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Sporting Rifle August 2019

The first and market-leading rifle shooting mag in the UK, Sporting Rifle covers rifle sports of all kinds, from rimfire rabbits to big game overseas and everything in between. With the very best writers on board, we cover foxing and UK deer stalking extensively in every issue, with tips and tricks as well as stories from the field to help your outings be more successful.

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6 min
creedmoor cull

Needing some summer venison for a camping trip at the weekend, I decided to head to my good friend Stuart’s place in Gloucestershire to try my luck at calling a roebuck even though it was really a bit early for the rut to be in full swing. It had been a fantastic stretch of good weather and, speaking to many friends, they agreed that sightings of roebucks had been minimal as they were all laid down pre-rut, saving their energy for the task ahead. But that didn’t faze me as stalking round the beautiful Cotswold woods is a privilege either way. I was sneakily confident because we hadn’t taken any bucks this season, so the numbers would be slightly higher than other years, and I also wanted to try out my…

9 min
shooting courses

Acorn Deer Management Stalker training and firearms safety, guided training outings for anyone wishing to experience a deer stalk, through to candidates wishing to complete their DSC 2 certificate. Training courses from £80 per 3-4 hour outing, with the possibility to take a cull animal. Approved witnesses to the DSC 2 certificate. Contact: 07944 959380 or www.acorndeer.com Ashgrove Wildlife Services Stalking courses. Contact: 01255 670094 www.ashgrovewildlife.com Bangs, Bucks & Bullseyes Improve first-shot accuracy, long-range accuracy and multi-positional shooting with Keith Poyser. One-to-one and group tuition with a fun, relaxed, medal-winning and published instructor. 100-1,200 yards, with wind, bullet drop and position coaching. Come away with a tailored distance table for your rifle and round. Accompanied stalking available. Contact: www.bangsbucksbullseyes.co.uk BASC BASC offer a wide range of rifle, shotgun and airgun courses alongside DSC1 and DSC2 nationwide. For information please see…

8 min
mod or brake?

In the past couple of months I have been delving deeper into the world of PRS. It’s interesting what you can learn when you broaden your horizons, and my look at the world of PRS is no exception. Nowadays most of my rifle application is hunting-related, and I apply many of the lessons and skills I learned in my training as a sniper and what I learned in the years that I served in Special Operations. Professionally, I have now moved on to the next chapter, and I see Precision Rifle as a way to somehow keep in touch with that world that taught me so much and that I enjoyed so completely. One of the interesting things about Precision Rifle, for me, is how many innovative solutions there are to…

8 min
are you prepared?

Late summer is a really busy time for me and my shooting mate, Callum. In the past three years or so he has become an extremely efficient member of the team, and has picked up the tricks of the trade remarkably quickly. Over the years I have had various ‘helpers’ – some have been better than others, but as a rule they have all been keen, though lacking in certain essentials that are necessary to succeed when dealing with foxes on a fairly large scale. Perhaps the biggest virtue is patience, and Callum has this, which is relatively unusual in a young man. Ferreting can be the acid test where young people are concerned, as this particular field sport can, on occasions, test the patience of a saint! I have found…

7 min
buck calling 101

Watching foxes run in to a distress call when the conditions are right is very exciting, and this can prove useful all year round if used carefully. Calling roebucks can have an even more dramatic result, but it’s not a year-round pursuit – it is only effective in the very tight window of the roe rut, usually late July and early August. As with any ‘trap’, careful preparation and clinical deployment will always yield better results. What follows is my opinion through interpreting my own findings in the field. I am in no way an expert or extensively studied, but hopefully I can provide some guidelines for successful calling for stalkers who want to try this deadly technique. “You can always call more, but you can’t do anything to remedy overcalling once…

5 min
calling and culling

I remember the first roebuck I ever took as a solo stalker. An oppressively hot morning at the beginning of August saw me slip into the bottom of Range Hill, an L-shaped wood which had in it clumps of box, privet and bramble. Walking uphill, heel first to prevent cracking twigs, I made slow progress towards a box clump that gave me visibility for a few yards. As I have often felt since then, my position was a poor one, mainly hemmed in by understorey that prevented me seeing let alone shooting anywhere further than immediately in front of me for a short distance, perhaps 25 yards. The disadvantage of moving was that I would likely disturb any deer that were couched in front of me, so in fear of doing…