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Dedicated to NAUI professionals who define the trends in diving and inspire the future.

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a personal view on dema 2017

November’s DEMA Show was a busy space this year. I was in Orlando for three days of DEMA, arriving too late to help set up and organize the NAUI booth. Then on the last show day, I had to leave for the airport before takedown and pack-up time. Setting up is always fun. Putting all the pieces of the booth together is like a great jigsaw puzzle, and it’s an opportunity for cooperative puzzle solving and conversation with others who will be part of the show. I’m sorry to have missed it. The DEMA Show advertises it is all about discovering what’s new in diving, diving equipment and travel destinations, but for me, it is more about meeting others who are part of our world of diving, establishing new relationships and…

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a new year and the state of the association welcome to 2018!

In many cultures, the start of a new year is a time for resolutions, a time to celebrate past accomplishments and set goals for the year to come. So, as Executive Director, this is a perfect time to share a “State of the Association” with NAUI members. During the past year, we achieved significant accomplishments and strengthened our commitments as a leader in the diving industry. For the first time in NAUI history, we joined other industry stakeholders as a member of the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC), and I was seated on the DEMA Board of Directors as one of two members of DEMA’s Training Agencies group. These two organizations play vital roles within the diving industry, and NAUI’s participation ensures your voice will be heard in shaping the future…

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your role in naui’s future

Scuba diving evolved from a small number of pioneers walking into the sea with makeshift gear to a multibillion-dollar industry. Although most of us were drawn to becoming dive leaders due to our passion for exploration and adventure and our love for the ocean and diving, for many, scuba instruction is also our profession. Whether your scuba activities represent full- or part-time income or simply your hobby, there is no denying scuba training is a business — and a highly competitive one. If you are to survive and prosper in this industry, then you must operate according to sound business principles. The same is true for NAUI. The days of the “club” mentality are long over, and to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, NAUI must continue to rely on strong…

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dema show orlando recap and looking ahead to las vegas

This past November, NAUI members from around the globe gathered and made their presence known at DEMA Show 2017 in Orlando, Florida. DEMA is an international organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of the recreational scuba diving and snorkeling industry. With more than 1,400 member companies worldwide, this nonprofit, global organization promotes scuba diving through many initiatives, including consumer awareness programs, media campaigns like GoDiveNow.com, and sponsorship of DEMA Show. Occupying 1,200 square feet of prime show space, NAUI’s booth traffic was both heavy and inviting. NAUI’s prime booth location on the show floor resulted in a large audience eager to learn about and join NAUI in its role as “The Definition of Diving.” Over the four-day event, representatives, volunteers, board members and headquarters staff kept busy at the NAUI booth, connecting…

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naui momentum builds in the asia-pacific region

Excitement, enthusiasm and energy could all be used to describe the atmosphere among NAUI members in Asia. The growth and development of NAUI in this region continues to lead the Association and is both infectious and encouraging. To gain a better understanding of NAUI’s needs and opportunities in the region, Executive Director Dallas Edmiston and Director of Marketing and International Operations Derik Crotts recently joined the managers of the NAUI Asia-Pacific Service Center, William and Michael Tong, for the Dive Resort and Travel (DRT) Expo and a series of meetings and sessions with NAUI members and business leaders. The DRT Expo in Hong Kong is still a relatively new but growing location for this series of dive consumer shows. Promoted as one of the largest diving expo networks in the region,…

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2017 naui board of directors election results

NAUI Worldwide remains a true membership association. Our standards, policies and ethics are governed by NAUI’s Board of Directors, who are members themselves. The Board of Directors are elected through a democratic election process — each eligible member gets a vote in our association. This year’s voting was again performed online, with paper ballots available upon request. The third-party host website Votenet (eBallot) was provided with the candidates’ information, biosketch and answers to a set of questions posed to all of the candidates. During the voting period, members accessed an eBallot through Votenet to cast their votes. A total of 7,585 NAUI members were eligible to vote in the 2017 Board of Directors’ election. A total of 1,311 members cast ballots. NAUI Bylaws, Article X, Section 3 requires support from two-thirds of…