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Shape October 2017

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PERSONAL BEST TOOLS AND INSPIRATION • Join our Facebook Group at shape.com/bestgroup for 24/7 squad support • Sign up for our newsletter at shape.com/bestnews for a game plan • Share your wins on social using #mypersonalbest Show Us The Love Love your shape? Upload any photo and add the Love My Shape sticker (in three fun colors!). Share your body loving photo using #LoveMyShape for the chance to be featured here within the pages of SHAPE! Scan here to accessorize your photo now. Introducing #SHAPEsquad Our brand-new section makes its debut in this issue! Discover the latest trends and real-life moments from all over the country. Inspired? Look out for the Love My SHAPE, Waterproof and Scan to Shop icons to scan for more motivation or to shop!…

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@Shape @FitnessMagazine SCAN TO SEE WHAT’S TRENDING! Download the free Love My Shape app and scan the page. Reboot your smoothie It’s fall, so it’s time to transition to a new favorite blend like caramel apple, pumpkin pie, chai tea, and cinnamon. The 16 quickie recipes are at fitnessmagazine.com/fallsmoothies . LET’S GET THE PRETTY STARTED! Introducing our Look Fab in 5 video series—a fun, fresh way to pick up the latest primping skills. Head to shape.com/ fabin5 for simple beauty tutorials on trending looks like holographic makeup, graphic liner, blue eye shadow, and more. You look fantastic Cover star Gina Rodriguez shows she’s got the #LoveMyShape thing down on her Instagram. Pass it on! Use the hashtag to post your own plug for body positivity. 94,000 How many of you loved our Halloween Pumpkin Workout on Facebook Watch what happened…

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the beauty of discovery

If you know me, you know that I wear red lipstick. Not the same extra-strength, crayon-like matte that I wore in my 20s—the formulas have evolved, and so have I (see photo above). When I’m not in a red mood, though, I love to experiment. I’m both a loyalist and a detective when it comes to beauty, and when I try a new product and see real results, it’s a revelation. I’m not the only woman who feels this way. In fact, we know that Shape readers products(thanks, market research!), likely for the same reason. Part of the beauty of, well, beauty is that moment of discovery. It’s finding the one new lipstick,blush,tool, or treatment that makes you just a little smoother, sexier...more alive. So we want to make sure…

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The happy workout SCIENCE SAYS TO LOOSEN UP your definition of exercise. When women pursued activities that made them happy—biking in the park, playing volleyball, chasing their kids—Smade without focusing on intensity or duration, they were more active than those with stricter views on exercise (for example, it only counts if it lasts at least 30 minutes and makes you sweat profusely), a new study in the journal BMC Public Health finds. Researchers believe that’s likely because the first group made exercise fit in with their daily lives; they didn’t think of it as a separate, scheduled time commitment. “There are an infinite number of ways to move, and all of them are valid,” says Michelle Segar, Ph.D., a coauthor of the study. She recommends finding feel-good options (if you dread…

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Global skin care Finally, a beauty routine that makes you prettier wherever and whenever you travel. Pour Moi Réponse du Climat Day Creams ($35 each, pourmoibeauty.com) are formulated specifically for desert, temperate, polar, and tropical climates, so your skin receives what it needs upon arrival. They all have the same quality hydrating ingredients (humectants, emollients, and/or waterpreserving occlusives) but at different levels, depending on the moisture in the air. And they’re TSA friendly, of course. FRIZZFREE WITHOUT THE FRY Straight hair, don’t care—now that the Remington SmartPro Straightener ($43, ulta.com) is able to prevent harmful sizzle. The tool’s smart-sensor technology adjusts automatically to the moisture level in your hair, supplying the perfect styling temperature every time—you can crank it up to a professional 450 degrees if your hair can take it. Make it a…

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Nuke your ’shrooms Turns out, it’s one of the healthiest ways to prep mushrooms, a recent study from Spain finds. “Shorter cooking times, like with microwaving, are best for retaining nutrients,” says chef and dietitian Katie Cavuto, R.D.N. “Plus, it concentrates the umami flavor.” She suggests cooking thinly sliced button, cremini, and portobello mushrooms in a tightly covered bowl for two to three minutes, stirring halfway through. Add 30-second increments if needed, then season with salt and pepper. Blue is the new superfood Those bright-blue bowls popping up at smoothie shops look artificial, but they are far from it. They get their intense color from Blue Majik, a powdery extract of spirulina (a nutrient-rich algae) that packs B vitamins and antioxidants. “To get an energy boost, add a teaspoon to chia parfaits, smoothies…