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Shape June 2018

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shape digital

Meet Our Goal Getters Get in it to win it with our Goal Crushers Facebook group at shape.com/bestgroup. Post your progress, connect with Shape editors, and virtually hug it out with some pretty awesome members, like these: “If something gets the best of you, stand right back up and come at it 10 times stronger! And feel proud of all your victories—even the little ones.”—Olivia Alpert, 18, Calabasas, California“When you want to give up, don’t. Progress takes time! Push yourself past your fears. They are there not to scare you but to let you know what you’re after is worth it.”—Megan Muñoz, 26, Washington, D.C. Ban the Body Critics At Shape, we’re all about positivity, and we’re putting it out there against body shaming with our new #MindYourShape campaign. Watch influencers like trainers Anna…

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editor’s letter

It was a Tuesday afternoon last winter, and I didn’t want to go to the gym. My plan was to go to the gym—it said so in my Outlook calendar—but I was employing every procrastination technique known to womankind, including the mother of them all, mindlessly scrolling through social media. Fortunately, my pal and Shape Brain Trust member Adam Rosante—a highly skilled and knowledgeable coach, an author, and a seriously motivating guy—had just posted something on Instagram to the effect of “Get off your butt and go get some exercise.” It did the trick. I got up and grabbed my stuff, and as I walked the four short midtown Manhattan blocks to the gym, I sent him a quick text (see actual screenshot at left) saying as much. When I was…

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next level living

1. This Sushi Is Vegan No tuna here—that’s tomato (and a few other simple ingredients) transformed into an almost meaty morsel called Ahimi, by Ocean Hugger Foods. Thanks to the glutamic acid in tomatoes (also the source of the savory notes in meat), the result is a dupe for sushi-bar ahi. Although it’s not available packaged for rolling your own, you can try Ahimi in prefab sushi at Whole Foods. The right color play has such capacity to give bliss, like bathing in a warm glow. 2. Extrasensory Room Call it wallpaper with emotional intelligence. Designer Nanoleaf is known for its programmable LED light panels that turn walls into undulating hues that flow with your music (Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit, $230 for nine panels, nanoleaf.me). Coming this fall, even more sentient panels (seen here)…

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calm down your cleansing

That trendy “double cleanse”? Not so great for your skin. “Washing your face to the squeaky-clean point isn’t necessary unless you’re about to have a procedure like a chemical peel,” says Heidi A. Waldorf, M.D., of Waldorf Dermatology Aesthetics in Nanuet, New York. In fact, it can strip your skin of the proteins and lipids it needs to stay balanced. For most people, washing in the evenings with a mild cleanser (one that leaves the skin soft, not tight) is enough. The exceptions: If you have acne, work out in the morning, or use a retinoid at night, then add an a.m. wash. Some gentle picks: SkinCeuticals Replenishing Cleanser ($34, skinceuticals.com), St. Ives Cleansing Stick ($8 at drugstores), and Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser ($18, glossier.com).…

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the body glow

Don’t call it a tan—what we’re talking about is totally different from just creating a darker hue from a bottle. This look is healthy and radiant, and it works beautifully on all skin tones. You don’t look like a castaway, either (which is basically an admission that you’ve been practicing unsafe sun). “Your skin is even and exudes warmth while still looking like you,” says James Read, the owner of the eponymous self-tanner brand, adding that “it’s really all about the glow. The bronze cast is stripped back so it never overpowers your look.” To achieve that you will, however, need to start with self-tanner. But not the old-school versions—the latest formulas come as clear waters or gradual tan lotions and have dialed down the DHA (the ingredient that reacts with your…

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if you’re…

LOOKING LIT Highlighter, which comes in powders, creams, and oils, gives skin instant luminosity. FAIR Achieve a golden radiance Before you self-tan, apply a regular lotion to your knees, elbows, and feet to prevent the tint from being darker in those areas. Now spray James Read Coconut Water Tan Mist ($31, bluemercury.com) directly on your core and then your arms and legs. Give it a minute to dry; expect color within eight hours. Finish with… a highlighter. Swipe along your clavicles and down the front of your arms and legs. If you have pink undertones, try (1, above) Avon True Color Illuminating Stick in Rose Gold ($11, avon.com). Yellow undertones: Try (2) Avon True Color Moonlit Highlighting Powder in Topaz ($12) or (3) Givenchy African Light Bouncy Highlighter ($41, sephora.com). MEDIUM Get a richer, more…