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Sunday Sun 7/5/2020

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some are more equal than others

THE converting and naming of the Volkswagen’s Neave plant in Port Elizabeth to a Dr Elizabeth Mamisa Chabula-Nxiweni landmark confirms my former supposition that if you are not anointed by the ANC and/or not approved by South African White Capital, you will be subjected to Arrested Development. I still stand by my belief and observation that one of the Codesa resolutions of yesteryear was the disregarding, if not outright oppression, of those who are not anointed by the ANC and/or White Capital. If it wasn’t that case, then the ‘Please Call Me’ saga would have been resolved a long time ago.…

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sunday update

• COLLEGE students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, have been throwing parties in which they invite people infected with the coronavirus and gamble on who comes down with the illness first, city officials said. The city’s fire chief, Randy Smith, first reported the parties at a meeting on Tuesday. Smith said the fire service had received reports of students throwing parties and inviting “known positives” but initially thought it was a rumour. “Not only did the doctor’s offices help confirm it, but the state confirmed they had the same information,” Smith said. • A 34-year-old KZN man has been sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to the rape of his daughter. It occurred in the George area of Emanguzi, where the man lived with his family, KZN National Prosecuting Authority regional spokesperson Natasha Kara said. The…

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church celebrates gogos’ special day

THE hand that gives is blessed more than the one that receives. These were the words of pastor Tshepo Maboea of Inkazimulo YeSambulo Sika Krestu Church in Zion, based in Heidelberg, Mpumalanga. Maboea was preaching at a function where a couple donated confectionaries to an old-age home in Ratanda. Sindile Thabethe and her hubby Joe Nkosi brought a smile to the elderly on a chilly Saturday morning, when they gave them presents. The couple, who are members of Inkazimulo church, donated bread, scones, chelsea buns and soft drinks for the birthday party celebrations. The products are made at their bakery in the same community. Quoting Acts 20:35, Maboea said: “Thank you for remembering our elderly, especially during these trying times of COVID-19.” Centre manager Deneo Mngomezulu thanked the church and the couple for remembering her institute and…

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atandwa: i want my woman back

ALTHOUGH their relationship ended three years ago acrimoniously after Atandwa Kani found out that the children he knew to be his were not. It’s now emerged that the actor secretly wanted Thembisa back. According to insiders, the star soon backtracked on not wanting to have anything to do with Thembisa. He bagged people to change her mind and take him back. “He realised he loved the kids and Thembisa and had a change of heart,” said one insider. A screenshot of a conversation between him and the woman, who he had asked to help him get Thembisa back reads: “I want my woman back and want my family back.” This was at a time when he was already living abroad in the US with Fikile, according to a second mole. “He realised a lot of things after…

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new lows for linda!

LINDA Sibiya’s relationship with Ukhozi FM has reached new lows. This after he was given a red card last week ahead of an interview on one of the radio station’s shows. The interview was allegedly paid for as an advertisement of the company, Verityhurts Academy, which just hired Linda as the COO. But his colleague, Dr Mandla Lamba, replaced him and did the interview. This week, two more interviews were again cancelled. According to sources, Linda was to go on air on Tuesday and Wednesday. But that didn’t happened because the SABC felt he’d confuse the listeners into thinking he was back on Ukhozi. Claimed the source: “Two weeks ago, Linda was scheduled for a live interview, but it was later changed into a pre-recorded interview.” The source alleged the interview was cancelled by acting station manager, Sbongi…

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‘love is in the air for mshoza!’

KWAITO singer and mum of two Mshoza can’t simply seem to stay away from controversy. Especially related to her love life. A few months ago, Mshoza (37) was rumoured to have tied the knot at Home Affairs to East Rand businessman Prince Dlamini in a low-key ceremony in Jozi. But the plot thickens as close friends confirm Mshoza, real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi, say she is in fact madly in love with Nigerian producer and singer Oluwa Kuwait (30), currently living in Cape Town. “There’s nothing wrong with trying until you get it right,” said a close friend. Confirmed Mshoza: “Of course, I’m in love. You know I love being taken care of and being spoiled.” Her friend said Mshoza is dating a guy seven years younger than her, which they believe is just…