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Shape July/August 2019

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shape digital

ARM CANDY GALORE Find out which 15 gym bags made our editors’ most-coveted list at shape.com/gymbags. Then shop away! Meet Our Cover Star Catch the summer vibes at our SoCal photo shoot with It girl Dakota Fanning—go behind the scenes at shape.com/dakota. BIG HIIT, LOW IMPACT You asked us for HIIT that’s easy on the joints, so we delivered. Watch trainer Hannah Davis demo a killer low-impact circuit at shape.com/powercircuit. A FRESH GREEN FOR SUMMER Nutrient-packed kiwifruit is more deliciously versatile than ever, thanks to the 10 creative takes at shape.com/kiwirecipes. Sleeping Beauties From soothing scents to soft sheets, the key products at shape.com/bestsleep are made to lull you into sweet z’s.…

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editor’s letter

Your Body, Redefined AS FAR AS TRIGGER WORDS GO, body is a biggie. The terms it’s often paired with—think positivity or the dreaded bikini—tend to spark strong feelings, both good and bad. Instead, let’s focus on body in its own right. What comes to mind? Maybe it’s the anatomical aspects—organs, bones, muscles, and joints. Or simply the image of yours as it moves and navigates through space. The point is, by untethering any judgments attached to the word, you can redefine what your body means to you—and harness its full potential. To help you do that, we’ve dedicated this issue to the body. We’re introducing new sections and features that support your full-body health and wellness journey, so you can be the best version of yourself that you want to be. On page 17,…

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the body shop

SHOP THIS SECTION! Turn the page to find out how The New Sunblock Whether by seashore or via Instagram, you’ve likely noticed visors with a welder’s-mask effect and thought, Really? Yes, really! “Truth: These can protect your skin from skin cancer,” says derm Ellen Marmur, M.D., a Shape Brain Trust member. “Worn up, they are an XL visor. Flipped down, they protect your face and cool your skin.” Dr. Marmur swears by these Bluestone Sunshields ($38 each, bluestonesunshields.com). TIME TO CHILL It may look low-tech, but this Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ($200, amazon.com/shop/shape) acts like your own personal health coach, continuously tracking your heart rate, calorie burn, and blood pressure (via the My BP Lab app). Tap the built-in breathing exercises to de-stress, and swap out the customizable watch faces to suit your style or…

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golden hour skin

THE LAST hour of the sun setting in the evening is straight-up magic for your complexion. “You get a dewiness from the reflection, a pinky cast from the sunset, and a golden tone from the subdued sun,” says makeup artist and Elemis glow expert Katie Jane Hughes. But the moment is fleeting, so re-create this flattering filter with a few easy skin-care and makeup steps. In fact, simplicity is key here: “What’s so beautiful about this look is that it celebrates skin—you can see pores and freckles, not cakey makeup. It’s casual and real,” says makeup artist Nick Barose. Create a Dewy Reflection There’s a fine line between glowy and sweaty: Your skin-care selections will help you find the sweet spot. To get the glow, limit washing your face to one time…

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good lighting

LED THERAPY for issues like wrinkles and acne is making dermatologists very excited. The light-emitting-diode treatments are nonaggressive, so you can see improvement without any downtime. Plus, the emergence of high-tech, at-home devices that are effective makes the power of light accessible to anyone. “We are beginning to realize that skin treatments don’t need to be harsh to achieve real, lasting results,” says Shape Brain Trust member Ellen Marmur, M.D., a dermatologist in New York who is at the forefront of LED therapy. “In addition, LEDs don’t trigger inflammation. In fact, some LED lights quell it. And we now know inflammation can accelerate skin aging.” The benefits don’t stop there. “LED is a game changer because it communicates with the skin in a way that’s different from typical skin-care serums and…

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dealing with cellulite

Nearly 90 percent of women have cellulite, so we are well aware that it typically appears on our thighs, hips, and buttocks. But what exactly is it? “Even thin women have cellulite, so it’s not just a matter of how much fat you have,” says Jeremy Brauer, M.D., a dermatologist in New York and a clinical associate professor at NYU Langone Health. Cellulite is caused by the fibrous bands that run through the fat. When they become tight, they pull down on the skin and pockets of fat push through them, creating a dimpled or rippled appearance. Genetics influences much of this. “But age and hormonal changes can cause cellulite to look worse from loss of skin elasticity, changes in the fibrous bands or fat-cell chambers, poor blood flow, and…