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Take a breather August 15 is National Relaxation Day, and this year, we’ll make sure you get your ahs’ worth. Head to shape.com/selfcare for our best mind and body pampering tips—hammock optional. YOU’RE INVITED! The #ShapeSquad is sweat-testing the buzziest new workouts around—playground circuits, hip-hop hot yoga, and everything in between. Click shape.com/facebookvideos to drop in for a sneak peek and steal some go-to moves. 2.7 million Number of Facebook views of our Smoothie Pops videos. Chocolateavocado, honeydew-kiwi, almondcherry, and more—these DIY frozen smoothie pops are the perfect healthy breakfast, quick snack, or dessert on a sticky day. All the cinchy recipes are at fitnessmagazine.com/smoothiepops. Summerof #LoveMyShape What’s got our cover star, Lily Collins, beaming? Catch her shout-out to body positivity on Instagram, and add your own selfie to the movement using the hashtag #LoveMyShape. SCAN TO SEE…

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BE MORE MINDFUL and you’ll become more likely to pick up healthy habits. In a University of Pennsylvania study, people who scored higher on a scale of mindful- ness were better about adopting fit- ness advice than those less attuned to the moment. How to get more in touch? “Easy—anything you’re doing, do with awareness,” says Khajak Keledjian, the founder of Inscape meditation studio in New York City. That means put your cell away on vacay and really soak up the beach experience. When you eat, make sure to sit down and shut out distractions Blike TV and tech devices. Devote your B full attention to the person you’re talking to instead of letting your mind wander. Make a deliberate effort, and soon it will happen naturally.…

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A TRUE JUICE CLEANSE Consider Fytt HitRestart Detoxifying Body Scrub Treatment ($54, fyttbeauty .com) your new go-to green concoction. Massage it into your body from the neck down two to three times a week to detoxify skin with nutritious kale, antioxidantladen spinach, antiinflammatory cucumber, energizing spirulina, and exfoliating flaxseed. BERRY PRETTY The fruity hues in Nails Inc Acai Bowl Nail Polish Collection ($25, sephora .com) are fashion-forward, and they also put your favorite superfoods right at your fingertips. Each bottle boasts protein-rich ingredients, like goji and chia, to keep nails healthy— even through copious dips in the pool. NUTS ABOUT THIS BASE Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer ($44, sephora.com) packs practically every vitamin-rich shred of the coconut into a hydrating sealant that keeps your makeup creaseless in the heat. Smooth one pump onto…

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Max out avo season Think outside the guac and use these versatile nutrient powerhouses for no-bake summer sweets like this homemade “Nutella” adapted from Lucy Jessop, author of The oodness of Avocadocookbook. Toast . cup blanched hazelnuts and pulse in a food processor until they turn to a paste. Then add 1 diced avocado, . teaspoon pure vanilla extract, 1?3 cup sifted unsweetened cocoa powder, . cup pure maple syrup, and a pinch of sea salt and process until smooth. Eat it straight or spread on bread for a new spin on avocado toast. LIKE A VIRGIN? It’s tough to tell if your olive oil is truly extra-virgin, and that’s why watchdog group ConsumerLab.com recently put 10 popular brands to the test: to make sure they weren’t cut with cheaper oils.(According to the…

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The modern mini Rising temperatures are the best excuse to pare down to polished performance shorts and show off the legwork you’ve been putting in all year. Battle the humidity in Michi’s Flash Short ($105, michiny.com)—it’s constructed of moistureting y moisturebeen wicking techie fabric with a micromesh lining for superior airflow. You will not only feel cooler but also look the part. Lock and lift Lightweight metal cuffs by Miansai are designed to beautifully handle your drenchiest workout and whatever else—brunch, work, a night out— comes after. The sleek bracelets, made of precious metals ranging from sterling silver to solid gold, really stay put as you plank: The semicircle shape fits the curve of your forearm and locks into place with the turn of a screw or click of a bar clasp. Choose…

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How to slay Mondays Have sex the day before—it’s a great career move. In a survey of 159 married employees published in the Journal of Management,people reported feeling happier and more engaged with their jobs the entire day after having sex. “Dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with reward, and oxytocin, a hormone associated with love, are both active in your brain after sex,” says Keith Leavitt, Ph.D., the study’s lead author. “What our research showed is that you carry those mental benefits with you to work the next day.” Brush with a light touch Most people—a good 75 to 80 percent—brush their teeth too vigorously, says Giri Palani, D.D.S., a dentist in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. “Scrubbing hard to get your teeth clean will just cause your gums to recede and your enamel to…