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Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special

Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special

Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special
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"The cast and crew of Star Trek: Voyager take a unique look back at the groundbreaking series. Celebrating a quarter century since the series first began, the Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special is an essential guide to the U.S.S. Voyager’s exploration of the Delta Quadrant. Drawing on interviews with the cast and crew, this book charts Voyager’s incredible seven-year journey from beginning to end, from Caretaker to Endgame. Featuring an exclusive new interview with Kate Mulgrew, plus a season-by-season guide, on-set reports, and spotlights on production design and visual effects, the Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special is the ultimate companion to the show that took the Star Trek franchise further than it had ever been before…"

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charting the new frontier

On January 16, 1995, Star Trek: Voyager made its television debut. The fourth Star Trek series had a very different premise to its predecessors: flung 70,000 light years to the unexplored Delta Quadrant, far from the familiar Federation, the U.S.S. Voyager faced a long and perilous journey home. Across seven seasons, Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew encountered new species, new wonders, new threats… and some very familiar adversaries for good measure. Twenty-five years on from Voyager’s debut, this Anniversary Special revisits that remarkable journey, both onscreen and behind the scenes. Drawing on contemporaneous Star Trek Magazine interviews with showrunners Jeri Taylor and Brannon Braga, along with on-set reports, insights from actors and production personnel, season guides, and a new interview with Janeway herself, Kate Mulgrew, this is the complete history…

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janeway’s way

Kate Mulgrew couldn’t say “yes” fast enough when we sought to chat with the actress for this Star Trek: Voyager Special commemorating the 25th anniversary of the show, a show that provided her with so many things. Among them: the character of a lifetime; a job that presented steady work and salary right when she needed it most; friendships that have lasted decades; a fan base that adores her and eagerly follows her from project to project; and status not only as an icon, but as an inspiration to countless women around the word. Thankful beyond words for all of that, here Mulgrew – as always talkative, full of vigor, forceful, and forthright – discusses her time aboard the U.S.S. Voyager and how it changed everything. Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary…

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janeway’s dozen

“Death Wish” (Season 2, Episode 18) When a member of the Q Continuum named Quinn requests asylum in order to commit suicide, Janeway struggles to align her respect for an individual’s rights with her aversion to euthanasia. The episode also marks the first appearance of Q (John de Lancie) on Voyager, who Janeway continues to spar with throughout her voyage. “Deadlock” (Season 2, Episode 21) What’s more formidable than one Captain Janeway? Two Captain Janeways, of course! A spatial rift duplicates the U.S.S. Voyager and its crew, causing an antimatter shortage that threatens the future of both vessels. “Tuvix” (Season 2, Episode 24) Janeway stares down a no-win scenario when she grapples with the notion of forcing Tuvix to sacrifice his life in order to return Tuvok and Neelix to their original forms after a…

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voyager opening credit sequence

For the United Paramount Network’s flagship series Star Trek: Voyager, the producers of Star Trek decided to place their ship and its crew in a new, unexplored area of their flctional universe, so the show’s opening title sequence had to be a majestic introduction to both the U.S.S. Voyager and the strange new worlds it encounters on its long journey home. To accomplish this, they turned to the computer graphics artists at Santa Barbara Studios. Formed in 1989, the group had done plenty of previous work for Star Trek, providing the comet encountered in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Masks,” and the one seen in the opening credits of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Founder and president John Grower even worked on Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979,…

12 min.
jeri taylor beginnings

Ask Jeri Taylor, co-creator and Executive Producer on Star Trek: Voyager, about the earliest stirrings in the fall of 1993 of what became the latest Star Trek incarnation, and her first recollection may be a surprise. “I think of fruit salad,” laughs Taylor, who describes how she and co-creators Rick Berman and Michael Piller met at a lunch three times a week to hash out the eagerly awaited series. “Rick, Michael, and I would meet in Rick’s office and we’d order in from the commissary, and my standard lunch was fruit plate with cottage cheese. Everybody had their own individual thing that they stuck with, so only toward the end after weeks and weeks – when I thought, ‘I have eaten a mountain of fruit in this whole process!’ – did…

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season 1

To Boldly Go As with any epic adventure, the best place to catch up with Star Trek: Voyager is at the beginning. The series’ feature-length debut, “Caretaker” (Season 1, Episode 1), details the early moments of the U.S.S. Voyager’s unexpected expedition to the Delta Quadrant. Whisked across 70,000 light years by the eponymous being known as the Caretaker, Captain Kathryn Janeway’s crew emerges from a mix of Starfleet and Maquis survivors and is supplemented by local castaways Neelix and Kes. The series premiere introduces Voyager to the Kazon – an unruly group of foes who plague the starship during its first two years in unknown space – and sets the stage for the unorthodox journey to come. False Hope Opportunities to get home are teased in “Eye of the Needle” (Season 1, Episode…