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Stand Up Paddle World 2018

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An annual special issue dedicated to Stand Up Paddling. Focused on newcomers to the sport, SUP World Mag primarily covers the recreational aspects of Stand Up Paddling: beginner paddlers, leisure and family paddling, fitness, flatwater, and distance paddling, and a little bit of racing and surfing. Focused on the visual aspect the sport, SUP World Mag brings high quality photography, thoughtful articles and very creative lay out. Essential reading for Stand Up paddlers worldwide.

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4 min.

Coddiwomple (v): To travel purposefully toward an as-yet-unknown destination. (English slang) Being part of the world of paddle sports is like having membership in a secret club. Driving, we give subtle waves, and head nods to others with watercraft on their vehicle’s roof, whether it is SUPS or canoes and kayaks, checking to see if we know or recognize who is inside. It is impossible for river people to drive past a roadside strip of rapids without swerving for a quick scout, for the ocean-minded not to stop and peer at the swell. The wide-range of people who find joy in paddling is something that never ceases to amaze. We are engineers, lawyers, poets, college professors, contractors, roofers, doctors, and the terminally under-employed. Despite our differences in lifestyle, there is an undeniable…

8 min.
the dance of the midnight sun exploring the norwegian archipelago by sup

A stillness in the Arctic air warns that summer’s long days will soon end and that the cold northern breezes will call the winter in. But for the moment there is endless light, and if we are fortunate, a midnight sun will dance with the horizon. It all started with a daydream: Stand-Up Paddling in pure, untouched nature with unpredictable weather,where no cruise-liners plied nearby waters,where there were no wellness retreats or smashed avocado on toast; where the only ‘suite’ was a tent with an outdoor toilet. It needed to be a beautiful place with a particular feel--physically challenging with a touch of danger. We would camp wild,fish for food,and explore some beautiful mountains and lakes.Why not? The chance to experience the midnight sun was what drew us three-- French photographer Jean-Luc…

11 min.
backyard first descent the first sup descent of the spokane river

It had taken four days of paddling to get here.We had paid the physical price for the 112 miles traveled. All three of us had numb toes, Ali and I had swollen feet, and blisters covered both Grace and Ali’s hands.The wildfire smoke was thick and orange with the sunset light. We had been fighting a headwind all afternoon, but even that wall of suffering could not dampen our explosive enthusiasm as we pulled into the Columbia River to complete the first SUP descent of the Spokane River. Earlier this year I had the idea to SUP the entire length of the Spokane River, so I did some research; discovering that nobody else had completed the task only made me more intrigued. A few phone calls later, and I had Allison…

3 min.
the wish list

WHIP 9.6 - NRS Pull up to your local play wave, pump up the Whip and start shredding.The Whip’s rounder shape, shorter length and surf-style fin and tail configurations make it the ultimate park-and-play inflatable. Inflates up to a rock-hard 20 psi for performance that rivals a hard board, then folds up compactly when deflated for easy transport and storage. Removable, interchangeable fins let you customize your setup and the ABS plastic fins absorb impacts without breaking.All NRS SUP boards are backed by a three-year warranty. LENGTH: 9’2 | WIDTH: 34“/864 MM | THICKNESS: 6“/150 MM | WEIGHT: 25 LBS VOLUME: 329.5 L | MAX. CAPACITY: 250 LBS | MATERIAL: PVC DROPSTITCH | LEVEL: ENTRY LEVEL WWW.NRS.COM AUSTRALIS - LEVEL SIX The Australis is a short sleeve semi-dry top constructed from our eXhaust 2.5 waterproof-breathable…

14 min.
casper steinfath

“Growing up as a surfer in Denmark, I always looked up to my great Viking ancestors. They were strong warriors and fierce navigators of the ocean. We Scandinavians deeply admire the skills and legends of the Vikings.” Sup World Mag: Casper, you just completed the first SUP traverse of the Skagerrak Strait between Denmark and Norway. How did you come up with this idea? Casper Steinfath: The idea for the “Viking Crossing” across the Skagerrak Strait started many years ago. It began as a wild dream when I was a kid and had just gotten into SUP. Growing up as a surfer in Denmark, I always looked up to my great Viking ancestors. They were strong warriors and fierce navigators of the ocean. We Scandinavians deeply admire the skills and legends of…

14 min.
the green wave

As our trip to São Tomé and Principe approaches, newspaper headlines proclaim,“Trump is turning his back on the planet,” and the US decides to officially withdraw from the Paris Accords, a landmark global warming agreement. The timing couldn’t have felt more ironic, following swaths of devastation across the US and Puerto Rico by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria. In my heart, I could feel Mother Earth’s despair as political leaders around the world ignored climate change and dismissed the impact of man.“One has to be arrogant like men to think we have changed the climate,” said former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, spurning any thought of cause and effect in favor of coincidence. Though such a slap in the face of the environmental cause stuns me, excitement and good moods reign…