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Shape June 2019

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shape digital

SHOES TO LIFT BY Our experts pick the best strength training shoes for CrossFit and more at shape.com/strengthshoes. Lights, Camera, Anne! Go behind the scenes with our cover star. See the video at shape.com/anne. bring the HEAT Discover the tools to detangle, straighten, and create shine in one go at shape.com/straighteningbrushes. PLAY BALL FOR STRONG ABS A stability ball is a secret weapon that adds an ab-firming challenge to core moves. Follow our circuit at shape.com/stabilityball to see the difference it can make. Eat the Blue Zone It’s been called the healthiest diet out there. Get 50 (yes, 50) of our favorite Mediterranean-inspired recipes at shape.com/mediterraneanmeals.…

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editor’s letter

I thought I was skin smart I’m referring to one of my favorite columns in Shape. I’m skin obsessed—I read everything skin related that I can get my hands on. I’d say I have my dermatologist on speed dial if speed dial were still a thing. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I went to bed without cleansing, moisturizing, and undereye-cream dabbing. So I thought I knew a lot on the subject, but this issue—the skin issue—was a revelation. The excellent, multifaceted reporting has both surprised and educated me. And I’m sure the issue will do the same for you. Here are a few of my favorite takeaways. This is a great month to focus on skin-care self-care, and that’s my plan. For the entire month of June, I’ll be posting…

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next level living

The Essence of SoCal Spritz on one of Louis Vuitton’s citrusy new Les Colognes (starting at $250, louisvuitton.com) to evoke the endless summer of the West Coast. The unisex scents—in Cactus Garden, Afternoon Swim, and Sun Song—are love letters to vacation days that you and your honey can both share long after the last umbrella drink. 2—Meals to Make You Look and Feel Good Spoiler alert: The new Eat Clean, Play Dirty cookbook ($30, sakaralife.com) gives away the recipe to the beloved secret sauce used by Sakara Life (a delivery service for healthy food and beauty products), plus cofounder Whitney Tingle’s personal healthy eating playbook. Sakara Life recipes work in key nutrients to help you glow from the inside out. 3—High-Beam Skin on a Budget Wallets, rejoice: Inkey List skin-care products are now at sephora.com, each…

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makeup that’s good for you

Eyes Some synthetic ingredients are clean and safe. “We use only those that are sustainably sourced and that have safety data to support them,” says Vicki Geiger, a senior director of research and development at Physicians Formula. One example: the synthetic mica in the rainbow of clean eye shadow and glitters available now (although it’s created in a lab, it’s made of natural minerals, not the microplastics that end up in our oceans). Synthetic mica is often paired with recently discovered plant-based film formers, which help an eye shadow glide on thinly and stay in place—and can also offer skin-smoothing and firming benefits. HUE KNEW “There’s no limit to the colors we can create cleanly.”—Sheena Yaitanes, founder of Kosas Lips Formulating clean makeup is rule breaking, disruptive—and worthwhile. “The sensorial experience of swiping on and…

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your scalp is skin

The skin of your scalp regenerates and reacts to aggressors (product buildup, the environment) just as the skin on your body does, says David Adams, a trichologist and colorist and the co-owner of Fourteenjay salon in New York City. Although most of us cleanse and moisturize our faces at least once a day, we do the same for our scalp much less often. This neglect can cost us. As regular cleansing and conditioning decreases, flakiness, excess oil, and even hair loss can increase, Adams says. While relying on dry shampoo for a week is tempting, it pays to prioritize your scalp-care routine. STEP ONE: SHAMPOO REGULARLY And by that we mean at least two to three times a week. “If you don’t cleanse often enough, fungus can grow at the hair follicle,”…

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just add h2o

They’re Pure Many skin-care products are up to 70 percent water, says Carrington Snyder, founder of new skin-care brand PWDR. But a formula that contains water generally also needs preservatives (to prevent bacteria from growing) and emulsifiers (to keep everything mixed together). “I wanted to create something that didn’t rely on those, so I thought, Let’s just get rid of the water,” Snyder says. “By doing so, all that’s left are ingredients there to help skin, like hyaluronic acid and peptides.” Find them in PWDR Treatment Serum ($110, pwdrskin.com). They’re Sustainable Because these dry formulas don’t have water, emulsifiers, and harsh preservatives (ingredients that can be environmentally toxic), they often come in small packages and take a long time to use up. “My serum can expand up to 10 times its weight once…