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SkillSet Summer 2021

Skillset is redefining the alpha lifestyle. Providing an uncensored perspective on mainstream topics from politics, sports, family, fitness, technology - any and everything affecting our culture today.

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2 min
the u.s. constitution is my passport

Ah, summer—my favorite time of the year! The birds are chirping, the BBQs are burning, and somewhere inside the USA, angry people are probably rioting in the streets. If you watch the news, you will see a completely divided America. White people are evil, Black people and Asian American people hate each other, and if you aren’t vaccinated, you are this nation’s biggest problem. But is that really the case? Is our country at the brink of a civil war? Well, if you ask anyone who doesn’t watch mainstream news (regardless of color), the overwhelming answer is no. We are in an age when positive news equals bankruptcy. Mainstream media needs controversy to boost ratings. These ratings equal more views, which in turn can be sold to advertisers for ungodly amounts…

1 min
false flags ops right on your phone

Equipped with the power of the internet, modern-day agitators and anarchists create false flag operations and fake news like this: 1. They create a website or Facebook page with a name, imagery, videos and messages similar to that of the adversarial political, social or religious group to be targeted. (Consumers will think that the fraudulent website or Facebook page represents the same cause as any other website that matches the ideals of the targeted group.); 2. They run ads and deploy bots to gain followers and mass appeal; 3. They co-opt the hashtags used by the targeted group; 4. They start making outrageous and incendiary online claims supported by fake news and extremist language and hashtags; 5. They sit back and watch the legitimate targeted group start losing influence and political or social capital…

2 min
trench art: the graffiti of the gun world

People always ask me what is the big attraction to legacy AK-47s. Well, besides being collectable firearms that will always increase in value (for example, they don’t make East German AKs anymore, so these are becoming extremely hard to find), I believe there is a hidden story behind each one of these rifles, and that tale is often told in its trench art. Like the U.S. armed forces, you won’t find a lot of carvings in the furniture of Russian rifles. Our militaries don’t allow such treatment of their issued firearms. But if you look at most of the AKs used by soldiers in Africa, Afghanistan and Bosnia, you will see these warriors’ legacies carved into pieces of rotting wood. As an avid Kalashnikov collector, I have come across some real…

4 min
the assassin's the closet female ninjas specializing in spying, stealth and slaughter

“A PRETTY FACE AND SEXY BODY COULD GO A LONG WAY” The ninjas of medieval Japan were legendary for their stealth, trickery and dealing out death to those targeted for assassination. However, their female counterparts, the kunoichi, exhibited the same prowess when it came to killing, but they had the added skill of seducing their enemies with their stunning beauty and sexual prowess. These women, who did not wear typical ninja garb, were often overlooked and trusted by powerful members of the samurai and ruling classes. Once the kunoichi infiltrated their enemies’ inner circles, these seductive ninjas posed as maids, stage performers or servants, and they extracted important military information and overheard enemies’ secrets. And finally, when it was time, they could snuff out the lives of their targets. The kunoichi had many…

6 min
the dead zone: a president unglued

The year is 2029, and U.S. President Hugh “Hudson” Kelly is like a man possessed, according to his advisors on an uneasy, late-Saturday night at the White House. The President, only shortly into his first term, is mad. His recent summit with the North Korean general Mr. Harin, who took power after overthrowing the previous dictator, was supposed to begin an era of peace. Instead, at the summit and in front of cameras, President Kelly’s now-adversary vowed no change was forthcoming in U.S.-North Korean relations, complained vociferously about the West and referred to the United States’ commander in chief as “pudgy.” North Korean strongman Harin further inflamed the situation when he tried—in an act of rudeness and poor humor—to rub the American president’s belly as stunned diplomats and the world audience…

8 min
building a legacy ak-47 with meridian defense corp.

CAL-LIK! CAL-AACK! That’s the sound of the action on one of the most recognizable firearms in the world—a rudimentary tool that has been used to win hundreds of conflicts, overturn dozens of governments, and it has even been a symbol on national flags. Every gangster wants one; every freedom fighter has one. We are talking about the rat rod of the gun world … the AK-47. As an avid collector of these weapons of war, I get asked time and time again, “Why would you collect these pieces of shit?” Well, I wish there were a simple answer to that question. Besides being on the receiving end of these rifles on numerous occasions overseas, there is something about the Avtomat Kalashnikova Model 1947 that appeals to me. These guns are workhorses. They…