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Shape April 2017

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SCAN TO SEE WHAT’S TRENDING! Download the free Love My Shape app and scan the page. Have great sets! Now you can ace any exercise— we’ve collected our top workout pointers and posted them on facebook.com/ movedaily. Follow us for daily how-tos that break down basic moves and leave you repping like a pro. Flaunt your fierce Turn up the body positivity! Score your own #LoveMyShape sports bra today at shapeactive.com and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Movemeant Foundation. Or take a pic and grab our #LoveMyShape heart filter at shape.com/heart for a show of con-fit-dence. Tap the runner’s high Can’t be in New York City for this month’s Shape Women’s Half-Marathon? No bib, no problem: Follow our Instagram Story @shape on April 30 for all the action— updates, tips from other runners, our favorite…

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I Iascll ed offthe field In the seventh grade, I was kicked eason had something to do hockey team. The reason andalism in the girls’ locker room with an act of vandalism ear!), but the truth is, I wasn’t (unintentional, I swear!), t have great very good at field hockey. I don’t t rules. I swung the hand-eye coordination. I forgot y head. I ran in the wrong direction. stick above my y, I decided this meant IThe coach hated me. Sadly, that I wasn’t good at anything athletic, which led me to believe that if an activity was physically difficult or didn’t come naturally, there was no point in even trying. At the time, no one verbalized (to me, at least) the idea of scale—recognizing that everyone’s body and…

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STER NOTHING WILL GET YOU TO SPANDEX-UP FASTER than having some competition at the gym, ania. In a study, gym goers who were pitted against say researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. ed nearly twice as much as those who had a support one another to rack up the most classes exercised ttend class. “We naturally compare ourselves team of other gym goers encouraging them to attend thers doing better, it gives us a new goal,” says study with people who are similar to us—if we see others killer instinct, take a Spin class where you can see author Damon Centola, Ph.D. To harness your N ourself to beat a friend’s (or a foe’s) best 5K time as everyone’s numbers up on a board, challenge yourself wins really suck you…

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Fresh tip picks A happy, sporty orange. A pop-y, not-too-girlie pink. Serene yet stunning powder blue. Cool, unexpected gray. These are exactly the pitch-perfect nail colors you want this season (whether you realize it or not), and you won’t tire of them by day two. Trust us: The master behind these shades—celebrity manicurist Jin Soon—always hits the nail on the head. JINsoon Nail Polish in Love, Peace, Hope, and Grace ($18 each, jinsoon.com) YOUR FLUSH MUST To ace the brightfaced look, pick up one of these new duo sticks from Yves Saint Laurent. Opt to swirl both complementary matte colors onto the apples of your cheeks; assign one to your cheeks and the other to your lips; or—for a subtle contoured effect—stripe the two across your cheeks with the lighter shade on top, then…

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BEHOLD, THE NEW SUPERBERRIES Acai and goji are smoothie staples, but lesser-known varieties have amazingly potent health powers too. Get in more than one each day, and your antioxidant intake will go through the roof, says University of Connecticut berry researcher Mark Brand, Ph.D. These tart berries come fresh, frozen, or powdered. Toss them into yogurt parfaits or shakes for a megadose of antioxidants—they have more than practically any other fruit. Plus, they may help keep your digestion on track. Buy ’em in jam form, or add the berries to baked goods or even cocktails. They contain rutin, a compound that recent animal research finds may help activate metabolismstoking brown fat. The powdered versions are perfect for your a.m. smoothie. They have sky-high levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins, which protect your heart and encourage…

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style right now

Crush it in velvet It’s the latest fashion-meets-fitness fabric that you can actually work up a sweat in. Luxe velvet has been masterminded into a lightweight, technical material thanks to London-based activewear brand SukiShufu, whose high-design pieces are every bit as stretchy and moisture-wicking as your usual tops and tights. Balance out stunners like this Leopard + Yellow Racer Back($113, sukishufu.com) with your neutral Lycra for a fierce and motivating look. Smart watches go stealth Don’t be fooled by their elegant faces. These classics are actually activity trackers, monitoring your every move—steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep quality. They even let you control your music and get tech notifications . Opt for the arm candy that suits your style, and don’t be afraid to clock some HIIT in it. Get a charge outta this Tassels…