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Style At Home February 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Every issue contains inspiring real homes, room transformations, easy makes, step-by-step projects, finishing touches and great value shopping, plus a special pullout 'Cook it' section, with 50+ quick and easy recipes

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hi there!

I don’t think interiors have ever been so interesting, or so varied! It feels like I see something new and exciting every day. It’s a long way from the ‘magnolia years’ when I started out in interiors magazines. I particularly love how trends have taken a back seat to home lovers going on a journey to find their look, based on their history, experiences and passions. This approach means that anything goes – as long as it’s meaningful to you. This issue is full of beautiful possibilities and I hope lots of them will make your heart skip a beat – from the new-but-nostalgic wallpaper from Graham & Brown on p10 to Suzanne Harmer’s stunning plywood bathroom on p90. As always, inspire others in turn by sharing your style wins…

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come on in!

ABOUT ME I’m Rachel Kohler, 36. I run vintage furniture and upcycling shop @crazy_clutter and live here with my husband Jonathan, 32, who works in insurance, and children Mabel, four, and Bertie, two. OUR HOME A four-bed bungalow built in 1952, in Leigh-on-Sea. We moved here in November 2011. WHEN WE MOVED IN It hadn’t been touched since the 1970s! The inside needed a complete overhaul. AND NOW We’ve reconfigured the whole property. We’ve added bedrooms, enlarged the hall and created an open-plan living space. STYLE TIP Be creative. Repaint old fireplaces, add interest with panelling, and seek out accessories and furniture you love from second-hand and vintage shops.…

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do it! exposed brick

1 Gently chip away a small area of plaster using a masonry hammer and chisel over the wall you want to expose. If the brick looks in good condition (not crumbly or cracked), then continue to chip away the plaster over the entire area you want to expose. 2 You will need to scrape away any loose plaster that’s left with a wire brush, until the bricks and mortar are completely clear. 3 Next, give the bricks a good clean. Start at the top of the area and clean off any dust and residue using a sponge dipped in a bowl of warm water. 4 Finally, seal the brick using a specialist brick sealant, so that the surface remains in good condition for years to come.…

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make it! pom-pom wall hanging

1 Use an embroidery hoop (Dia30cm) as your frame. Sandwich a large doily between the two rings, then tighten the tension to secure. 2 To create the hanging tassels at the bottom of the hoop, take several one-metre lengths of wool in the same colour and fold over in half. Place the folded lengths, loop side at the top, behind the ring and feed the ends through the loop, then pull taut to secure them in place. 3 Then, make a plait using a contrasting colour wool. Follow the instructions in step two to make a tassel, but instead of leaving the lengths of wool loose, plait them together and knot to secure at the end. 4 Repeat 6 to 8 times with contrasting colours. You can also vary the thickness of the…

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where to buy her style

INTREPID INTERIOR For everything home decor, from Annie Sloan chalk paints to soft furnishings, as well as an eclectic mix of vintage and upcycled furniture. BYGONE TIMES An antiques and collectibles centre with stalls dedicated to one-off vintage finds. FLORENCE AND BUNNY AT ETSY Holly Copping’s beautiful handmade dreamcatchers and luxe children’s dress-up items. She’s also on Instagram at @florenceandbunny. H&M HOME Affordable homeware and accessories that work well mixed in with vintage accessories and mid-century antiques. EBAY A treasure trove of secondhand furniture, antiques, one-off finds and discontinued stock.…

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do it! choose laminate flooring

Laminate makes a great choice for most rooms. It’s practical, good value, and there’s a wealth of great designs that cheat the look of wooden, stone or tiled floors. Cheaper, flat-edged laminates give an impressively smooth finish. Grooved-edge laminates cost more, but look closer to the real thing. Some are textured to mimic stone or wood grain. Prices vary from less than £10sq m, to about £40. A pricier laminate will be thicker and more authentic-looking and should come with a warranty against scratching, staining or fading. Look for high durability ratings for busy rooms such as halls and kitchens. A less robust one will be fine for a low-traffic bedroom. For bathrooms, choose a product with a waterproof core. If you want to DIY, there’s plenty of fitting guidance online. If in doubt,…