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Sporting Rifle October 2019

The first and market-leading rifle shooting mag in the UK, Sporting Rifle covers rifle sports of all kinds, from rimfire rabbits to big game overseas and everything in between. With the very best writers on board, we cover foxing and UK deer stalking extensively in every issue, with tips and tricks as well as stories from the field to help your outings be more successful.

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head measuring

August saw 35 heads reach medal status, with another influx of excellent Scottish heads brought to the game fair at Moy. Many thanks must go to Alistair Monkman, Rick Connolly and Bill Muircroft for their hard work, as well as the continued efforts of the measuring team in their own time. Of particular note were W McIntosh’s gold medal Banffshire roe and T Kennedy’s gold medal red stag. From England I have to mention M Pickles’ bronze medal roebuck, which is not only the largest roebuck our service has measured from Norfolk, but also came from the BASC Hockwold stalking scheme. At the time of writing, the roe rut has died down and with red, fallow and sika opening, I hope to see some good heads coming through over the next few…

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the calibre hunter

For the last few months I have been in Africa, spending much of that time walking with some of the biggest and most dangerous animals on the planet. So it will come as no surprise that my mind is focused on big cartridges. At some point over the last few years of travelling, I managed to miss a major cartridge release in this realm, and I would wager a hefty sum that most readers are in the same boat. Who has even heard of the .370 Sako Magnum, never mind used it in the field? Here is the run down: The cartridge is the product of a partnership between Sako and Federal, and it isn’t the first time we have seen these companies work together in recent years. The .338 Federal, released…

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happy days on the hill

On receiving instructions to take a guest of unpromising appearance to the hill one morning, the head stalker enquired of the laird: “Do you want him to shoot a stag, or shall I simply show him some deer?” On another estate, the guest for the day was a wealthy businessman, who arrived with a new and expensive rifle. He was reluctant to waste time at the target, but after some coercion ventured a few shots. These had no effect at all on the target board, which survived without a single hole. After another unsuccessful attempt, the exasperated stalker pointed out a bothy and suggested that the rifle fire at the middle of it. This he did, and his shot chipped a stone on the top-right corner of the building. On examining…

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value of grouse shooting underlined

As the Twelfth of August dawned and heralded the start of the grouse shooting season, shooting organisations joined forces to appeal for greater recognition of the value of shooting from policy makers. BASC, the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association, Scottish Land & Estates and the Scottish Association for Country Sports issued a joint statement. “The start of the grouse shooting season marks the culmination of a year-round effort in Scotland’s most remote hills and glens to manage land for a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits,” it said. “We appeal to politicians from all parties to recognise the contribution that grouse moors make at a time when the Scottish Government’s review of moorland management should soon be published. “The last 20 years has seen a culture change in grouse moor management, and our organisations…

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safari spirit

Nobela rode in astride a cackling hyena, eyes red in the flickering firelight, sinuous arms and bony fingers writhing snakes at her own hoarse incantations. Her torso glistened with muti – a concoction made from various ingredients, in this case lion fat for power and vulture brains for prophecy – and the gall bladder of a goat was twisted in her hair. Two thousand Zulu warriors cowered in the shadows like pups. The isangoma had been summoned to root out and slaughter the doer of witchcraft; the omens had signified evil afoot. A hammerhead heron had flown over the chief’s village, a porcupine then wandered in, and a crow alighted on his kraal fence uttering human words. Obviously, an evil spell had been cast on Shaka Zulu. That may have been the…

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shooting courses

Acorn Deer Management Stalker training and firearms safety, guided training outings for anyone wishing to experience a deer stalk, through to candidates wishing to complete their DSC 2 certificate. Training courses from £80 per 3-4 hour outing, with the possibility to take a cull animal. Approved witnesses to the DSC 2 certificate. Contact: 07944 959380 or www.acorndeer.com Ashgrove Wildlife Services Stalking courses. Contact: 01255 670094 www.ashgrovewildlife.com Bangs, Bucks & Bullseyes Improve first-shot accuracy, long-range accuracy and multi-positional shooting with Keith Poyser. One-to-one and group tuition with a fun, relaxed, medal-winning and published instructor. 100-1,200 yards, with wind, bullet drop and position coaching. Come away with a tailored distance table for your rifle and round. Accompanied stalking available. Contact: www.bangsbucksbullseyes.co.uk BASC BASC offer a wide range of rifle, shotgun and airgun courses alongside DSC1 and DSC2 nationwide. For information please see…