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microsoft to end support for windows mobile and windows 7

For some, two of the best products Microsoft ever produced are Windows Mobile and Windows 7 – and support for both are ending in about 12 months’ time. Earlier this year, Microsoft reminded customers that official support for Windows 7 ends on 14 January 2020, even posting an official reminder page to encourage customers to hurry up and adopt Windows 10. Now is also the time for Windows phones to finally accept their fate: Windows 10 Mobile, version 1709, will lose support on 10 December 2019. At that time, Windows 10 Mobile users will no longer be eligible to receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft for free, the tech giant says. In other words, no new patches. Backups, at least,…

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google pays $40m for fossil’s smartwatch tech

The battle over your wrist just got way more interesting. In January, Fossil announced that it was selling $40 million worth of its smartwatch technology to Google, giving the Wear OS purveyor a serious stake in the wearable hardware game. The deal may be a relatively small sum compared to the billions Google spent on Nest, but it could be just as important. For one, Fossil is one of the only companies consistently turning out new Wear OS watches that people actually want to buy. But even if this deal doesn’t result in a Pixel watch or Google-branded hardware at all, for the first time Google will have a wearable hardware team under its roof to help drive future design, navigation, and UI decisions. And most importantly, it means that Google is…

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best of ces 2019

Put aside all misconceptions that CES is a smart home show, a home entertainment show, or even a car stereo show. CES is a computer show, and we’ve got the battle scars to prove it. Our intrepid reporters immersed themselves in all the laptops, chips, components, accessories, and outright PC monstrosities they could find. Here are our favourites. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Nvidia groin-kicked cost-conscious gamers when it introduced its GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti at far higher prices than their older counterparts. Even worse, there was no ray trace-ready option for mid-range gamers. Well, it appears Nvidia heard the howls of anger and decided to introduce the RTX 2060, the first card capable of hybrid ray tracing at an almost reasonable £329 from Our colleagues at…

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6 important ces reveals

The PC’s been enjoying a resurgence over the past few years, and judging by what we witnessed at CES, the pedal will remain planted firmly to the metal in 2019. AMD, Intel, and Nvidia all hosted blockbuster keynotes brimming with big announcements. Monitors evolved beyond being simple 27in rectangles. Gaming laptops embraced innovation in wildly different ways. And there’s a lot of gear coming that’s just plain badass. These are the big CES hardware reveals and trends that PC enthusiasts need to know about. Buckle up, and be sure to hit those links if you want deeper details about any of these topics. 1. Nvidia Unsurprisingly, the company continued its real-time ray tracing push, bringing the technology to the masses by announcing mobile RTX GPUs that appeared in almost every new gaming laptop…

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alienware area-51m

Price: From $2,549 (around £1,975) Release date: To be confirmed Alienware has been a staple of the gaming market for almost two decades, setting trends in both design and engineering that other manufacturers attempt to follow. The Area-51m is big, beefy and incredibly powerful. It has specs to rival most high-end gaming desktops, but is still (just about) a laptop. The gaming laptop industry has been focusing on getting the most power into the smallest form factor possible for several years now. While this is an area of the market that does need to be addressed and served, Alienware is providing a product that offers desktop performance that consumers can pick up and walk around with. Design The Area-51m’s design sees a change from the traditional Alienware looks we’re familiar with. The new theme, called…

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asus rog mothership

Price: To be confirmed Release date: Q1 2019 Asus has been a name to watch in the high-performance gaming space for a while now, producing some of the best hardware that you can have on your desk or in your lap. The ROG Mothership continues this trend in force with a powerful spin on the 2-in-1 style form factor. If you’re having a hard time picturing this – think about a Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 that hits the local gym hard for its new year’s resolution, discovers the weights room and decides it wants to do nothing else. With specs that look remarkably similar to the Alienware Area-51m that we took a look at, the Mothership is certainly running in the same race, but does have a few obvious key differences. Design The Mothership’s design is certainly…