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Shape March 2019

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shape digital

Find Your Buddy Science says a friend can help you go the extra mile, so learn how to pick your ideal workout pal at shape.com/fitnessfriends. Love Your Spandex This just in: supercute new styles from Shape activewear. Get your workout look ready for spring at shapeactivewear.com. Now Rock This Bike shorts are taking over street style. Pros show you how to dress them up or down at shape.com/bikeshorts. Power-Up Plants A Buddha bowl with almond-turmeric aioli? Yum. Try all the quickie vegetarian lunch recipes at http://shape.com/lunchbowls. LOOKS THAT LAST See trainer Massy Arias’s go-to picks for waterproof beauty at shape.com/massy. She’ll Take Manhattan Go behind the scenes as Rachel Brosnahan—star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel—slays in downtown New York City (where else?) for our cover shoot. Check out the video at shape.com/rachel. Left: Andrea Varani/Trunk Archive. Top right: Getty Images. Bottom right:…

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I’m the Goldilocks of lipsticks. Or I was one recent afternoon. I was inspired by the story on page 98, “The Beauty Dare.” In it, we asked 27 influential women and men to try one of three lipsticks for a day, all shades that were either outside their comfort zone or simply something they’d never worn before, and report back. The words they used to describe the experience? “Empowered,” “flattered,” and “confident.” I wanted to try the experiment myself. The three options (see details, below) were a periwinkle blue, a bright tangerine, and a deep purple. First up was the blue. I was a teenager in the Goth-y ’80s, so this would be my second tour of duty with this somewhat tricky hue. And tricky it was. One Shape editor said…

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next level living

1–Air of Sophistication The handwoven Floraiku rattan diffuser ($193, saksfifthavenue.com) feels at home in any space, whether luxe or laid-back. It elevates the ambience with scents like green tea, mimosa, and smoked wood—choose one that suits your mood. 2–Jeans for Generosity Buzzy Aussie brand Outland Denim delivers on its purpose of improving the lives of women with quality products, like these Harriet jeans ($195, outlanddenim.com), and a charity initiative. With each purchase, Outland provides jobs to survivors of sex trafficking and women at risk of falling into poverty in Cambodia. 3–High-Minded Mist The new Love Beauty and Planet Hair Spray ($7, lovebeautyandplanet.com) is infused with coconut milk to nourish your style as you set it. Plus, it’s powered by compressed air—not aerosol propellants that cause greenhouse gases—so Mother Nature gets to keep her lush do,…

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change makers

The season is shifting, and now, so is your nail polish. Hold your hand one way, and your lacquer is lilac, teal, or copper; rotate it a bit, and you’ll reveal periwinkle, gold, pink . . . These new iridescent shades are like optical illusions. “It’s all about your perspective,” says celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec (@julieknailsnyc), who recommends wearing the same polish on every nail for the most sophisticated effect. Try Essie nail polish in Tiers of Joy (shown on our model) or Reign Check, a metallic teal and dark green mix ($9 each, essie.com). Or discover flecks of plum and gold in Sally Hansen Mega Strength in Small But Mighty ($6, drugstores). Styling by Rachel Stickley/BA-Reps.com; manicure by Tatyana Molot/ABTP.com…

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staying power

“Makeup helps us express ourselves,” says celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, whose Instagram feed (@rachelgoodwinmakeup) inspires women to do just that. “I’m not into showing you how to look perfect. To me, that’s boring and can chip away at our self-esteem. Instead, I want to help you create personas that empower you. ”Of course, after inspiration strikes (and the images on these pages will help that happen), you’ll want your work to stay put. “The latest makeup is made for that,” Goodwin says. “It’s blendable, buildable, and yet so long-lasting. You simply can’t screw up.” Get after it. Sunset Eyes Vibrant pink eyeliner with an orange-red eye shadow is an uncommon pairing that works “because it’s a mix of cool and warm tones,” makeup artist Vincent Oquendo says. “They complement each other,…

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spot on

Acne patches are the hottest Korean beauty import, and now a bunch of brands are coming out with their own versions. The latest have been shown to significantly reduce the inflammation, redness, and sebum levels of a pimple—sometimes as quickly as overnight. Here’s how they work. “Acne creams can’t always get to the source of the problem. These micro darts infiltrate your zit to zap it faster.” BETTER THAN A TYPICAL BANDAGE Many acne patches are made of a material called hydrocolloid, a substance composed of gel forming agents like or pectin. “Hydrocolloid feels and acts like a layer of skin,” says Kaplan-says. Once it’s applied, the clear, matte oval stays in place (even in the shower) and absorbs fluid, namely the gunk inside your pimple. “That’s why a hydrocolloid patch is ideal…