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Sporting Rifle Summer 2019

The first and market-leading rifle shooting mag in the UK, Sporting Rifle covers rifle sports of all kinds, from rimfire rabbits to big game overseas and everything in between. With the very best writers on board, we cover foxing and UK deer stalking extensively in every issue, with tips and tricks as well as stories from the field to help your outings be more successful.

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all-weather apparel

PALEARCTIC 365 JACKET As the name suggests, this hunting jacket is designed for use all year round, whether you’ll be hunting on low or high ground. It’s made to keep out wind chill, thanks to a three-layer laminate with integrated 37.5 membrane. A distinctive seam pattern that avoids seams on the shoulders means water’s less likely to make its way in, too. Price: £270.23 Viking 01423 780810 vikingshoot.com DEERHUNTER RUSKY SILENT Deerhunter might style this as a winter stalking jacket, but we know conditions can take a turn for the worse at any time of year here in the UK, so we think it looks like a valuable addition to your kit all year round! As the name suggests, it is built to be extremely quiet, so even during close-range encounters it’ll keep…

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long days, long nights

I watched patiently as the machines worked the fields in a clearly well-practised routine. The cutter had already been round and cut down the knee-high grass, and now while the spinner worked one field collecting all the grass into neat rows, the forage harvester collected up the rows and spat them in a constant green stream into the back of the lorry that kept pace alongside. As soon as that was full, the second lorry waiting at the edge of the field would take its place while the first took its turn running its load back to the farmyard. The team worked continuously throughout the day and late into the evening. As it reached around 7.30pm (still at least an hour and a half until dark) I saw a fox come…

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coming soon in sporting rifle

THE ROE RUT IS HERE Calling tips and stalking stories from the experts ALL THE KIT YOU NEED From callers to camo, sticks to socks, it’s the ultimate stalking gear collection HARVEST HEAVEN Make the most of this most productive time in a foxer’s calendar STICK TO YOUR GAME New sticks from Wicked Lights on test PLUS… • Kahles optics on test • Night vision from ATN • In pursuit of fallow buck and red stag • What stalking’s like in New Zealand • News, views, competitions and offers THE BIG ONE! News and product launches from this year’s Game Fair SUBSCRIBE NOW Never miss a copy of your favourite shooting monthly again – subscribe to Sporting Rifle and save money every month, as well as getting the mag delivered to your door. With a quarterly subscription starting at £12, it’s more affordable than ever to subscribe.…

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free reader ads

RIMFIRE Brno .22LR bolt action with Leupold VX1 3-9x40 scope and Parker Hale mod. £200. Gavin Jones 01646 603814 07967 284704 (Wales) CZ452 American .22RF bolt action 10-shot mag. BSA Sweet17 3-12x40 scope and moderator (bipod not included). Good condition. With 500 rounds. £150. Selling due to retirement. Patrick Plavin 01303 863891 07934 597060 (Kent) BRNO .22 RF bolt action, five-shot magazine, ASI Super scope 4x40, wide angle image. All as new with silencer. £275 ono. Michael Darlison 01189 783202 miketat3@yahoo.co.uk (Berkshire) CZ 452-2E ZKM American .22LR complete with sound moderator, sling and Simmons 4-12x40 scope. £200. Andrew Sharp 01246 467180 07919 345050 sharp.a6@sky.com (Derbyshire) CENTREFIRE Heym 44B single-shot rifle 7x57R with 3-9x36 Swarovski scope on Apel fixed mounts. Excellent condition, in fitted case. With some ammo. Must be seen. £2,500. Howard Vater 01267 267276 07702 309317…

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could scotland alter its general licences?

Fears arose that Scotland could follow England’s example and perform a vanishing act on its general licences after Scottish Natural Heritage announced a 12-week consultation on the future of the licences north of the border. However, SNH and BASC were quick to reassure shooters that this would be a far more measured process than has taken place to the south. Robbie Kernahan, SNH’s head of national operations, said: “We want to ensure that general licences in Scotland are clear, proportionate and fit-for-purpose. “In light of the complicated situation in England with general licences right now, we have decided to bring forward our consultation which had been scheduled for 2020. “We would like to reassure those who are currently operating under general licences in Scotland that these remain in place, allowing those who comply with…

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what’s the best safari calibre?

When it comes to Africa, one of the great debates always centres around cartridges. Is there an ultimate answer, a cure-all cartridge for the African bush? How much gun is too much gun? One thing is certain, almost everyone around a campfire will have an opinion, and it is extremely unlikely that everyone will agree. First things first, I think there is a sensible case for splitting cartridge requirements between dangerous game and the rest of the huntable African game. If nothing else, many countries have a minimum requirement for cartridges when it comes to dangerous game of .375 H&H. The truth is that there are a lot of cartridges which work very well. To suggest otherwise or to narrow down a single go-to option serves only to poke the bear. Don’t…