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November 2020

SOUTHERN LIVING celebrates the legendary food, gracious homes, lush gardens, and distinct places that make the South unique. In every edition you’ll find dozens of recipes prepared in our famous test kitchens, guides to the best travel experiences, decorating ideas and inspiration, and gardening tips tailored specifically to your climate.

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ready to serve

THE FIRST TIME I volunteered at the Community Kitchens of Birmingham, it was part of a service day for my kids’ grade school. My wife, Susan, was an organizer and had signed up the family. Teams of parents and children were assigned projects around the city, and our group’s job was to make lunch for about 70 hungry people in Woodlawn, a historic neighborhood with more than its share of poverty. The day before, Susan had made a big run to the grocery store, and we showed up at Grace Episcopal Church early on a Saturday with a dozen 10-year-olds; a few sleepy parents; and a carload of lasagna, French bread, Caesar salad, and pound cake. The kids would be our waiters, and they had also brought some paper and…

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crazy for gourds

Pretty Pumpkin Planter Maybe they used to be novelties, but now white pumpkins have become so popular you can find them just about anywhere. They’re a smart choice because they work with any color scheme and make a big statement without much effort. For this planter, we cut the stem and top off a large pumpkin with a low profile, removed the pulp, and filled it with dirt. Then we planted it with assorted succulents and softened the rim with a little moss. A mini orange pumpkin brings a bright pop of color, while dried white bunny tails add height. Bountiful Container Pick a pumpkin with an attractive stem. Cut off the top, and set it aside. Then clean out the pulp. Soak florist foam in water, and place it inside the pumpkin,…

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“i could totally see the potential…”

SPENDING WEEKS ON AN island in Fiji competing on Survivor: Winners at War inspired interior designer Kim Wolfe’s next challenge after returning home to San Antonio. “One of the hardest things about Survivor is how slowly time ticks by, but it also gives you an opportunity to think. I’d been doing a lot of interior design and realized that I wanted to start working on houses for myself. When I got home, I needed an outlet, so I poured my energy into flipping a property,” she says. A rundown ranch in her neighborhood caught her attention. “The home was in horrific condition. It had been hit by a tornado and still had tarps over the roof. It was the worst of the worst, but I fell in love with the…

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southern tails

PETIQUETTE Loves To Lick? Is it the ultimate display of pet affection? BY MARISA SPYKER DOGGONE ADORABLE Any pet lover knows those sloppy, wet canine kisses have to mean one thing: She loves me. But according to Nicole Dorey, a certified applied animal behaviorist and a faculty member at the University of Florida, the real reasons might be a little fuzzier. “It could be evolutionary,” she says. “Wolves will lick the alpha members of their pack to ask for food.” Pooch smooches could also simply be a learned behavior, reinforced over time by the caregiver’s cues as well as positive feedback, says Dorey. FELINE FONDNESS Like dogs, cats often lick for more instinctual reasons—namely, as a way of grooming their pack. But Dorey explains that the behavior also serves a social function “to establish and maintain affiliative…

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calling the shots

A PERSONAL MANTRA“LIFE’S TOO SHORT TO NOT DO WHAT YOU LOVE EVERY DAY. LIVE LIFE FULLY.”—Alice Park ”WHEN I WAS 12, I received my first camera, and I fell in love,” says Alice Park. “That got me through adolescence and high school and gave me a different lens to see life.” Growing up in the small, quiet city of Valdosta, Georgia, Alice had her eye on Atlanta, about 230 miles to the northwest. “I was that daughter in my family who knew she was not going to live in a small town the rest of her life,” she says. “I craved diversity. I wanted to search for my identity and explore that within a community that understood me.” When she moved to Atlanta for college, Alice found the big-city life she’d…

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called to action

PROBLEM SOLVER Terence Lester Atlanta, Georgia WHEN HE FIRST SET OUT TO create an organization to support Atlanta’s homeless community, Terence Lester didn’t want to assume anything about the experience. So he lived it himself, moving onto the streets in December 2013 to better understand the needs of people enduring homelessness. His experiences during that month have driven every element of his nonprofit, Love Beyond Walls. “We’re walking with people, not for people,” he explains. “We’re not only trying to meet those basic necessities right now, but we’re also forging relationships to be the guides and encouragers of people on their own journeys.” It’s this proximity that has given Lester’s team a unique ability to meet needs as they arise. He says that as COVID-19 ramped up, those in the homeless community voiced…