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The Biggest Ski and Snowboarding magazine in the Southern Hemisphere. NEW ZEALAND SKI & SNOWBOARDING MAGAZINE is the leading Ski and Snowboard Magazine in New Zealand. NEW ZEALAND SKI & SNOWBOARDING MAGAZINE provides a concentrated and active access to a niche market. NEW ZEALAND SKI & SNOWBOARDING MAGAZINE provides an informative, entertaining and objective insight into the varied world and lifestyle that is skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand.

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winter is coming

I know these three words are bandied around so much now as a phrase it has become quite cliche. It is on posters and t-shirts and ad campaigns, it’s everywhere. But now that it seems the white walkers have been destroyed does that mean winter is no longer coming? (For that 1.2% of you who have not seen Game of Thrones, I make no apologies; stop making a stand a watch it!) If you’re reading this when the magazine came out in early June, you will have that first feeling that ‘winter is coming’. As this blistering global warmed summer fades we start to get that chill, even now as I am writing this there have been several dumps of snow on Ruapehu, and so the lottery begins; will it be…

8 min.
skin deep taking ak by tour

The questions collect like the snow underski. Is it stable? Will footing hold? Is fatal error a footstep away? Rubber legs and heaving chest encourage the crashing waves of self doubt. It’s only fatigue playing tricks, but after a climb of 1500 meters it is the final push that feels impossible. Every ounce of experience and training is required. Deep, dragging inhalation quiets the roaring inside each ear. The route is sound, the summit near. Plant, and step. “They don’t call it a frontier for nothing guys.” Jared is studying a regional topo-map, pointing out the possible routes of ascent. He’s an AK local who doesn’t muck about when it comes to mountains. His words air aloud what the group had been silently thinking. Boasting seventeen of the highest peaks in North America…

4 min.
new zealand heli heaven

Snow has been falling in the Southern alps for hundreds of thousands of years, yet its only in the last handful that we have been accessing it for our pleasure…In fact snowboarding was invented for big mountains like ours and literally millions of hectares of terrain await exploration…providing you have the means to access it! Of course, we must thank skiing for breaking the early ground for the snowboarding pioneers of the 70’s, who were driven to ‘surf’ powder snow standing sideways. Resorts had already been established to cater for the growing ski demand, allowing our forefathers somewhere to test their early prototypes and start the ball rolling… and the rest is history as they say. But participating in something that invokes total freedom of expression could never be contained within resort…

4 min.
breaking down the myths heliskiing in the southern alps

The mountains around Queenstown and Wanaka have been calling people from around the world for years to experience some of the Southern Hemisphere’s finest skiing. With a number of modern and high quality ski fields easily accessible from either resort town, there are plenty of choices for locals and visitors alike. But they say where the ski boundaries end, lies the holy grail for both intrepid explorers and weekend warriors alike. This smooth powder of the backcountry is home to heliskiers. Some of the big questions for potential first timers is are they good enough. Don’t you need to be a mountain goat or a professional skier to go heliskiing? Surely it is too steep and gnarly for the average skier? According to James Hamilton, General Manager of Southern Lakes Heliski, “No…

2 min.
explore wanaka with will jackways

My dream from a young age once I discovered and fell in love with the snow was to somehow carve out a career by being in mountains full time, I was lucky enough to do this as a professional snow boarder, travelling the world to explore and enjoy culture and then every winter returning back to where I love most and call home - Wanaka! I look around now in a town that I’ve lived in for 30 years and gone are the old rust bucket car's that were once a stable in the ski field carpark and in their place now is a fleet of Range Rover's, Audi's and Hilux's. The growth has been huge here, it went from a sleepy ski town to one of New Zealand’s top tourist…

5 min.
regions: southern lakes

The Southern Lakes district is located in the lower South Island spreading from Wanaka in the North to Queenstown in the South. The landscape varies from beautiful soaring mountains, to mesmerising blue lakes, to golden hill country. With an abundance of activities to take part in, you will never be bored. There are also galleries, boutiques, and a great choice of cafes, wineries and restaurants throughout the region. Whether you enjoy your holidays action-packed or you just enjoy relaxing in breathtaking natural surroundings, the Southern Lakes never fails to charm. Located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, with the beautiful back drop of the southern alps, lies Queenstown. With a population of over 28,000, Queenstown is the largest area in the region, also known as the adventure capital of the world,…