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Sporting Rifle June 2020

The first and market-leading rifle shooting mag in the UK, Sporting Rifle covers rifle sports of all kinds, from rimfire rabbits to big game overseas and everything in between. With the very best writers on board, we cover foxing and UK deer stalking extensively in every issue, with tips and tricks as well as stories from the field to help your outings be more successful.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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target news

PRIVETT TOPS PAUL JAMES BRITISH RECOILING CHAMPIONSHIP Air Arms shooter Steve Privett was crowned overall winner of the recent Paul James British Recoiling Championship (PJBRC), which was held at the Anston Field Target Club in Derbyshire. Wiltshire-based Steve scored an impressive 32 with his Air Arms. He commented: “I found the wind tricky to read as it picked up one moment and dropped the next, so you didn’t know quite where to aim. Some shots you thought needed for you to allow for wind went straight and others you aimed down the middle went miles out. My favourite part of the competition was actually finding out that I had won after seven years of trying!” Organiser Mark Calpin added: “The highlight for me was watching Steve taking his winning shots; how he manages…

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loads of calibre

This season, I have had the privilege of using new rifles in new calibres with new ammunition. The rifles have been impressive, the calibres have been interesting and the ammunition has been eye-opening. On the rifle front I had a lightweight magnum from Proof Research; in summary it was a fantastically finished tool that was sweet to hunt with but it was particular about what ammo it liked, so it took me some time to find how it liked to be shot in order to get repeatable results. Having said that, after I did the legwork to work out what it liked, it shot the 150 grain Federal Vital Shok with incredible accuracy – 1/3 MOA five shot groups kind of accuracy off the bench. Despite the Proof’s potential accuracy, it was…

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more glassing gear

VORTEX FURY HD 5000 Two of the most important pieces of hunting gear combined into one powerful, long-ranging unit, Fury HD 5000 rangefinding binoculars make glassing and ranging ultra-fast and efficient. Right-side button controls make one-handed manipulation of both functions quick and easy, cutting down on set up time in the field. And don’t forget – these Fury HD 5000 binoculars, in common with all other Vortex products, are completely covered by a VIP Warranty, and that includes electronic components. Price: £1,355 Vortex 01462 743223 VortexOptics.com HAWKE FRONTIER EDX Hawke’s flagship bino, designed around extra-low dispersion glass, produces stunning colour retention, crisp definition and excellent light transmission. The units eliminate colour fringing, allowing all detail to be clearly visible, while the water-repellent lens coating offers extra clarity in all conditions. A robust high-performance hinge design, replaceable…

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cz announce sgc as sole uk distributor

CZ have named Sportsman Gun Centre as the exclusive UK importer and distributor for their range of rimfire and centrefire hunting rifles and sport and competition firearms. Sportsman Gun Centre began distributorship of CZ (Ceská zbrojovka) as of 1 April, hoping to bring the range of rifles to a much wider audience. SGC MD Gary Lamburn said: “We as a business believe in investing in stock and CZ is no different. We feel both privileged and proud to have been invited into partnership with such a prestigious manufacturer to bring the full and complete range to the UK.” A new price list will soon be available for both retail and trade customers although Sportsman Gun Centre have closed their three retail branches in Exeter, Dorset and Newport. The wholesalers are now operating with…

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WIN! Each month, the best letter wins a bottle of King’s Ginger – the ideal drink to enjoy after a cold stalk. For more details visit www.thekingsginger.com THE CURRENT LANDSCAPE STAR LETTER Dear Sporting Rifle, The so-called sporting organisations who claim that suitable alternatives [to lead] are available are disingenuous, and as the majority of cartridge manufacturers have confirmed, completely and factually incorrect in their statements. Rather than pursue this ludicrous and erroneous path, they should be educating the food retail industry that lead shot is not only preferable but also represents the most humane method of dispatch for game birds. Instead of representing the interests of their members they are taking subscriptions under false pretences and indulging in the popular practice of mass propaganda. As with the media, the sporting organisations are adopting the stance of, why…

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robert ruark

African big game hunting was once enjoyed only by the privileged. It was three writers who brought big game hunting to the more modern, middle class of self-made men and women – or “new money”. Ernest Hemingway was the first of the three, followed by Robert Ruark, and then Peter Capstick. The trio could be referred to as contemporaries. What Clark Gable and Stuart Granger did for the romance of big game hunting onscreen, these three did in words. Collectively, the massive amount of currency directed toward the African hunting industry by these three authors should not be underestimated. Strangely enough, they all looked very similar, and when it came to soaking up drink, they made Oliver Reed look like an amateur. Born Robert Chester Ruark Jr., Ruark grew up in in…