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Shape May 2019

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shape digital

SHOP FOR SUMMER LEGGINGS Patterns, all-black, high-rise: You name it, you’ll find your style at shape.com/lighttights. Go Behind the Scenes Crash our Beverly Hills photo shoot with cover star Danai Gurira and hear what she had to say poolside at shape.com/danai. Wink, Wink! Check out our guide to the best low-fuss options for false lashes at shape.com/magneticlashes. THE TIME-CRUNCH WORKOUT Get inspired into your spandex: Eight crazy-busy women share their hacks for fitting in exercise at shape.com/fititin. Clickable Contraception No ob-gyn near you? No worries. Apps can connect you virtually with a medical team and deliver your prescription. Find them at shape.com/bcdelivery. Hough: Backgrid. Lashes: Yasu + Junko. Jump rope: Claire Benoist…

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what makes me pretty happy?

I don’t typically play favorites. Every story and column (and word and image and product) you see in this magazine has my stamp of approval because, well, that’s my job! But I will admit that the regular feature in our Be Waterproof section “What Makes You Pretty Happy?” does have a special place in my heart. I love how it celebrates the little things that add happiness hits to your everyday. Those personal totems may be small, but they’re so important. Case in point: I jumped into the water in shorts and a T-shirt to rescue my favorite sunscreen (below left) on a recent vacation. Here are a few more things that make me pretty happy—I hope you’ll find some pretty happy ideas in this issue for you too.…

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next level living

1–The New Weight Machine No more counting reps—the digital Jaxjox KettlebellConnect ($349, jaxjox.com) does it for you as you lift, curl, press, and swing. Just punch into the base how heavy you want to hoist (from 12 to 42 pounds), and the bell locks in the right number of mini weight plates within. When you’re done, use the Jaxjox app to check your sets, workout and rest times, and total pounds lifted. 2–Lid Up The rise in bike-share programs has been heart- and earth-friendly but not a boon for noggins, it seems. An analysis from the University of Washington finds that only 20 percent of bike-share riders in Seattle wear helmets, compared with 91 percent of cyclists with their own bikes. To make the helmet schlep breezy and stylish, opt for one from…

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the new moves

In the sun-protection constitution, we hold these truths to be self-evident: that everyone should wear broad-spectrum sunscreen on their face, neck, chest, and hands every day; that you need to reapply it every two hours when outdoors; and that whatever you do to shield your skin from direct sunlight is a good thing. These principles are common knowledge—as is the startling stat that UV exposure is linked to about 90 percent of skin cancer cases and nearly every form of skin aging. We go for a run sheathed in SPF 50, a wide-brimmed hat firmly in place, charting a path in the shade, confident that we’re taking every precaution to guard ourselves from the sun. Turns out, that’s just the half of it. While experts say we’ve come a long way…

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hair care that helps the planet

IT’S EASIER THAN EVER to recycle packaging, support sustainable ingredient sourcing, and get great hair all at once. “We now have incredible options available with innovative, recyclable, even chic-looking packaging and effective, earth-friendly formulas—you simply have to choose them,” says Shane Wolf, the founder of Seed Phytonutrients, a beauty brand that comes in compostable paper-covered bottles with a packet of heirloom herb seeds to plant. “Then, of course, use every last bit of what you buy before stocking up on more, and recycle or compost the containers.” For more excellent eco essentials, turn the page.…

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emily wickersham

I’m at my most beautiful when I’m really taking care of myself,” says Emily Wickersham—or special agent Ellie Bishop, as you may know her. “And for me, that means focusing on both my mental and physical states.” To do that, she makes meditation her top well-being priority. “I’m a huge fan of the Calm app,” she says. Even on the busiest and longest days, Wickersham finds at least 10 minutes to get to that Zen zone. “I’ve meditated while standing in line to board a plane; it helps so much with the anxiety I have in that moment,” she says. “In general, carving out this time for myself makes a world of difference in how I feel. And that, of course, affects how I look.” Hitting the tennis court helps too.…