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SkillSet Winter 2020

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Skillset is redefining the alpha lifestyle. Providing an uncensored perspective on mainstream topics from politics, sports, family, fitness, technology - any and everything affecting our culture today.

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america for dummies

OK Jason, let’s try not to get political here … I grew up in a family full of teachers, and getting a good education was definitely a top priority for me. That said, was I good in school? Not really, but I did understand what subjects were vital for success in the “real world.” English, basic math, civics, health and physical education were important parts of what I needed to help me fit into society and to become a functioning adult. However, one subject I don’t remember taking in high school was propaganda. Maybe I missed that elective, or maybe the “programming” wasn’t in full effect yet in the part of the country where I was raised. Fast-forward to 30 years later, and as I listen to my teenage daughter tell me…

6 min.
insider info

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Back in 1958, California passed a law that made it illegal to operate a motor vehicle that had any part lower than the bottoms of the rims. This didn’t sit well with the Mexican American youths who were knee deep in the booming lowrider culture. So, to combat this, hydraulic suspension systems were created to adjust the ride heights when the po-po came around. Once they were gone, it was back to scrapin’ and pancakin’! E.T. Phone Home Just in case 2020 delivers us aliens from outer space, we already have an ambassador who will handle all communications with them. That’s right, Simonetta Di Pippo is the current director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and is the person designated to communicate with the extraterrestrials.…

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covid cuisine: chili edition

Martin Lawrence said in the 1997 film Nothing to Lose, “Welcome to Hell, Biiiitch!” And here we are. Although many of us yearn for a damn bar to be open to drown our sorrows at after being furloughed from our jobs for seven months—me, to be specific—we still have to eat, damn it! A good way to save a little money during this shitty 2020 existence is to rummage through the old pantry and use what we stashed away for the apocalypse a few months back. As the outdoor temps begin to drop, what better way is there to use all the scraps and canned crap lying around than to throw it all into a pot and heat it up? If you do it right, you will wind up with…

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are you a lone wolf?

When the bike-riding misfit Pee-wee Herman uttered those six unforgettable words, “I’m a loner, Dottie, a rebel,” he framed a personality type that many of us wish we could adopt for ourselves—the mysterious traveler, the outsider without remorse, the quintessential “lone wolf.” Think Mel Gibson in Mad Max, Ryan Gosling in Drive or Genos in One-Punch Man, for all the anime fans in our audience. In the animal kingdom, lone wolves are somewhat rare but are usually more intelligent, stronger and, by all accounts, more dangerous than their pack-running brethren. In the world of humans, the same traits apply, but it takes a certain inner peace, determination and self-discipline to remain a lone wolf in a society that is deeply based on tribalism. Human lone wolves tend to be creative, introspective,…

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1-12 You are most definitely not a lone wolf. Spending a few minutes of “alone time” in the john doesn’t count. You are not alone, even if you are lonely. 13-24 You have some friends, some happiness, and you are more of an extrovert than an introvert. But every now and then, you need a break from the mouth-breathers. Nevertheless, you are still one of the pack. 25-36 Hail the Lone Wolf! You wear your solitude like a crown. We would have an award ceremony for you, but we know you wouldn’t show up.…

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skillset edc

1 SPIKE MAUL Nunchucks are cool…but a freakin’ Spiked Maul is cooler! Arizona Nunchuck company has done it again and created this one of kind weapon of awesomeness. Machined by CNC ninjas trained in the ancient art of, well, machining, each set is precisely crafted from aluminum and then anodized before being fully assembled by true-blue American patriots. Be the first kid on your block swinging this Maul of Mayhem! (MSRP $275 www.apextactical.com) 2 VINTAGE 1971 DR. SKULL PEZ DISPENSER This cryptic PEZ dispenser is just rad—plain and simple. Dr. Skull’s head flips back and out pop the sugary pills of goodness. As a side note for all of us “seasoned” gentlemen, this dispenser also carries male-enhancement pills quite nicely. Just saying …. (MSRP $11; ebay.com) 3 SKILLSET “WAY OF THE GUN” KEYCHAIN Designer Rusty…