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microsoft to ship the windows 10 may 2019 update in late may

Remember the Windows 10 April 2019 Update? Microsoft has now officially dubbed it the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Also codenamed ‘19H1’, or version 1903, it will begin deploying to all PCs in late May, on a day that hasn’t yet been determined. But there’s something brand new: the update will specifically call out the feature release, and allow users to delay it – and any update, including security patches – for up to 35 days. Even better, Windows won’t decide when to install updates – you will, with an exception or two. “We will provide notification that an update is available and recommended based on our data, but it will be largely up to the user to initiate when the update occurs,” Michael Fortin, the Microsoft corporate vice president in…

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windows 10’s game bar improved with useful tools for pc enthusiasts

Aside from bringing its Xbox games over to the PC, the Game Bar is arguably the best gesture Microsoft’s made to Windows 10 gamers. It adds a tiny bit of console-esque simplicity to the PC, letting you take screenshots, record video (as pictured above), or stream games with simple system-level shortcuts. But...I never use it. It’s my third-tier preference for screenshots and video, after the tools built into Steam and Nvidia’s Shadowplay. Microsoft is looking to move up in the world though, and it’s doing so by adding a lot more functionality over the next few months – most of it unique to Game Bar. In fact, Game Bar isn’t a fitting name anymore. Game Overlay might be more appropriate, albeit less elegant. Swiss Army Knife Starting today, Windows Xbox Insiders will have…

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stadia game-streaming service lets you play games anywhere

It’s safe to say that going into this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), Google’s keynote was the most anticipated on the schedule. Rumours had flown for weeks, though calling them “rumours” is perhaps underselling it. We knew Google was working on streaming games to the Chrome browser, after last year’s Project Stream tests, and it was clear we’d see more about those ideas at GDC. It’s called Stadia, and already the old box-under-the-TV paradigm feels outdated. Meet Google Stadia: Streaming games anywhere “Building a game platform for everyone.” That’s the tag line Google went with during its presentation. You have a desktop? A laptop? A phone? Then you have Stadia. It’s that easy. This is the future that game streaming allows. No, seriously: Google showed it to us. An onstage demo went from…

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alienware area-51m

Price: £3,799 from Alienware’s Area-51m flagship gaming laptop is big, thick, and fast, a return to form that should reassure people who got worried when the company unveiled the thin-and-light Alienware m15 last year. The new Area-51m might be the first gaming laptop to bring the Holy Grail of features to consumers: upgradeable graphics and an upgradeable CPU. Our review unit is the highest-end SKU, which starts at £3,799. For slightly more modest budgets, the lowest-end model starts at £2,199, which is nothing to sneeze at. Surprisingly ‘light’ and ‘small’ If we told you the Area-51m was surprisingly light and small, you’d probably think we’d lost our minds. Naked, the Area-51m tipped our scale at 3.87kg. With its two power bricks, it’ll take you to 6.2kg. Considering what’s inside of it (see our specifications…

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lenovo thinkpad l390 yoga

Price: £999 from Lenovo’s ThinkPad L390 Yoga is in many ways the quintessential work laptop. It’s chunkier than many other thin-and-light laptops in its price range, but it also packs a lot of enterprise-friendly features, such as temperature and shock resistance, and a variety of connection ports. At the same time, the L390 Yoga has some nice touches to help it stand out from the enterprise pack, most notably a keyboard that feels great to type on and one of the best clicking mechanisms you’ll find on any trackpad today. If you’re not planning to do much work outside – and can therefore tolerate the L390 Yoga’s limited screen brightness – this might be your next workhorse. Design The ThinkPad L390 Yoga isn’t exactly thin and light. Weighing in at 1.46kg and…

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huawei p30 pro

Price: £899 from Last year we were impressed with Huawei’s P20 Pro, which was then eclipsed six months later by the Mate 20 Pro. Now, another six months on, we have the P30 Pro which takes a lot of the best features from the Mate 20 Pro and makes them even better. It isn’t the only new model. There’s also the P30 which is arguably just as good a choice for different reasons.Read our review at to find out why. Design One of the biggest surprises is that the P30 Pro is more like an upgrade of the Mate 20 Pro, not its predecessor, the P20 Pro. The P-series has always led with camera innovations, while the Mate series has been the bigger-screened cousin that focused more on performance (and rivalling Samsung’s…