer; how much of it is…

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dancing with the devil

What was it like performing not only the musical routines, but the emotional wallop that comes with them? The scene with Dennis Haysbert in the penthouse, where we do our “I Dreamed A Dream”, I was like, “Oh my God. We’re doing a song from Les Misérables. It sounds like it could be really cheesy.” It was amazing that night. There was a heightened sense of emotion. From the moment we rehearsed it, Dennis and I were in inconsolable tears and sobbing. Then, on the flip side, you have numbers like “Another One Bites The Dust”, which is possibly the most fun I’ve ever had. How surreal was it performing a duet with pop star Debbie Gibson? It was my suggestion. I’ve known Debbie for a while. When I was doing Rush, Debbie…