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first contact

LIGHTS, CAMERA, LIVE ACTION Rob Graham, email I’m wondering if animated shows Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Marvel’s What If…? and Star Trek: Lower Decks could work as live action shows? The Bad Batch is a decent and solid series and could be done similarly to Orphan Black, with Temuera Morrison playing all the clones. What If…? could be done with the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies returning in their roles, though I’d still like to see Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher in a live action movie or TV series. Star Trek: Lower Decks I’d also love to see done as live action – maybe older versions of the characters could appear in Star Trek: Picard or simply do it as Star Trek’s first live action comedy series? SFX: Why…

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rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES → Season three of Titans has been so good. More, please! → Shang-Chi made such a welcome change from the usual Avengers movies. → Really enjoyed Day Of The Dead. There was just one thing… but I’ll leave that to Ian. → Isn’t it incredible that Star Trek manages to have five shows in production at once? That’s over 50 episodes a year! RANTS → I tried to give Loki another go, but they just spent an episode walking around and talking. Y’all still saying this is like Doctor Who? IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES → Current reading: Ministry Of Truth, Dorian Lynskey’s history of Nineteen Eighty-Four. → There’s some appetising entries in the Cult strand of London Film Festival (6-17 October, bit.ly/lff2021). Particularly looking forward to Lamb, Titane and Dashcam. → US label Severin’s folk horror box…

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captain’s log

This issue of SFX is somewhat bittersweet for me. Yes, we’re celebrating the best season of all, Halloween, with a very special collection of all the greatest horror that’s currently on offer and that’s brilliant. But I unfortunately had to miss my annual pilgrimage to the event that kick-starts it all for me, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, due to “world events”. Not only that, but those aforementioned “events” (can we just ban the C-word now? No, the other one) also meant that I didn’t get to go on set for Halloween Kills as originally intended. Yeah, I know, first world problems and all that, right? But we’ve all got our thing, haven’t we? It’s hard to describe just how excited I was to get that particular set invitation but that…

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da doo ron wrong

THE FIRST THEATRICAL RELEASE from UK-based CG animation studio Locksmith Animation, being distributed by Disney, Ron’s Gone Wrong looks at relationships in the digital and social media age. Barney, a socially awkward schoolkid, doesn’t have many friends, and covets a B*Bot – a walking, talking robot designed to be your “best friend out of the box”. When his time finally comes, it turns out that Barney’s birthday present has fallen off the back of a lorry and into the hands of his family in a back-alley transaction. And Ron, as the title suggests, isn’t quite like the other B*Bots… As you might expect, it’s aimed at kids, but Ron’s Gone Wrong cleverly appeals to adult viewers too. “I’m super passionate about making intelligent films for kids, because they watch a lot of…

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back to life (back to reality)

YOU MAY REMEMBER The 4400, a solid sci-fi series that ran for four seasons from 2004-2007, about a group of people who disappeared in 1946. Zapped into a beam of light, all 4,400 of them suddenly return in 2004 at the same age they were, with no memory of what happened. Looking to contemporise the premise, The CW is rebooting the series as 4400. It’s set in 2021 and has 4,400 marginalised people in America who disappeared over the last century suddenly appearing – again, not having aged or having any memory of what happened. Created by Anna Fricke (Being Human) and Ariana Jackson (Riverdale), this series will get into far messier territory, addressing a myriad of issues related to the experiences of marginalised people plopped into our current, fraught times. “For…

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news warp

→ Disney firing up the jet-pack for The Return Of The Rocketeer, produced by – and possibly starring – David Oyelowo. → Robert Eggers reuniting with The Witch’s Anya-Taylor Joy on Nosferatu remake. → Jake Gyllenhaal starring in adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel Oblivion Song. → George Miller’s Mad Max spin-off Furiosa pushed to 24 May 2024. → Sweden’s Ninja Thyberg writing and helming redo of The Witches Of Eastwick. → Rosario Dawson and Owen Wilson entering Disney’s Haunted Mansion. → Alfre Woodard joining adaptation of Stephen King’s undead classic Salem’s Lot. → Emma Stone to be resurrected in Frankenstein-inspired horror Poor Things. → Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker starring in jail-bound SF actioner Corrective Measures. → Marc Maron voicing Lex Luthor in DC League Of Super-Pets. → Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt back onboard for Jungle Cruise 2. →…