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SCAN TO SEE WHAT’S TRENDING! Download the free Love My Shape app and scan the page. @Shape @FitnessMagazine Ready for a refresh? Shake up your routine with Shape’s latest #MyPersonalBest boosters: For September we’ll be cuing you to try something new—better breakfasts, healthy habit tweaks, transforming exercises—to get you next-level fit. Check in with shape.com/ personalbest every day for all the right moves. 30 days It’s one of our most popular challenges, and now we’re bringing it straight to your in-box. Sign up for a Shape 30-Day Challenge newsletter at shape.com /challenges and pick your plan—a totalbody slim-down and as many challenges as you want to take on, including squats, planks, abs, and butt. You’ll get the move of the day plus plenty of tips to make sure you crush your goal. Brew U How joe can…

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the real new year

It will always be September, ever since the days when we shuffled off to school , lunch boxes in hand, on a warm post–Labor Day morning anticipating a fresh start. And while plenty of kids lamented the end of the easy-living season (not me, I couldn’t wait to get back to school), the die-hard summer fans even secretly craved the trappings of fall—new notebooks, friends missed over the last three months, and getting back to a schedule. Because “new year” launches a desire for consistency, and consistency brings the sense of comfort, normalcy, and progress. As adults, we don’t matriculate in grade school sense, but that same craving for renewal and routine always comes every-September, even more so than in January, when most of us are still recovering from holiday…

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you right now

Power up HITTING THE 3 P.M. SLUMP? Take a few flights of these rather than a shot of java, new research the journal & Behavior Physiology suggests. Sleep-deprived women in the study who walked up down stairs for 10 minutes es felt significantly more energized and motivated to work than those who had 50 milligrams of caffeine—roughly the amount in half a cup of coffee. Researchers aren’t sure exactly why stairs so much more potent, but study author Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D., such as plausible that stair walking promotes the release of brain neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and dopamine, that promote feelings of energy.” Caffeine, meanwhile, staves off sleepies by blocking the actions of adeno sine, a neurotransmitter that contributes to fatigue. NEXT-LEVEL ENERGY Take 10 minutes to get your heart pumping for an instant recharge.…

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k-beauty craze

THIS PEEL FOR GLOWY SKIN IS NO YOLK It may look like a squeaky toy, but the Holika Holika Gudetama Smooth Egg Peeling Gel ($11, cvs.com) is actually a simple way to tighten pores for a smoother complexion. The gel is packed with egg yolks , which are naturally rich in nourishing protein. Apply it to your face, then massage it off—along with dead cells and dirt—using your fingertips. BALM SHELLS Saem Colorwear Lip Fluids ($11, peachandlily.com)—cheekily packaged to mimic your usual sticks—go on dreamily like a gloss. They also boast an ultramoisturizing blend of hyaluronic acid and sweet almond oil that delivers sheer color and hydration all day. For best results, start in the center of your lips and apply color outward. THE NEW SMOOTHIE BOWLS You’ll want these little jars of fruit-derived moisturizers…

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nutrition right now

Sweet use for pepper It's the surprise dessert topping everyone is hot for right now. “Like salt, pepper helps bring out the sweetness of fruit,” says chef Nick Licata of Villanelle in New York City, who uses it in his watermelon sorbet. And the spice has plenty of antioxidants, so you score a nice health boost. Try Licata’s shake-and-make ideas: Crack some pepper over any fruit salad to give it a different spin, add it to a bowl of fresh cherries with a drizzle of olive oil for a sophisticated dessert, or use it to finish grilled stone fruit or pineapple. Crunch this tropical punch Flakes and shavings are no longer your only way to get a quick hit of coconut— now there are chips! These dried ribbons of coconut make a yummy…

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style right now

The onesie grows up Meet the freshest shape in activewear—this winning fusion of the bodysuit and bike shorts, known to dancers as the biketard. There’s a reason why you’re seeing it in every studio class: It requires minimal styling, and its comfort as a breathable second skin can’t be beat. Go for a defined waistband with a subtle pop of color like this Year of Ours Open Back Onesie ($99, yearofours.com). Edge up the sleek bodysuit with street-cool sneakers. BLING YO YOUR LID You’ll be reaching for your baseball cap on goodhair days, because the summer classic is experiencing a style revival. It’s gone luxe and logo-free with sophis sophisticated, supple f fabrics that are sportie sportier plays on satin, suede, an and leather. Rock a h high- shineAerie Satin Aerie (left) or Iridescent…