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Shape May 2017

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HOW FIT ARE YOU? Find out in a few clicks. Go tofitness.com/strongquiz to see how your strength stacks up and tofitness.com/balancequiz for an eye-opening test of how balanced your body is. Use our pointers to improve, then come back for a rematch! to to te impro rema You’ve got this, we’ve got your back! Don’t goal it alone: Join with other #goalcrushers and post your progress on Shape’s Personal Best Facebook—head to shape.com/bestgroup and jump right in. We’ll be supplying 24/7 motivation and how-tos to get you to your better-body finish line. Show us some #LoveMyShape Cover star Rita Ora is all about her curves (read why, page 120). Let’s hear it for yours: Share your inspirational selfies on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #LoveMyShape. SCAN TO SEE WHAT’S TRENDING! Download the free Love My…

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note from elizabeth / own it!

There’s nothing better than that “own it” feeling—when you’ve crushed a new fitness goal, pulled together a dinner your friends can’t stop talking about, tried a new beauty look that got rave reviews (from your cube mate or your mirror, either works). That’s why I wanted to round up a collection of some of my favorite “own it” moments in this issue. 1/ Go conquer a rainy run, because the combo of wet and sweat is the ultimate natural high. 2/ Rita Ora is hotness in a hoodie: All hail this attitude idol. 3/“Just Do You” beauty is the best kind. Show your true colors for a serious happiness hit. 3/ 4/ Boxing with a side of yoga—because opposites attract and build the best healthy bodies. 5/ Yes! Disrupt a…

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flip your happy switch

Even if you’re the dark and stormy type, you can learn to be more sunny, says new science. What it takes is imagining yourself many years from now, after everything has gone as well as it poss- Eibly could and you’ve accomplished all your life goals. “Optimism is a way of thinking about the future, and we can change our thinking,” says John M. Malouff, Ph.D. After analyzing 29 different studies Ein which participants went through optimism training, Malouffand his colleagues found this visualization exercise produced a significantly greater perk-up than any other. “Picturing ourselves happy focuses our thinking on positive outcomes and leads us to plan how to achieve them,” says Malouff. Things are looking up already, right?…

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beauty right now

Take me away If you’re looking to be transported, sniffno farther than The Bloomsbury Set by Jo Malone London ($70 per scent, jomalone .com). Each fragrance captures a moment in a cozy Englishcountryside retreat, from strolling by a lush pond in Garden Lilies to reclining in a library of old books in Leather & Artemisia. Consider it your daily escape. Power wash You: fresh-faced and pimple-free. The mild but mighty combo of baking soda, a natural exfoliant, and small, smooth beads in Bioré Baking Soda Acne Scrub ($6, drugstores) gently scours your pores without overdrying or causing irritation. Pretty sketchy Here’s a beautiful way to get in on the adult coloring craze: Grab a lip crayon and use it to fill in your mouth for a vibrant, not-at-all-sticky tint with a touch of shine. The…

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nutrition right now

A taco like no other So that’s not pulled pork in there, it’s—get this—fruit. And yet it will totally satisfy your “meat” tooth. Unripe jackfruit—super-nutritious and it looks like a huge fig—has a meaty consistency and takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it in. “Steam or sauté it with tons of sauce and seasoning, and then stuffit in a taco or burrito,” says Eric Helms, the founder of Juice Generation, which makes a popular jackfruit taco and uses the ripe version in smoothies for its mango-banana flavor. Look for canned “green” jackfruit or buy it preseasoned from brands like The Jackfruit Company . Go organic-ishIf you haven’t seen the term “certified transitional” stamped on food yet, you will. g And it’s worth noting. The USDA now has a program to…

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style right now

Eye candy We’re loving how performance shades are be coming postworkout wearable. Exhibit A: These highly durable sunnies—disguised in posh tortoise shell frames and modern mirrored lenses—are polarized, shatter proof, and water-repellent. Whether you go with (left to right) the Shell ($146, marchon.com), ($199, revo ($319, mauijim. Nautica Tortoise Revo Barclay glassesrevo.com), or Maui Jim Summer Time com), all eyes will be on you. ADD A HIT OF CHIC Now that boutique boxing studios are hotter than ever, you’ll want to personalize your punch with a pair of bold gloves that show you mean business. These flashy Overthrow Skull Premium Lace-Ups ($185, overthrownyc .com) are shaped to maintain comfort with a double layer of padding to keep your wrist secure and have a thumb lock too. See you in the ring! Pants with purpose The…