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Shape January - February 2017

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SCAN TO SEE WHAT’S TRENDING! Download the free Love My Shape app and scan the page. Be your personal best You’ve got a New Year’s resolution or two; we’re here 24-7 to help you with the goal rush. Firm up, slim down, run faster, or lift stronger— whatever your aim, find the fresh tools to hit your target on shape.com/personalbest. This month, follow the body turnaround program by trainer Anna Victoria or our 30-day healthy eating plan to shape up your plate. Share your progress for extra stick-with-it support using #mypersonalbest, and tag us at @shape. Lace up with the A-list Want to boot camp it like your favorite celebs? We tapped Jeannette Jenkins, “the Hollywood Trainer,” to share her go-to moves every #FitnessFriday! Follow us on Instagram at @fitnessmagazine for a weekly butt…

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Last spring, Shape launched a new campaign to body confidence and per- encourage and celebrate lled it Love My Shape, and we sonal positivity. We called ord—in this magazine, online, began to spread the word—in tandem with our charity through social media, in tanderm with our charity partner movemeant foundation –that when you take care of your self, you feel good about yourself , and that’s what shape is all about. When I took over this brand three year ago, it was often associated with helping women achieve the so-called bikini body. On a practical and personal level,this made no sense to me. Who can definitively say what a bikini body looks like? While Shape will always be about health, fitness, and reaching goals, the way we approach these topics has…

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IN THE FLOW Once you get a rhythm down for going to the gym, the workout you opt for is up to you. Finally, scientists have discovered a key to making that exercise habit stick: choosing one cue to get you going, according to new research in the journal Health Psychology. In the study, the thing that predicted a person’s success in maintaining a fitness routine was locking in a consistent signal for when it was time to lace up —like, say, pegging your run to the first thing you do after reading the morning news. Even if your class of choice constantly varies (yoga today, CrossFit tomorrow), or if your start time isn’t precise and relies on something like seeing the last person in your family exit the front door…

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beauty right now

Pick-up sticks This will make thirsty lips smile: H20+ Oasis Lip Gels ($12, h2oplus.com) glide right over chapped areas to deliver the moisture of a balm with the shine of a gloss. All five shades are supersheer, so they’re extremely wearable—even the blue, which goes on clear and helps make teeth look high-beam. SPOT ON Witness the latest way to even out your complexion. Place Patchology Power Patch Dark Spot Correctors ($60, neimanmarcus.com) on your spots at bedtime; copper and zinc filaments create a microcurrent to help drive lightening ingredients (such as retinol and niacinamide) in your skin. In the morning, remov the patches and apply the included gel. Get ready to look on the bright side in as little as two weeks. INHALE, EXHALE A whiff of Armani Privé Iris Céladon ($270, giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com)…

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nutrition right now

Sweet tarts The latest brews shaking up the beverage aisle come spiked with fermented cider vinegar to give you a health hit—the unlikely mixer may help control blood sugar and combat ab fat. We love Suja’s Drinking Vinegars, which combine the vinegar with probiotics and organic juice—all for 20 to 30 calories per bottle and in delicious flavors like peach ginger, cucumber ginger, strawberry balsamic, hibiscus ancho chile, and lemon cayenne. The midday munchies, explained It’s tough enough to resist temptation, and now we’re discovering we may be secretly brainwashing ourselves to cave in to that 3 p.m. cupcake. Researchers found that in the morning, women associated unhealthy food with negative words like disease, but by the afternoon, they began to associate it with positive ones like peaceor friend, perhaps because it’s…

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style right now

NEW HEIGHTS For barefoot classes, knot the bow at your ankles to visually elongate your legs. A sexy twist on leggings Looking for a sophisticated way to upgrade your basic leggings? Take a break from prints, and opt for statement ankle details instead. The graceful latticework elevates a monochromatic ensemble and subtly highlights your strong calves. Standout styles are available from Shape Activewear (like the Plié leggings shown here, $68, shapeactive.com), Manduka, and Beyond Yoga. Say goodbye to the tie Nothing can beat the easy chic of a sneaker, especially when you don’t even need to lace up. The latest slip-on designs—like (from left to right) the Puma Fierce KRM shoe ($100, puma.com), Adidas strappy Pure BoostX ($120, adidas.com), and Nike’s futuristic Free Connect ($100, nike.com)—will raise your street style game with zero fuss. Double…