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Stuff UK December 2020

Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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United Kingdom
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mobile games

Data Wing £free / Android, iOS This game starts off as if Asteroids had a baby with a top-down racer: your triangular craft blasts around circuits, gaining speed when its bum scrapes neon track edges. Soon you discover you’re part of an OS ruled by a deranged AI. Story and game quickly expand, as you glimpse the world beyond the screen and battle gravity in cavern-based sections that recall 8-bit classic Thrust. Rarely do mobile titles pack in so many hours of clever, thoughtful narrative. Pretty much never are such games free. Stuff says A mobile game we’d happily recommend if it cost a fiver – for nowt, it’s an absurdly generous bargain Sky: Children of the Light £free (IAPs) / Android, iOS Now available on Android as well as iOS, this achingly gorgeous free-roaming adventure with…

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Apple iPad Pro from £769 / stuff.tv/iPadPro The old iPad Pro was already our favourite tablet by miles, and the latest update only makes it more desirable. As before, it isn’t cheap; but with its huge and super-slick 120Hz Liquid Retina screen, ludicrously speedy internals and double-lens camera (like the one in the iPhone 11), this is one working device to rule them all. Since Apple added cursor support to iPadOS, it’s also the best tablet to replace your laptop. Its only real rival, in fact, might turn out to be the new iPad Air… Stuff says Apple’s mega-tablet evolves into an outstanding piece of kit and pulls even further ahead of the pack Apple iPad (2019) from £299 / stuff.tv/iPad2019 The new model brings some worthy upgrades to the entry-level iPad; but if all you actually…

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spin classy

Wattbike Atom (Next Generation) What’s the story? Designed for those who live for Lycra, big thighs and sore bums, the latest upgrade to the already exceptional Wattbike Atom indoor cycling trainer brings electromagnetic resistance for smooth and instantaneous gear changes, enhanced flywheel and crank sensors that check your data 1000 times every second, plus improved power output of up to 2500W. All this is based around a 44kg frame with twin 4.5kg flywheels and 22 gears. It’s super-solid even when you’re sprinting like a loon, and you can swap pedals and seatpost to mimic your road bike. There’s no display, so connectivity is key – but with ANT+, FE-C and Bluetooth LE offering up seamless syncing to Strava, Zwift, The Sufferfest, TrainerRoad and Wattbike’s own Hub, what you lose in Peloton-style personal trainers you…

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Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar £2199 / stuff.tv/AmbeoSoundbar Utterly convincing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D sound, ample power and lots of inputs mean no other soundbar currently available can perform feats with the solidity and confidence of this Sennheiser. The sheer room-filling scale of this device’s sound is remarkable, and it’s hard to think of any content that wouldn’t benefit from being Ambeo’d. That’s why, as well as being the biggest and the most expensive, it’s the best you can buy. Stuff says The Ambeo Soundbar is a big unit but the sound it makes is bigger still Sonos Arc £799 / stuff.tv/SonosArc Don’t expect this soundbar to do everything a multi-speaker Dolby Atmos setup can do, but its up-firing and side-firing drivers give a real sense of scale for an immersively cinematic TV-watching experience. Stuff says Big-screen sound for your…

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the compact disc

Ah, the CD — famous for its ability to fend off honey and stones when demonstrated on TV! In retrospect, presenters’ insistence on lashing out at shiny discs with whatever came to hand to prove their toughness might have been a mistake. This seemed to kick off a myth that Tomorrow’s World had got someone to play one covered in jam, and put in people’s minds the notion that a CD would play even if you first attacked it with random components of next door’s rock garden. As we soon all discovered to our disappointment, neither of these things was true. You sound bitter. Still pining for 8-tracks, vinyl and cassette tapes? Not at all. The compact disc was a marvel when it hit the mainstream. CD players quickly shrank from the size…

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hot stuff stream

The Invisible Man This timely reworking of HG Wells’ classic sci-fi tale stars Elisabeth Moss as a woman who believes she’s being stalked by her ex… who has found a way to make himself invisible. With friends dismissing her experiences as delusions, she must face her tormentor alone. A perfect psychological pant-wetter for Halloween. Film / Now TV / Sky, 30 Oct The Good Lord Bird Ethan Hawke plays firebrand abolitionist John Brown in this adaptation of James McBride’s novel of the same name. Hawke is also co-creator and executive producer for the eight-part series, which tells the story of Brown’s attempt to spark a slave revolt and is true to the novel’s humorous, often surreal tone. S1 / Now TV / Sky, Nov (date tbc) The Crown Olivia Colman returns as Lizzie Windsor in the fourth…