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Sporting Rifle April 2020

The first and market-leading rifle shooting mag in the UK, Sporting Rifle covers rifle sports of all kinds, from rimfire rabbits to big game overseas and everything in between. With the very best writers on board, we cover foxing and UK deer stalking extensively in every issue, with tips and tricks as well as stories from the field to help your outings be more successful.

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At last, with a bit of luck, winter and the atrociously wet weather are receding into memory, and the calendar is moving towards one of the best times of year. Regeneration is taking place throughout the countryside. The local rabbit population seems to have weathered the winter and diseases a little better than it has done for the last few years. The numbers that will be starting to breed are certainly up once more. I doubt numbers will ever get back to pre-myxi days, and no one would want that I’m sure, but a healthy rabbit population not only provides a lot of sport, it also keeps the predators happy. For many people, the start of April is something they have been waiting for ever since the last roebuck season. There is…

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are foxes changing?

As someone else whose life has involved foxes in one way or another for over 70 years, I have seen many changes that have taken place in the countryside – few of them good I have to say! One particular aspect that has always interested me has been the way that fox behaviour has changed. Though there were certainly plenty about in those early post-war years, and living as I did in the countryside, it was relatively rare to actually see them. From what I remember, it was generally at night that we were aware of them. Certainly the dogs would soon let us know if there was an intruder in the yard taking an interest in the poultry and usually it was a fox, with the occasional badger putting…

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ask the experts

TECHNIQUE Q Have you any advice or tips to someone new to longer-distance rifle shooting? A Mark says: If you’re shooting alone then the best tip I can give you is to buy a camcorder and small tripod off eBay or similar. A Panasonic HC-v510 is an excellent model (although it is now quite old) with a very high zoom. This makes for an excellent ‘spotter’. By simply recording your shots, you will find it easier to see the splashes of impact from the bullet, work out where you are going wrong and adjust for it. It can make a difference quickly. Another tip is to use a small rear bag to support the rear of the stock which will make it far easier to hold steady when shooting prone. Also, get yourself a…

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debate of the month

Peter Martin It’s true – most of my friends who enjoy country pursuits have gone dark on social media. We’re not running scared but are ready for a fight in the real world. Robert Rogers My locale is being taken over by city folk. The nearest they get to a country sport is taking their dog for a walk in the evening – but then they have a 4x4 for the half-mile school run! Scott Savory There is so much more to country sports than just shooting – working dogs, beating, love of the countryside… but yet it’s just shown as an elite toffs’ sport. That just helps spread anti propaganda. Ben Watts I am an active participant of field sports – loud and proud! Dick Simpson Football, over the years, has been responsible…

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Send us your letters – or email colin.fallon@futurenet.com for a chance to win a great prize Each month, the best letter wins a bottle of King’s Ginger – the ideal drink to enjoy after a cold stalk. For more details visit www.thekingsginger.com STAR LETTER MAKESHIFT MOUTH CALLER Dear Sporting Rifle, As a keen shooter and avid reader of your magazine, I thought I’d share with you, and maybe the readers, something I discovered quite by accident one day at work. I do a bit of vehicle rewiring, and often end up with some sort of terminal or connection crimp between my teeth or lips, ready for the next wire to attach. Quite by chance one afternoon I had a terminal in between my lips and just happened to suck some air through it, probably while trying to…

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the big winners

The Great British Shooting Awards crowned their second set of winners on 15 February, with BASC’s Duncan Thomas receiving a Lifetime Achievement award and Browning, Tikka, Nightforce, Gamebore and Pulsar among the winners. First launched in 2018, the Awards’ aim is to give recognition to the products, organisations and people that make our industry tick. They announced their first winners at the British Shooting Show in February 2019 and returned bigger and better this year, adding three new categories. Hosting the awards for the second year, head judge and Future Field Sports’ editor-in-chief, Peter Carr, reflected on an eventful 2019 for the gun trade: “It seemed that at every turn, someone was trying to ban what we do, or restrict it, or make it more expensive. “But we have plenty to celebrate. I…