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Shape December 2019

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shape digital

IT’S TIME TO REVISIT QUINOA The protein-packed grain gets a delicious makeover with 20 creative interpretations at shape.com/quinoarecipes. GYM LOOKS & CORE MOVES THAT ROCK Shop the latest matching sets we’re loving from some of our favorite activewear brands at shape.com/spandexsets. Pair them with a strong core for flyest effect: Head to shape.com/abswithoutcrunches to discover abdominal-strengthening moves you might not be doing but should. BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG APPLE Crash our New York City cover shoot with Katie Holmes, as we dodged raindrops atop a skyscraper to capture the glam look beneath this bathrobe. Get the scoop from the star herself at shape.com/katie. THE NEW ECO SHAMPOOS No liquids here—shampoo bars are becoming fast favorites for their sulfate-free formulas and environmentally conscious packaging. We’ve rounded up the best at shape.com/ecoshampoo. Be proactive about protecting your liver: Check out shape.com/fattyliverdisease…

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editor’s letter

WHAT WE’RE TAKING INTO 2020 As we wrap up 2019, I’m certainly looking ahead. But so much of the amazing wellness content we created at Shape this past year is coming with me, and the rest of the staff has the same plan. Below, a snapshot of some of our greatest healthy-living hits of the last 12 months. Enjoy! FULL-FACE SUNSHIELDS Sure, these Bluestone Sunshields ($38, bluestonesunshields.com) look like welder’s masks, but we’re cool with that—and so is our skin. FRESH WORKOUTS Boxing delivers a one-two punch of physical and mental health benefits. We’ll hit the bag and go to Shape Studio online for more cool workouts. COZY COCKTAILS We’ll warm up with rum, ginger syrup, and Chinese five-spice bitters in the Use Your Illusion cocktail (from the Balboa Bay Resort in California). SERIOUS CITRUS Yuzu for the win—the…

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gift guide

BOOT UP The plush nylon exterior of Michael Michael Kors Zadie Moon boots ($215, michaelkors.com) are waterproof and insulated, and the platform heels add a little edge and lift above the slush. But all they’ll say when they unwrap it is, “Hello, Gorgeous!” SHOP IT! Click here to shop these products. PAGE-TURNERS Coffee table books are perennially a nice touch, especially when they hit on a passion. Foodies will love The Whole Fish Cookbook ($28), gills and all. Travelers will escape into Assouline Destination books ($85 each), and Hollywood-philes will fall for The Autograph Book of L.A. ($45). Shop one or all at amazon.com/shop/shape. SIGNATURE SCENT For the free spirit in search of a mood-boosting fragrance, match a vial of EO Organic Jojoba Oil ($16, eoproducts.com) with her favorite EO Essential Oils, like calming lavender, refreshing…

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deep-sea skin care

A nutrient powerhouse As seaweed floats through the ocean, it absorbs the vitamins and minerals in the water. “As a result, seaweed becomes a dense concentration of those vitamins and minerals, as well as phytohormones and amino acids,” says Lydia Sarfati, the founder and CEO of seaweed-based skin-care brand Repêchage. All these attributes make it an incredibly promising and potent skin-care ingredient. It’s also worth noting that human plasma and seawater are chemically alike. “Because of this, seaweed has a great bioaffinity to the skin, perhaps greater than any other natural ingredient,” Sarfati says. A sea of skin benefits There are tens of thousands of seaweed varieties. Depending where they grow and what minerals are in the water, the extracts can be rich in everything from antioxidants like skin-brightening vitamin C to a…

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bring the heat

A new crop of fragrances contains notes that could easily be in a drink you’d sip by the fire—cloves, pumpkin, chai, rum, ginger—“these scents are warming and enveloping,” says perfumer Marie Salamagne, whose Whispers in the Library fragrance is a blend of pepper and vanilla. Alongside rich spices are smoky notes “that create a sense of balance and calm,” says Francisco Costa, the founder of Costa Brazil and creator of the lightable resin shown here. The end result: harmonic aromas that make you feel content and toasty.…

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whoa, volume!

The bigger the hair, the bigger the confidence, we say. Hairstylist Devin Rahal agrees: “Adding volume is like power posing—you’ll take up more space in a crowded party scene.” Here’s how to get bombshell body without the salon visit. CONDITION STRATEGICALLY “Using too much conditioner can weigh the hair down and make it feel greasy,” Rahal says. For fine to medium strands, start with a dime-size amount and apply only to your ends. For curly or textured hair, work roughly a quarter-size dollop of conditioner throughout strands before rinsing. BOOST ROOTS Volume begins at the follicle, says celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess, the founder of the eponymous hair-product collection. Apply a root-lifting mousse close to the scalp on towel-dried hair. “The formula works its way to the ends as you blow-dry,” she says. Once hair…