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December 2021

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ships and decarbonisation

As I write this editorial, the COP26 gathering in Glasgow is taking place, with discussions there and in the wider media about how we can and must decarbonise our energy and transport systems. This is as applicable to ships and shipping as to any other form of transport, but the shipbuilding industry and shipowners seem to be rising to the challenge, with our regular Newbuild column carrying details of the latest initiatives, all of which include measures to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and the use of oil. However, also in this issue you can enjoy some outstanding images from the past, when the use of oil was unquestioned. While our main focus is on the classic liners Rotterdam and Leonardo da Vinci, the photographic feature presenting historic images of US…

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contributors this month

Jim Shaw Jim Shaw is a retired engineer who has worked at various locations around the world and has always had a deep interest in ships and shipping. Darren Holdaway Darren Holdaway spent over 25 years in the cruise and ferry industries. Based in Southampton, he has been a keen ship photographer for many years. Talbot Clark Talbot Clark started his seagoing career with Port Line in 1970. He spent ten years working for Svitzer Humber before his recent retirement. Allan Ryszka-Onions Allan Ryszka-Onions lives on the south coast and has been writing about and photographing ships all his life, and has amassed a large collection over 60 years.…

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new operator

MANCHE ILES France’s Manche Department is looking for a new operator to restore passenger ferry links from north-western France to Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney, which have been suspended for the past two years due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Previous operator Manche Iles Express started in 2005, but their contract expires at the end of the year and will not be renewed. The regional Department said an operator who will give greater value for money will be chosen on a tender based 60 per cent on the actual service offer and 40 per cent on price. The new contract will begin in April 2022. • Meanwhile, there will now be a first quarter start for a new freight ferry service from Calais to Tilbury operated by Blue Channel Line, using tonnage chartered from…

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world’s largest ferry by capacity

NEW FERRIES The Eastern Shipbuilding Group based at Panama City, Florida has delivered what is considered the largest ferry in the world ranked by nominal passenger capacity. The recently completed SSG Michael H. Ollis, which can accommodate 4,500 passengers, is to be followed by sisterships Sandy Ground and Dorothy Day over the next 18 months. All three measure 320ft (98m) by 70ft (21m) and are powered by propulsion systems consisting of four EMD 12-710 diesel engines arranged in two married pairs, each of which drive a cycloidal propeller at each end of the vessel for double-ended operation. They are to be operated by the New York City Department of Transportation’s Staten Island Ferry between the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island, a free service maintained 24 hours a day, seven…

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ro-pax carbon capture

NEW DESIGN Finland’s Deltamarin has joined forces with engine-builder Wärtsila to study how a post combustion carbon capture system could be developed and implemented in a ro-pax ferry. Such a system would extract CO2 from the ship’s exhaust gases, after which it would be liquified and stored on board for eventual discharged to shore, either for permanent storage or further use. Studies carried out by Deltamarin have indicated that carbon capture looks technically feasible for ship integration and is particularly promising for LNG-fuelled vessels.…

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tankers change hands

METHANOL TANKERS Clean Sea Transport, a new joint venture between Limassol based MSEA Group, New York-headquartered Arkview Capital and Scorpio Tankers of Monaco, has acquired a 100 per cent interest in Marinvest’s fleet of five methanol-fuelled methanol carriers, along with four LR1 ice class 1A product tankers. The ships have been operating on long-term charter agreements with Vancouver-based Waterfront Shipping, a subsidiary of Methanex Corp, the world’s largest producer of methanol. The shipping industry is moving towards the use of cleaner fuels.…