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Shape April 2019

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shape digital

Have Great Sets Strength training is key, and we wrote the (glossy) book on how to do it effectively: Get Shape’s just-published The New Science of Strong for all the workouts and tips. ($13; amazon.com) The Hot Beauty Booster Derived from a flower grown in Europe and Morocco, blue tansy oil is getting buzz for its potential to calm inflammation and reduce redness. Learn how to work it into your skin care at shape.com/bluetansy. Meet Our Cover Star See Leighton Meester bring it in fun, boho styles at our photo shoot in sunny SoCal. Watch the behind-the-scenes video at shape.com/leighton. Better-Body Alchemy Can biohacking lead to wellness gains? Get the basics behind tweaking your body chemistry at shape.com/biohacking. A BRAND-NEW BOWL Find out why people are adding bone broth to their smoothie bowls. Details at shape.com/bonebrothsmoothies. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO…

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it happened on a summer afternoon…

I was in a meeting to discuss the 2019 Shape Women’s Half-Marathon. This race is one of my favorite events, taking place on a (usually) beautiful early spring day. For the last four years, I’ve been the host. I give an opening speech, thank our sponsors and partners, and encourage the runners, all 8,658 of them in 2018. Later, I stand by the finish line waiting for the winner (last year it was Askale Merachi, who finished the 13.1-mile race in an astonishing 1:15:18). Between start and finish, I drink coffee, chat with colleagues, and do some promotional videos. In other words, I stand around. Back to that August meeting. As we were talking plans and protocols, my mouth leaped ahead of my brain, and I suddenly blurted out that this…

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next level living

1–Marks the Spot All those little areas that entice with a dab of perfume—wrists, cleavage, back of neck, behind the ears? Now you can pinpoint them easily on the go. Draw on Mugler’s Perfuming Pens ($24 each, muglerusa.com) in one of the brand’s signature scents: Angel, Alien, and Aura. The retractable wax stick melts into skin upon contact and, since it’s alcohol-free, your fragrance stays put all day. 2–Runway Backpacks We’re on board with the adult-backpack trend, which lets you go hands-free. Practicality aside, the modern structure, color pops, and polished canvas fabric make the Coach 1941 Rivington Backpack ($650, similar styles at coach.com) worth the splurge as a travel-friendly bag or commuter satchel that preserves your style cred. 3–Do a Tiny Touch-Up About the size of a playing card, this mini makeup kit will…

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bright now

This spring’s pastel trend (as seen on the Marc Jacobs runway) is dramatic, eye-catching, beautiful—and as temporary as you want it to be. “The fear of changing color is gone,” says Redken global color creative director Josh Wood. Semipermanent dyes (like pro fave Redken Shades EQ pastels; redken.com for salons) are much less damaging than they used to be, so it’s easier to make a major hue change that disappears in four to six weeks while also leaving your hair soft. And new tinted gel-creams (like L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup in Hot Pink; $8, drugstores) that contain makeup pigment instead of dye wash out with one shampoo. Apply directly to hair with your fingers for a pretty pink wash.…

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what makes you pretty happy? claire olshan

In Claire Olshan’s opinion, everything in life should bring a dose of pretty and joy, from your beauty routine to the snacks you eat. “I don’t believe you can have it all, but I do believe you can have happiness no matter what you do,” she says. “Every minute of every day is a choice, and that choice is yours.” This outlook has spurred Olshan to make some bold moves: She built her ideal fashion house—a New York City boutique of her curated luxury style picks called Fivestory—and created an artfully designed health-food snack line called Dada Daily. “I’m very aesthetically minded,” Olshan says. “I thought, Why can’t we elevate snacks and make them beautiful? So that was my goal.” And they had to be packed with superfoods to make…

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beauty gone wild

For Kendra Kolb Butler, it began not so much with a vision as with a view. The beauty industry veteran, who had relocated to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, from New York City, had a eureka moment sitting on her porch one day. She was pondering why so many of the women who shopped in her boutique, Alpyn Beauty Bar, suffered from skin issues—dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and sensitivity—that couldn’t be solved by any of the products she sold. “I was looking out at the purple flowers growing on the mountains, and I wondered, How have they been able to adapt to harsh elements like low humidity, high altitude, and extreme sun? Is there something that makes these plants more resilient that might make skin stronger too?” Looking for answers to these questions, she began…