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Shape November 2019

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shape digital

DIY SHINE FOR YOUR HAIR Check out shape.com/keratintreatments for our roundup of amazing at-home products to give you glossy locks so you can skip the salon trip. DO THIS WEIGHT-MACHINE CIRCUIT Which ones are worth your reps? We’ll give you all the right moves at shape.com/gymmachines. DECODE YOUR GYM LOOK See the motivating stories of the female activewear entrepreneurs behind your favorite spandex. Get inspired at shape.com/activewearbosses. On model: Celestine the Tie-Dye sports bra ($78) and Takara leggings ($109, carbon38.com). GET UP CLOSE WITH GWEN We did, and it was fabulous.Go behind the scenes of our cover shoot with pop icon Gwen Stefani at shape.com/gwen. On Stefani: Emporio Armani dress ($3,595, armani.com). HIGH PROTEIN, HOLD THE MEAT That’s not a burger on that bun, but it’s packed with just as much protein. Get our pumped-up vegan meal ideas at…

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editor’s letter

TECH IN REAL LIFE Technology has surely changed the way we get—and stay—well. But the sheer scope and evolving nature of it can be dizzying. As we sort through all the health and wellness technology that comes across our desks and screens here at Shape, our responses are constantly vacillating between “That’s AMAZING,” and “Too much work, not enough payoff.” It’s that gap between tech and real life that prompted us to introduce our first-ever Shape Tech Awards, starting on page 17, to help you weed through the densely cluttered market. Our mission was to hunt down the stuff we would actually use ourselves. Because to me, it’s not simply the wow factor of technological innovations that’s so thrilling, but the way they propel and support our real daily get-healthy/stay-healthy efforts. In…

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2019 shape tech awards

Slip On, Zen Out Meditative bliss still eluding you? The Muse 2 head-band ($250, amazon.com/shop/shape) uses real-time feedback from your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to let you know when you’re in the om zone. Dulcet nature sounds will waft through your headphones as you’re tuned in to a guided meditation from the com-panion app. If your thoughts drift, you’ll hear a storm brewing, signaling you to redirect your attention. SHOP IT! Click here to shop products on these pages. Flip It Like Phelps You’ll feel like Mike in these augmented-reality Form Swim Goggles ($200, formswim.com) as you race the clock that’s visible in your left or right eyepiece. The smart goggles track elapsed time, lap split times, stroke rate, and more, displaying the key metrics you choose. Plus, they automatically sense…

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curated color

In a case of art imitating nature, this moody bluish-gray lacquer resembles the sky during a fall thunderstorm, while the sweet peachy pink is the color of the sky the morning after. The duo is part of a new range of nail polish pairings from Paintbox, a nail-art studio in New York City that has spent years refining fresh, modern color mash-ups. To paint yourself: Apply two coats of your base shade, let dry, then use nail-striping tape to block off square patterns in different sizes; fill the centers with your accent color. Remove tape when polish is set.…

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proactive beauty

Keeps for 6 Weeks TRY LASH EXTENSIONS Longer and fuller eyelashes make a surprisingly profound difference in your look. “Extensions can lift and open your eyes so well that many clients skip eye makeup altogether,” says celeb lash expert Clementina Richardson. (Price ranges from $100 to $500.) You’ll need to keep your eyes closed throughout the one- to two-hour process. “We carefully apply individual lashes to your natural lashes with semipermanent glue, customizing them to your particular eye shape,” Richardson says. Afterward, avoid wetting lashes for 48 hours, and steer clear of oil-based products, which loosen the glue. Do apply a lash conditioner nightly to keep them strong. Gorgeous for 6 Months GET SEMIPERMANENT WAVES OR VOLUME The word perm brings to mind scary images of tight ’80s curls, but the new “wave perm” is…

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ashley streicher

I spent a lot of time outdoors while growing up in Northern California. Looking pretty wasn’t even in my wheelhouse,” says Ashley Streicher, a celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles and a Shape Brain Trust member. Eventually, though, Streicher became interested in what makes people look and feel their best. “I especially loved doing hair because it was artistic and creative,” she says. Nature is still incredibly important to Streicher, inspiring her aesthetic and helping her feel confident and optimistic. “I make time to be outside regularly, and I especially love to hike,” she says. “Once I get in the mental zone, I will keep at it all day. It brings me so much clarity, balance, and joy.” Besides the L.A. hills, which are practically at her doorstep, she has traveled as…